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A Fearless Life
Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias

Terrified of flying?

Fearful of snakes?

Heights make you crazy?

Whatever fears you have been suffering with can be eliminated.

There is a wonderful method of changing the way the brain responds to the stimulus. You don't have to spend another minute in fear! Find out how hypnosis can set you free.

Releasing phobias can take 2-4 sessions and will use several techniques to diffuse the fear response in your brain. I will use an NLP FAST PHOBIA CURE that sort of re-wires the brain and allows the brain to have a new reaction to the fear producing stimulus. Then, hypnosis can create a new response to the old trigger. We will also create an anchor that will produce a calm, peaceful feeling when you fire the anchor. An anchor can be something like a thumb and finger pressed together that will remind the body how to respond, based upon an imagined response while in hypnosis. An anchor can also be visual or auditory. You will also be taught self hypnosis to reinforce the calm peaceful feeling. Some fears will be released by finding the cause of the problem, the initial trauma, and releasing it.

Phobia release with Self Hypnosis

If you cannot go to a Hypnotherapist for you phobia release, you can begin to change the way your brain responds all by yourself.

Find a quiet place, put on some peaceful, soothing music, begin by relaxing your body, starting with your head and work your way down to your feet. Oh, yeah, close your eyes, too.

Next, slowly count down from 10-1, saying in between each number, "deeper relaxed". Really feel the relaxation, allowing your body to sink and melt with each number. The more relaxed you become, the better you this will work.

Now, take yourself to a wonderfully peaceful place in your mind. It might be a place you have been before that brings back a pleasant feeling, or it might be an imagined one. Make it as real as real can be, using all of your senses. Bring in the sounds, the colors, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smells, etc.

Now, as it gets really, really peaceful and pleasant, squeeze your thumb and third finger together and ask your mind to increase this feeling of peacefulness every time you press these fingers together. Now release the fingers for a moment and press together once again. Each time create a more pleasant sensation and a stronger response of peace and calm.

This may not remove the phobia, but it will give you a calming response that just might allow you to breath easier next time the fearful event is present. The more you do the mental rehearsal to strengthen your anchor, the more powerful and responsive it will become. Then when you really need it, you can notice a wonderful calm moving from your head to your toes as you release the anxiety and replace it with calm! Repetition is the key, so plan on spending about 10 minutes each and every day for a couple of weeks in this relaxed state! Now you will have an anchor that will get you through your phobic response, or maybe even a tough moment with your boss, or diffuse a burst of anger when you need to press your reset button!

Experience freedom from panic and phobias

A Fearless Life

Be free of the fears, panic, and phobias that interfere with the ease in which you can be living your life. Two CDs with multiple sessions.

No Fear:

  1. Can't Hurt You
  2. Glass Wall
  3. Conditioning

Stress Release / Self Hypnosis:

  1. Deep Trance Training
  2. Ultimate Stress Release
  3. Self Hypnosis Intro
  4. Self Hypnosis
  5. Five Minutes Relax to the Max

A Fearless Life

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