The Cure for Anxiety

Day 5- Create a Positive Future

Future Vision, Creating a positive vision of your life


The Morning Creation Meditation is the first thing you will listen to this morning.

Take time to think about what you really want in your life when you no longer have anxiety. Imagine the way you will feel, look, interact and live your life while feeling fantastic every day.

JOURNAL- it is essential to your healing process to write down the things you want to feel and experience in your future.
In fact, writing is more than just helpful. Writing is a powerful aspect of healing the emotional cause of anxiety.

Future Vision session- This future timeline session can be listened to any time during the day today. Listen to the introduction first and write down what you want to feel. Create as much emotion, sensations, visions, sounds and feelings as possible in this future vision.

Take the time to write down how you want to feel in the future so you can create a really powerful session today. Remember, when you create these future moments, your subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between a real and an imagined event. When your subconscious mind experiences these future events in our session today, it creates it as a reality. And what you focus on- expands! So let’s expand the good feelings you are creating!

Deep Sleep, your future- Fall asleep to this session tonight and let your mind absorb the wonderful visions of change.

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Day 5 Audio Sessions

Morning Creation MeditationFuture time line intro

Future time line session Deep Sleep- future

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