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News- from some shows Wendi has appeared on numerous national TV talk shows and national Radio shows. See the list here.
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Wendi is in the Boulder area

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Media calls only to these numbers-
To reach Wendi for Hypnosis interviews on TV or Radio,
call: (949) 566-0041 or (916) 996-8391

Topics of interest for your show:

Hypnotize Your lover - bringing the sizzle back into your love life with the secrets of hypnosis

The Science of Seduction - what really makes us magnetic and irresistible

How to Spot A Liar - Body language expert, and author of How to Spot a Liar will detect truth or lies based on interviews of prominent people in politics and entertainment.

Financial Abundance - Can hypnosis actually make you wealthy? Wendi knows it can. By using the methods of hypnotherapy to stop the self destructive habits, and become worthy of success, and adding some serious manifesting, she has led the pack in creating miracles for her Abundance groups. Learn more about this here. Her recent Abundance training in London got the attention of the Financial Times. Read the article.

The Zen of Thin - Wendi claims that people who are overweight are keeping the weight on for a positive reason, that even THEY are not aware of. Discover her amazing method of finding the true needs of our hungry souls. It is what is on the inside that matters. Find the Zen. Stop the struggle.

Procrastination - yup, she can hypnotize you in 10 minutes to be a go getter, an achiever, a real dynamo. She can even get you to clean your house, throw stuff away and love to get things done. Give her ten minutes. She will prove it!

Educated, energetic, funny and outrageous, Wendi Friesen is always the most intriguing and entertaining guest for your show. People love to see hypnosis in action, and Wendi's methods help to enlighten everyone to the real workings of the subconscious mind.

Smart, sexy, funny. Wendi is a media professional.
CD demo available on request.

She is a popular speaker for corporations, sales teams, medical professionals, and athletes.

Recently she appeared on Fox and Friends. You can see this video here.

A true innovator in the Mind /Body field, Wendi's work has captured the interest of 100s of radio and TV shows, and publications.
Business Journal Award- 3rd fastest growing business in Sacramento.
Creator and host of the AM Radio talk radio show on KSTE- Free Your mind.
Creator of Wendi TV, with 100s of live, interactive self help shows helping people discover how to create miraculous change.
Author of over 300 self help programs to solve deep problems with rapid change techniques.
Trainer of 1000s of therapists worldwide to teach innovative methods for mind/body therapy, hypnosis and NLP.
Fellow of APHP, a prestigious organization of counselors and therapists in London.
Creator of over 30,000 pages on the internet, with over 400 videos that motivate people to change.

Wendi's Web and AM radio shows :
- Coast to Coast AM
- Magic 101
- Darian O'toole show
- Armstrong and Getty show
- Talk America
- Jay Thomas on XM radio
- Vince Mastracco Golf show
- Mike Gallagher show
Finding Magic In Midlife
- The Hypnotist Radio Show
- REAL TALK with Williams & Williams
I Make Winners - Dr. David Newman
- Over 100 other talk radio shows!

Media video with several of her TV appearances:
Wendi’s Media Reel
Wendi on Fox and Friends New Year’s Day
Wendi on TV
- The Man Show on Comedy Central
- GMTV in England
- The Style Channel- a Modern Girls Guide to Life
Queen Latifah show
- Showtime
- FOX and Friends
- The Strategy Room
Rachael Ray
- Beyond Show with James Van Praagh
- Comedy Central
- Good Day Sacramento
- Good Day New York
- Rags to Riches (pilot)

Wendi in print and other media
PC World
- Mac World
- Financial Times (London)
- Child Magazine
- Fitness Magazine
- First For Women
- magazine
- Health and Fitness magazine
- Washington Post
- GQ Magazine
- Men's Health
- Channels Magazine
- The Arizona Republic

Download the three hour COAST TO COAST AM show with George Noory, here.
TUNE IN to WENDIRADIO every TUESDAY. Live, international radio show


Recently you may have seen me on TV on the
Beyond Show
with a woman who was struggling with her weight all her life. You might remember that I did a hypnosis session with her to find the root cause of her food issues. In hypnosis she found her anger from her childhood about being deprived and left out. Once she resolved it, her life changed overnight. Literally, overnight. She came back to the show the next morning and told us that she got up that morning excited to exercise, grabbed her workout clothes (something she hadn't done in years) and headed out to the gym. Her mind was so focused on getting started that she didn't realize it was only 2 am! That is how powerful her motivation was in just one session.

The next thing that happened is that she went to work and when she was offered a brownie (her absolute favorite) she didn't even flinch when she said no! She had no desire for the brownie. Why? Because the core issue was gone. There was no anger or resentment fueling her need to eat.

Amazing. Yes. You can do it, too. LEARN MORE!


I'm in Heaven. A MAN SHOW sandwich with Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel and me. Oh, baby.
We taped a segment that will air later this season... and I got to hypnotize Adam and Jimmy.
Thank you MAN SHOW and Adam and Jimmy!!!

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