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Remove allergies from your life

Hypnosis has helped thousands, maybe millions of people to release allergies from their lives.

Allergies are actually a mistake the brain makes as a response to certain substances. The brain perceives the substance as life threatening and creates histamines to battle the exposure to the substance.
When the brain learns that this substance is not life threatening, it can change the response.

The autonomic nervous system is controlled by the subconscious mind. Hypnosis makes profound changes in the subconscious mind, sometimes in only one session. If you are allergic to several things you will want to approach each specific substance one at a time. When you listen to the session for specific allergies you will be neutralizing the response for each item, one in each session.

Poison oak- a substance that is not life threatening- is something that for some people creates a strong reaction to contact with the leaves. The body treats it in a way that says it is dangerous and must be attacked. Some people are not allergic to poison oak and their brain has no need to create a reaction. My son used to have a severe reaction to poison oak, and when I began studying hypnosis I told him that he didn't need to be allergic to it. I told him that his brain was making a mistake and that it was possible that he did not have to react to it at all. I told him that many people suddenly find out that they are no longer affected by it.

He was 8 years old at the time, and since children are very suggestible, he believed me. We lived on an acre that was full of poison oak, with cats that carried it on their fur. I suppose that is why he was always had a poison oak rash somewhere on his body.

About a year later, I said something to him about the poison oak coming out of the ground and he told me that it didn't matter, because he was not allergic to it. It was then that I realized he had not had a poison oak reaction in about a year.

It is possible that something you have been allergic to all your life may have been a result of suggestions you were given when you were a child… maybe a result of the things your were told about being allergic to certain things. ("Be careful around those kittens, they will make your eyes feel itchy") ( "You are just like daddy and you know how he sneezes around cats")

Identification is a powerful way to create allergies. Children want to identify with their parents to be like them, to feel more loved, to gain acceptance and to be a member of the family. Identification can cause the child to create beliefs about having allergies, and many other conditions.

When the autonomic brain thinks that substance is dangerous or life threatening it has to react.

When the brain no longer needs that response, and believes that the substance is no longer dangerous, and understands on a subconscious level that this is not dangerous, it does not trigger the histamine response.

An allergy is like a phobia of the immune system.

Your immune system sending out message that make it overreact. There are cells called macrophages that normally take care of removing toxic substances from your body. They are like scavengers, constantly seeking out harmful substances. As the macrophages find the substance they put the immune system on alert that the body is under attack. In the case of viruses and bacteria this is a very important function. These macrophages call on the killer T cells which come in ready to fight, and puncture the cells. They inject the virus or bacteria cell with a chemical that explodes it. This is fine when you have a virus or bacteria, but when there is an allergy, the T cell is attacking your own healthy cells. The chemical that is being excreted when the cells are exploded is histamine, and that creates a runny nose, itchy eyes and other breathing problems. That is why you take an anti-histamine drug. The immune system is making a mistake about what was dangerous, thinking that the substance was dangerous and marking it as a dangerous substance, sending the Killer t cells into action. Once the mistake has been made, the cell is then coded in the body, and the immune system is instructed to go into action immediately every single time the cells are exposed to this substance.

Teaching your Immune System

Your immune system is very teachable. In fact, it is taught to respond to an inhaler, if you have asthma. Once the immune system learns this, the response to the inhaler happens regardless of what is contained in it.

Asthma reacts very well to an inhaler that has only water.

In 70% of the cases where a placebo inhaler was used (having water as the only ingredient) the asthma was relieved instantly and the airways opened.

The subconscious mind tells the brain to stop the reaction of the histamines. The immune system learned that the inhaler instructs the T cell to stop producing histamines and it does exactly as it is programmed to do. You can program your mind to do this with self hypnosis. When you are doing these sessions, you will be teaching your mind to respond normally. The mind is so powerful in releasing allergic responses, that the changes can occur in just one session.

Hypnosis can teach your mind to react differently. A trigger will be created that connects with your subconscious mind that will make your breathing easy, your sinuses clear, and the histamine production stop!

The first thing we will do is to create safety. We will anchor a safe state where you have no allergens around and that your mind can go back to instantly.

Next we will create a safe bubble, like a cocoon that will prevent any allergens from affecting you, teaching your brain to not respond, even if you see or think about the allergen. You will have three anchors that will create a subconscious response to make the brain and body go to a safe condition. A kinesthetic anchor (something you feel, like pressing a thumb and finger together) an auditory anchor (a phrase you hear with your inner voice) and a visual anchor (like a color you see flowing through your body, maybe a clear, cool stream of water). These anchors will trigger a response in your brain that will access all the conditions needed to NOT respond to the substance as life threatening.

KAV- examples

You will easily teach your brain to have a new response when you use the anchors.

Your subconscious mind will create a response that tells your brain to change the chemical make up in your body. The more you use these anchors, the more your brain will create the wiring that will instantly access the ability to respond in a healthy way.

These anchors will follow a direct path to the brain to tell your body that it does not have to produce histamines and respond the way it used to.

You can create changes in your mind and body and experience new ways for your body to react. Find out what your body is capable of creating, and enjoy the lifestyle that you can have without allergies. Imagine the possibilities.

What is Hypnosis?

When you are in hypnosis, your subconscious mind experiences the events in your imagination as real.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real and an imagined event. This is why my clients have experienced a sneezing fit and a runny nose during a hypnosis session when I suggest they are in a beautiful field of grass and wildflowers!

One woman had a mild asthma attack when I suggested she was sitting at home in her living room on the couch. As it turned out, her dogs regularly slept on the couch and made the couch a highly allergic place for her. She rarely sat there because it made her airways close up. In our hypnosis session her brain automatically had the same response. So I immediately asked her to go the place where she knew she could breathe easy, where she felt the most fresh air and where her body was wonderfully healthy. She imagined herself at the ocean and immediately her airways opened up and she could breathe easily.

My client with a severe cat allergy completely removed it after doing the 20 minute EFT session. She noticed and improvement by the end of the session and by the end of the day she felt the cat allergy was gone for good. At the time, she was taking care of three abandoned kittens so she had proof that her allergies to cats was completely gone. Now, two years later, she is still free of cat allergies. She has absolutely no response to cats, other than the love she feels for them.

Introduction- Hypnosis and allergy removal

Think about what your allergies mean to you. While you may be sure that you want your allergies to be gone, you might not realize that they sometimes serve a purpose. Maybe you are allergic to dogs and that means you cannot go to your sister's house because she has a dog. Maybe you have a deeper reason for not wanting to go to your sister's house and the allergy helps you avoid seeing her.

You might have an allergy to grass, and that prevents you from mowing the lawn, so that allergy serves a positive purpose. If you were no longer allergic you wouldn't be able to avoid mowing the lawn.

We often have issues that have a secondary gain. This means, that even though the symptom may be negative, it serves a positive purpose. You will need to be very honest with yourself when looking at secondary gain issues.

Take a moment to ask yourself how your life would be different if you no longer have the allergy. What would change? Is there anything that would happen when the allergy is gone that might create a problem for you?

Take a moment right now to imagine the allergy being gone. Close your eyes and be very honest with yourself. Imagine if the allergy was gone, what negative outcome it might create for you.

How to use this program

Day 1, 2, 3, 4
Conditioning and anchoring. Listen to this session once a day. If you have time, listen to it twice a day. You can use it once in the morning and again at night if you like. You will create three anchors that access a state of mind that is not allergic. Later when you use these anchors, your subconscious mind will find the same resources and recreate them in your body, reducing or eliminating the allergic response.

Day 5, 6, 7
Remove specific allergy. This session will teach your mind to be comfortable around a specific allergen, and remove the response. You can listen to this and apply it to ONE specific allergen each time. (cats, or dogs, or grasses, or pollen, food, etc)

Day 8, 9, 10
EFT – emotional freedom technique. Use the chart and listen to the CD as you do the tapping technique that will remove any energy blocks that are related to allergies, or the emotions behind the allergies. You will be resolving some of the secondary gain issues with this method and balancing your system. This method is amazing.

Day 11, 12, 13
Holographic mind and body- integrate the new conditioning into one healthy state of physical, mental, emotional, and energy bodies. You will create a holographic model of your mind and body and ask your subconscious mind to apply certain changes to the grid that sends information to the cells in your body.

Direct Suggestion-
listen to this anytime. Change your beliefs about your health and your immune system. You can listen to this as you are falling asleep or taking a nap.

Disk of light-

Cleanse the physical, emotional, and energy body of allergic cellular messages. You will be led through a process that asks your body to remove toxins, viruses, and harmful bacteria from your body. You can use this session if you are having a bad response to an allergen and want to clear your body quickly.


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