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What's New-  
Hypno'oponopono, Hair Growth Hypnosis, Infusion Loving Words, Infusion Freedom from Alcohol, Infusion Freedom from Drugs, Infusion Weight Relief, Infusion Package,
Your Boss-  
Stress release, Pain, Clear Head- headache relief, Mover and Shaker, Power of Persuasion, Sweet Surrender, Tao of Dow, Creative Genius, Life of the Party
Your Boyfriend-  
Big O, How do I love thee, Simply Charming, Bulletproof, Mover and Shaker
Your coworker that always interupts-  
Sphere of Influence
Your Friend who is living Heartbeak Hotel-  
Get over the loss of love, Love of Your Life, Lucky You, Find your Dream, Remote Seduction, Who Am I?, Irresistible You
Your Girlfriend-  
Happy in Love, Forgiveness, Let Go of the Past, Wake Up Happy, Inspired Intuition, Commitment, Intention, Big O, How to spot a liar, Sensual woman, Breast Enlargement, Dreamgasm, Secret Fantasy, Magic Touch, Yes-yes-yeeesss
Your Grandma & Grandpa-  
Fountain of Youth, Healing garden, Somnulucent- end insomnia
Your hard working Wife-  
Somnulucent- end insomnia, temple of wisdom, power of persuasion, stress release, ultimate confidence, confidence power pack, Sweet Surrender, Choose Your Own Adventure, hypnochildbirth, Sensual Woman
Your Husband-  
Body Builders Mental Mastery, Financial Abundance, hypnotize your lover, ultimate confidence, In Control, Endurance, Choose Your Own Adventure, confidence power pack
Your Mother-  
Big O, How Do I Love Thee, Simply Charming, Bulletproof, Mover and Shaker
Your Mother who only sees bad in others-  
Anger into power, Karma of kindness
Your new friend who is all about chakras and dreams-  
Intuition, Temple of wisdom, Clear Plastic Bag
Your Pregnant Neighbor-  
Somnulucent- end insomnia, Pain release, PowerNap, Fertility, Childbirth Hypnosis DVD and CD set.
Your Single Friend-  
Love of your life, Fountain of youth, Find your dream
Your Sister who is always getting down on herself-  
ultimate confidence, confidence power pack, The Swish Pro, End procrastination,
Your Smoker friend-  
Addiction freedom, Healing garden, The Swish Pro, Stop smoking
Your Student-  
Magnificent Memory, Wake up Sleepyhead, PowerNap, Creative Brain Blast, Public Speaking, Speed Read, Spell Well, ultimate confidence, confidence power pack, Power of Persuassion, Stop Smoking, Deep thinker
Your Therapist friend-  
Hypno'oponopono, Advanced Techniques DVD, How to Hypnotize Anyone DVD, EFT training DVD, Therapists Script Package, Stage Hypnosis DVD, The Complete Therapist package.
Your Workout buddy-  
Body Builders Mental Mastery, ultimate confidence, Endurance, confidence power pack, Fountain of youth
A depressed friend-  
Happiness 101, Wake Up Happy, Somnulucent- end insomnia, Alcohol Freedom, My life, Sunlight, Who Am I?, Find your dream, Depression Buster
Magnificent Memory, Problem Solver, Inspired Intuition, End Procrastination, Financial Abundance, Clear head- headache relief, Power Nap, Sweet Surrender, Tao of Dow, Stress release, Public speaking mastery, Mover and Shaker, Speed Read, Spell Well, Bullet Proof, Fearless Cold Calling.
Release negative anchors, ultimate confidence, confidence power pack,
Junk Food Junkie-  
Junk Food Junkyard, Big O, How do I love thee, Simply Charming, Appetite Zapper,, Hunger Blaster, Weight Release, Love to Exercise, Sweet Dreams, Bulletproof, Get Raw, The Swish Pro, Mover and Shaker
Piano Teacher or Musician friend-  
Creative genius, Music-Mind-Spirit, Musical Genius
The Slacker Friend-  
Do it Now! End Procrastination, Mover and Shaker, Speed Read, Spell Well, The Future is Now, The Swish Pro, Wake up sleepyhead
Moms and Dads-  
Positive Parenting, Chill Out, Fantastic Brain, 12 Hypnotic stories for childhood obesity, Magical Mind, 6 Hypnotic Stories for Childhood Obesity, Eat your veggies/ The boss, The Wizard/ Super Kid, Get up and go, Magic Brain, Apple Eater/Pickle Island, Hungry Monster, Tiny Tummy, I'm full/You beast, Positive Parenting
Someone in pain-  
Heal your body, Pain release, Stroke Recovery, Clear head, Bite Me, Skin Deep, Body Mastery
Your Kids-  
Sleepy Kids, under 5, Sleepy Kids, over 5, Speed Read-Spell Well, Sports Mind, Healthy Kids
Wide Awake, Power nap, Wake up sleepyhead
Writer, Painter, Artist-  
Inspired Intuition, Find Your Dream, Creative Genius, Deep Thinker, Speed Read, Spell Well, Creative Brilliance


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