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What if you could ask your subconscious mind to find all of your best qualities... all of your strengths, your best personality traits, your most sparkling and dazzling traits, and amplify them... really super charge them, until you are just vibrating with a charismatic energy...

What if you felt so good about yourself that others were naturally attracted to you, that they felt more comfortable around you just because you are so comfortable with yourself...

And what if you can create this Charisma at a core level... that it is not something that you try to do, rather something that you naturally do, because it is who you are...

You probably wonder, as I used to, how you could do this.

I used to be afraid to get up in front of even a small group of people. I went through a horrible time of feeling self conscious of every move I made, and conscious of every word I said. I became so increasing unconfident that I no longer had the ability to think or speak or act spontaneously.

Everything Changed... when I learned how to discover the issues that were creating this and resolve them. Next I learned how to reach my subconscious beliefs about being in front of people and feeling successful and happy to be there.

Now I speak to groups of all sizes and I love to do it. I never would have imagined that I would actually love to do this.

So let me share my discoveries with you, and challenge you to find your charismatic self. You can feel good, gain respect and attract others to feel the magnetism and confidence when they are around you. It is easy, and it's fun.

The MAGNETISM session will make it happen for you.

Here is what happened for Jason....

Dear Wendi,

I'm a 31 yo guy with a strong interest in self-hypnosis. I've always been on a certain mission of self-improvement, as I'll explain below. I took delivery this weekend of a collection of several of your CDs, including the Magnetic personality one.

I'm aware that every now and again, I'll change my life in some way, and break through some plateau of inhibition, indeed, when up until I was 26 or 26, I would be so shy I would shake if I tried to speak to a girl I liked.

Just been a gradual effort of building up my self-esteem, deconstructing negative thought patterns, having a few life experiences that filled me with a lot of confidence.

Anyway with the past in context, I listened to the CD on magnetic personality, felt supercharged, cleaned up my entire apartment, which I'd been deliberately not doing with some semi-recognised internal motivation, I don't have to be outgoing when it "isn't all prepared."

I had an invitation on Saturday night to go to a party of 60 or so friends of a this girl I had met on an aeroplane (I can be a mix of extroverted and really genuine, and completely shy and inside myself, depending upon state of mind!)

I don't know the girl at all really, having only bumped into her a few times, and it's more friends and networking than a romantic interest, but a great opportunity to meet a lot of new and interesting people.

I managed to walk in, full of confidence, and not stop for one second to be self-contemplative, and talk to and make friends with about 15 or more new people, and not stop talking...

In some stages, I wasn't fully seducing :-), but it was a really impressive social performance for myself. It was a different feeling from when I've done it before as well, when I am filled with pride, but a little fear that it "isn't me". I wasn't super pleased I had accomplished anything, but rather just happy in the moment for enjoying myself, rather than attempting to achieve anything.

That's a nice feeling, to move from trying to achieve something, to just enjoying oneself. I have certain friends that manage to pick up a girl each night they go out, but inevitably they don't seem so happy with their lives, they find it hard to be that way and live in integrity and harmony with other aspects, you have to ignore the fact there are often responsibilities, or that the people looking for strings of one-night stands have issues that hurt to find out about.

Anyway, got lots of goodnight kisses, and my hair ruffled by a very nice girl I met at the end of the night that kissed me on my cheeks as though she wanted to snog me, whom actually made me feel something a little special inside... unfortunately I couldn't tell whether she was with someone, and we all got pulled apart very quickly, but maybe I'll run into her again!

Or maybe I'll just be very attractive and meet lots of other people!

Anyway, we all need and deserve positive feedback, and I'd like to thank you for making my Saturday night much better than it would have been otherwise, your tape is powerful and made no small difference to helping me find the internal resources I do know I have but find difficult to direct sometimes!

I was as close to meeting someone nice as I have been in a long long time, after my South American experiences, I've seemed to carry the belief previously that if they're not latin or european then they're not interesting to me.

Jason Martin


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