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Headache Relief Now!
Stop Headaches & Migraines

Clear Head - Headache Relief with Hypnosis

Do you suffer from chronic headaches?

Do migraines make your life unbearable?

Are you ready to free yourself from debilitating headaches and be free of pain?

How does the hypnosis program work?

The first session will help you clear the pain away. The second session will help you to find and release the root cause of the headache.
The next session is for quick relief when you feel a headache coming on. The next session is to help you release the underlying cause of the headache and maintain and healthy mental and emotional state. Often there is a cause and something in the environment is triggering the headache.

The session for Healing and Release can be used to diminish the pain of a headache, or any other part of the body, when there is pain, tension or stress. Some people get instant relief. Aaaaahhhhh.

Drain your pain away and clear your head. Find out the headaches "intention".

Live Headache Free

This CD is a must for headache sufferers!
Create the optimum condition in your mind and body to release your headache for good. Stress triggers headaches and hypnosis can release stress. Creating a calm, peaceful environment has been proven to help balance the immune system, change the chemicals released in the brain and create a different physiological state when a person is subjected to stress.

This will help you learn to relax and be in a peaceful trance state.

Release the emotional conflict that is causing your headaches. Train your brain to release the pressure instantly, anytime, anywhere. Meet your future self that does not have headaches, find the wisdom and lessons from this future you. Visit the healing garden, learn instant trance, have a 3 minute healing.

Now on CD!
Therapy sessions that will release the emotional conflict
that is causing your headaches.

Disc 1
Quick Relief
Release the Cause
Double induction
Future Self

Disc 2
Instant Trance
Trance trigger
Introduction to instant healing
Five minute healing trance
Three minute healing trance
Healing Garden

Yes it absolutely works! See what a happy client had to say.

The following is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement for Wendi's headache CD.
Dear Wendi,
Thanks for saving my head from a problem I have been having for years with recurring sinus migraine headaches. For years, I have suffered with these debilitating headaches that on two occasions have actually led to my passing into unconsciousness. I have tried medication, self hypnosis, trigger-point injections, chiropractic, shiatsu, meditation, toughing it out and everything in between with little positive results other than with medication, but the dosages have to be so high that I am essentially incapable of doing much after taking them.
Then, you sent me your tape. As a Certified Hypnotherapist myself, I can do all sorts of useful things for myself with self hypnosis - stop hiccups, drop tension, etc. But these headaches, which are a combination of Migraine and sinus headache (which my doctor tells me is beyond a normal migraine and equal to a cluster headache - the worst) had me beat. 20 minutes with your tape DURING one of these monsters is all I generally need to STOP the beast dead in its tracks! I was amazed. I also cannot thank you enough. Now - relief is just a tape away!
Sincerely Yours, Lee Darrow, C.Ht. Hypnotist to Sandals Resorts, corporations and private events, worldwide.

Give your brain a chance to get rid of headaches, easily and effortlessly. Only $49.00 and it just might give your brain another way to feel.

Clear Head - Headache Relief with Hypnosis

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877-68 happy (4-2779) (toll free USA)

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