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Heal Your Body
Cancer & Hypnosis

Body Mastery Hypnosis - Online Program w/ CDs

Was $199, now only $49.90!

If you have cancer and your doctor says that you should have a positive attitude, it may be a challenge. If you are looking for a way to discover how hypnosis can assist in your healing, most physicians will tell you it is very valuable, but don't know where to tell you to go. Some doctors will use hypnosis to help you reduce stress, and to balance or strengthen your immune system.

As result of my years of working with mind body healing, I have created a new and very effective program for accessing the healing wisdom in our mind, integrating the mind and body to work in harmony, to enhance the immune function and create a positive feeling about being in control of your healing.

This is a complimentary therapy, and it doesn’t replace any medical procedures or direction from your doctor. It is simple a way to help you feel the most positive and proactive as you can during this time.

NEW! Body Mastery Hypnosis - Online Program w/ CDs

Body Mastery Hypnosis - Online Program w/ CDs

regularly $199.90
only $49.90

order now

You get the ENTIRE CD program sent to you,
AND the Online program with audio and video sessions

Achieve Mastery of your Health, your Body, and your Beliefs about illness and aging..
Eight Days of Hypnosis sessions that teach you how to use your own mind body communication.
Is it possible to repair scars, bone injuries, damage or pain to the body?
Can your skin cells be programmed to become healthy, strong, and more youthful?
Will muscles respond to hypnotic exercise and increase the mass and strength based only on the mind/body communication?
This program creates a holographic connection between mind and body, then applies the cellular communication through this holographic grid. The program also accesses the "blueprint" of the brain when it had all the information for Healthy cellular structure, and asks the brain to apply this Health blueprint to the current condition.

The targeted hologram track will allow you to create a specific change in great
detail to the targeted area of your body. Apply this to the cancer cells in your imagery or to heal rapidly after surgery...
or any part of the body that needs intense healing.

This program is a wonderful way to use your healing mind to create a an optimum state of health 
Your subconscious mind will access the function of immune factors, cellular growth, hormonal balance, blood flow, oxygen supply to cells,
removing harmful bacteria and toxins, and more... to achieve a condition in the body for optimum health.

  1. Disk of Light
  2. Intro to Secondary Gain
  3. Secondary Gain
  4. Intro to the Physical Body
  5. Physical Hologram
  6. Intro to the Emotional Body
  7. Emotional Hologram
  8. Intro to Mental Hologram
  9. Mental Hologram Healing
  10. Into to Spiritual and Energetic Healing
  11. Energy Body Hologram, healing wisdom
  12. Intro to Targeted Healing
  13. Targeted Healing Hologram, for specific condition
  14. Intro to Brain Blueprint for Youth
  15. Brain Blueprint, restore a more youthful brain

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Expect a miracle!

The mind and body have the power to create perfect health. The ability to heal exists in every one of us! Many diseases and illnesses have their foundation in emotional or traumatic events that have occurred in our lives. The use of Hypnotherapy can locate and release the trauma or emotion that is subconsciously powering the illness. Once the emotion is discharged, the body can heal naturally and rapidly. Every thought that we think has a physiological effect on our cells. (Read that last sentence again.) EVERY thought. Are you thinking your way to health? Do you even know how? Sometimes, no matter how much we desire to have perfect health, there is a subconscious "tape" running that overrides the conscious thoughts. With the use of Hypnotherapy, a clear line of communication is established between the conscious and subconscious mind, body and spirit. Find out how good it feels to FEEL GOOD! Find out how easy it is to be healthy, and full of energy!

Immune Power Therapy
(I love this book)

Interesting research in the mind/body immunity field!

Certain personality traits seem to hold the key to immune responses in our body. A book titled IMMUNE POWER PERSONALITY details many authorities in psychoneuroimmunology (say that 5 times fast). These personality traits are consistent with the medical conditions and illnesses that we suffer from. Emotional turmoil and conflict hinders the immune system allowing the already present viruses, diseases, and cancers to grow. Diseases float in the air, their seeds are blown by the wind but they only take root when the terrain is right. The germ can only cause disease when it finds a hospitable home in a weakened terrain.


It's Not the Seed, it's the Garden It Falls In

When the emotions are blocked and anger is suppressed it can create a warm and productive environment for illness. We develop a serious infection or disease when we feel fatigued, fearful, or downright depressed. We may even be subjected to symptoms that "express" what we cannot. In a study of two adult twins, genetically carrying the same arthritic formula, the one who is not able to assert herself and let her needs be known, has a severe state of arthritis while the other does not. The personality traits of strength and confidence in expressing our emotions will create the healthy environment needed to have a strong immune system.

The Miracle in Your Mind

You already have everything you need to be well. In my Hypnotherapy practice I have experienced miracles when the underlying "cause" is released. And the really good news is that your subconscious already knows what the problem is and how to clear it up! So simple, and yet so many continue to suffer. I think it takes courage to be sick and suffer through the painful and recurring illnesses, but it takes even more courage to make a decision to get to the true source of the problem. Once that decision has been made, the physiological changes can occur. If you are suffering and have not been able to find path to healing, please call me. I will listen and answer your questions in a no cost, no obligation consultation. You don't have to live with pain, sickness and disease. Choose health!

Suggested reading for cancer victims or those who are are battling chronic illness:
ANSWER CANCER by Steve Parkhill

A book that brings understanding to the causes of illness and the power of forgiveness. Highly recommended for therapists.


I like this because it has so much research into the physiological response that our body creates when we release emotional issues.

Body Mastery Hypnosis - Online Program w/ CDs

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