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Newsletter Archive

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March 2007 - January 2009 Archives: Hypnotic News from Wendi

December-20-2007- Santa is Probably Mad at Me
December-18-2007- Two for One Holiday Sale
November-21-2007- Holiday Poundage, Bonus Video
November-08-2007- Where’s the Love?, Teleseminar, Guest Host (that’s you)

June-19-07_newsletter- Hypnotic Marketing Teleseminars this Week, Video -What’s Your Problem?
January-24-07_newsletter- Sacramento Seminar, Blindsight, Intuition Tune Up, Love Love Love
January-12-07_newsletter- Mailbag
January-05-07_newsletter- OK, So You Aren’t Totally Doomed
December-29-06_newsletter- Your Resolutions are Doomed!
December-18-06_newsletter- Wendi’s Polar Express
December-12-06_newsletter- Save Linny, save the world!
December-08-06_newsletter- Last Chance for Learning Annex!
November-28-06_newsletter- Selfish Christmas (best deal of the year)
November-16-06_newsletter- Love the French, Hate The Smoke
November-08-06_newsletter- The Kirstie Alley Challenge
October-20-06_newsletter- Friday Funnies!
October-6-06_newsletter- Could 5 Hours In London Change Your Mind? What Makes You Stressed? Releasing Negative Anchors, Self Discovery, Cant Make It To London ?
September-29-06_newsletter- Defiance and Dangerous Hypnosis, Inner Circle, Back With a Vengeance,Your Widget is Ready, Got a Creative Quote? Win a prize
September-22-06_newsletter- Mojo and the Big O, Dental Phobias, EID, I’m Confident You Will Love This
September-15-06_newsletter- Tingle With Me, Sunday Radio, Specials
August-25-06_newsletter - Have We Met Before? Sunday Radio- on your AM dial, KSTE Download site is bulging and bloated
August-11-06_newsletter - Seven Super Simple Steps is Here!, Divine Downloads To Delight (half off), Peace in a Troubled World
August-2-06_newsletter - Be a better Person, Secret Fantasies Revealed, Live Seminar Sept 14-16, Send the Kids to Camp, Heads are going to Roll
July-26-06_newsletter - Friday Funnies
July-26-06_newsletter 2 - Wednesday Wisdom
July-21-06_newsletter - What’s that voodoo that you do? Put on a Happy Face, Bad with Names? Oh Really?, RADIO SHOW this week
July-13-06_newsletter - Jolly good, Sleep is good, Our Authors are Jolly!
July-07-06_newsletter - Liar of the week, Got a Book in You?, Do you live in San Diego?, Hypno Genius, that’s you!
June-30-06 newsletter - The evil that lurks within, Hypnosis is dangerous, Results of the Marketing test, Are you a budding author? Make a buck with US!, Win Wenger on Radio July 6th
June-23-06 newsletter - You up for this? I need your help, Radical Recovery in August, People who make ridiculous leaps of judgment, Going on a Date?, Joe Has a Secret
June-16-06 newsletter - The Swami, Mona, Persuade me, PS, always remember to read the PS.
June-09-06 newsletter - Dental Phobias, EID, I’m Confident You Will Love This
June-02-06 newsletter - Gimme Some Skin, Anxiety Study, Great Intentions, Wendi Radio, get hypnotized 2 times a week!, What’s Half Off?
May-25-06 newsletter - Thursday Think Tank, Radio shows- you want more of this, A little of me in your pocket, Lost that Lovin feelin?
May-18-06 newsletter - Make a Wish, Golf- friend or foe?, Radical Recovery Today, Wanna be a Hypno Genius?, The Sultan Of Schwing, Wanna get into Wendi’s private place?
May-10-06 newsletter - Radical Recovery, We pay your airfare, Phlegm, sneezing and wheezing, 5 simple techniques to end Allergies, Feeling Fat?, Can you point to your Mojo?
May-05-06 newsletter - The vault, Children are getting heavier, Alcohol Freedom Seminar,
April-27-06 newsletter - Believe it or not, Hypno Mojo, Your Greatest Fear Revealed, Whats in your pocket?, Radio- Podcast and download shows.
April-20-06 newsletter - Childhood obesity, Taxing times, Dang, that gun was loaded, How dare you call me lazy.
April-14-06 newsletter - Big one day sale!, International shipping
April-06-06 newsletter - Radio hypnosis, What are you afraid of?, Love public speaking, What’s in your pocket?
March-31-06 newsletter - Opportunities for the asking, Island du jour, Doctors, children, surgery, and duh
March-24-06 newsletter - Just a quick note from a warm sandy beach
March-16-06 newsletter - Cramped foot, Self Discovery, Gain weight while you sleep
March-02-06 newsletter - My left foot, Turn up your speakers, Parkinsons, Radio with Joe Vitale
Febuary-21-06 newsletter - It is still all in your head, Radio today Tuesday at 2pm pacific
Febuary-10-06 newsletter - Blindsight results, Who’s lying now?, Time machine, You begged we succumbed
January-27-06 newsletter - Blindsight experiment, Intuition tune up, The 12 hour hypnosis seminar
January-20-06 newsletter - Bad habit, Wendi radio, Want your webinars?, Super secret selection
January-13-06 newsletter - Starve a cold hypnotize a fever?, What does your posture say?, Wendi radio

Past Newsletters From 2005
December-30-05 newsletter - The stuff of memories, Video Newsletter, When you wake up on Jan 1st
December-23-05 newsletter - Resolution Revolution, A million little pieces, Sweet spot, Our wish for you
December-08-05 newsletter - So sick, You stressed, Sweet surrender, Make you a star, Placebos rock
November-22-05 newsletter - Let it be, Webinars, Yes! Need your help, Blow someone’s mind
November-04-05 newsletter - Have the guts to lie, Rehab - I’ll drink to that, Blindsight, Your hair follicles
October-13-05 newsletter - Hypnotic robber, Quick fix, Therapist in your pocket, Webinar, The challenge
October-07-05 newsletter - Voodoo that youdoo, Psychic Influence, Bad with names, Survey says
September-23-05 newsletter - Is hypnosis real?, Put me in your pocket, NYC, Survey says, Jo Vitale
September-16-05 newsletter - Survey, Great CD download today, Getting any, Hypnotize you, Slogans
September-09-05 newsletter - Brilliant in a manipulative sort of way, Healing the trauma, Slogans for you
September-01-05 newsletter - Devastation, NYC, Quizzy quizzerton, Webinars, Slogan, Very special
August-24-05 newsletter - How Hypnotizable are you, Road rage, Out of body research, Placebo
August-18-05 newsletter - Messy house, Question, Face your fears, Tricks for your brain, Webinars
August-12-05 newsletter - Aching Back, Begging pays off, New seminar, What are you eating, Sale
August-03-05 newsletter - Such a pain, Eyes open, don’t like sugar, Don’t get hurt, Forbes, Put it off
July-28-05 newsletter - Lindsey’s Journey, Your brain on hypnosis, Testing..., Homework, Super sonic
July-22-05 newsletter - Spend the day with me, Arthritis, Bass ackwards, No casual Friday, Help Lindsey
July-14-05_newsletter - Coast To Coast Radio, Hear the show for nothing, Webinar, Three day seminar
July-07-05 newsletter - I wanna be like Steve, Allergies are all in your mind, Alcohol free for life
June-30-05 newsletter - Your mind is mine, Losing a love, It’s not just our slogan, Zen of beauty
June-23-05 newsletter - Here kitty kitty, Fake it till you make it, Clues, Truckers Radio, Webinar
June-18-05_newsletter - Harry Anderson, The power of suggestion, Skin, Private session, Staff game
June-10-05_newsletter - Fiji, Friendlier and happier, Make a wish, Better skin, Hypnotherapists
June-03-05_newsletter - Financial Abundance, Stomach stapling, Power Nap
May-26-05_newsletter - The harder you try, ‘dog, snake and scream’, Hoodia, Registry of Hypnotherapists
May-20-05_newsletter - Beat `em up, Webinar, MD needed, Before and after, Anagram, who’s who, Fiji
May-06-05_newsletter - Webinar, Wishes, Speak Up - Lash Out - Be Heard, Tao of Dow
April-29-05_newsletter - Focus Group Results, Curing Cancer?, Blog, Backwards is Back
April-23-05_newsletter - Allergy Addendum - Hypnosis Effective On Hay Fever
April-22-05_newsletter - Overcome Shyness, Skin is IN, Cold Calling, Email Rots Your Brain
April-15-05_newsletter - Applauding the Troops, Bruxism, What's on TV, Procrastination
April-04-05_newsletter - Joe Vitale - The Attractor Factor, Integrity,
March-31-05_newsletter - Your Vote Counts, More on Terry Schiavo, Marital Bliss, Dreams
March-23-05_newsletter - Mondays with Martha, Terry Schiavo
March-17-05_newsletter - Negative Anchors, Limericks, Hoodia
March-04-05_newsletter - Reflective Perspective, Pain, Birth Hypnosis, Web Help
February-25-05_newsletter - Love, Pornography Addiction, letter re. Alcohol
February-09-05_newsletter - Resolve, Fingernail Biting, Happiness
January-21-05_newsletter - Webinar Apology, Double Induction
January-19-05_newsletter - Relationship Rescue, Staff Picks,
January-07-05_newsletter - Tsunami Relief, Alcohol Freedom

Past Newsletters From 2004
December-20-04_newsletter - Wendi's ABCs of Christmas, Last minute shopping
December-16-04_newsletter - Spiritual House Cleaning, Nicki's Staff Picks, Wake Up America
December-06-04_newsletter - Two for One special, Sunlight Hypnosis, Adult ADD
December-03-04_newsletter - Utilize Your Dreams, Compassion, Leeza Radio Series
November-23-04_newsletter - Holiday Procrastination, Chill Out, Alcohol Freedom Forum
November-08-04_newsletter - Wake Up America, Alcohol as a Choice, Newsweek Hypnosis Article
October-21-04_newsletter - Costa Rica, Conscious Creation, Creativity, Dreams
August-04-04_newsletter - Backwards Hypnosis Results, Weight Loss Tips, Free Gifts,
July-26-04_newsletter - Size Matters, Brain Death, Eat Your Veggies, Menopause, Baby Hypnosis
July-09-04_newsletter - Childhood Trauma, Celebrity Golf, letter re. Alcohol Freedom
July-02-04_newsletter - Headache Relief, Fireworks, Plethora of Staff Picks
June-25-04_newsletter - Bass Ackwards, Depression, Mind Games, Brainiac Facts
June-11-04_newsletter - Showtime, The Big "O", Anxiety
May-21-04_newsletter - Stomach Stapling, Overcome Failure - 10 Steps to Success, Free Webinar
April-12-04_newsletter - Contest Results, 2 for 1 DVDs, Sexy Hypnosis Products
April-09-04_newsletter - Power Nap, Thomas Edison, 2 for 1 DVDs, "Choose your own Hypnosis"
March-26-04_newsletter - Contest Details, Financial Abundance, Hypnotize Your Kids
March-19-04_newsletter - Alcohol Freedom, Sacramento Hypnotic Slim down
February-18-04_newsletter - Hypnosis in the Media, Contest Information

Past Newsletters From 2003
March-21-03_newsletter - Charisma, Telemarketers, Procrastination, Spot a Liar, NYC Postponed
March-01-03_newsletter - Making of Spot a Liar, Free Hypnosis Scripts, Free Book, Reframing
January-01-03_newsletter - New Year's Resolutions, What You Want, Never Give Up

Past Newsletters From 2002
December-16-02_newsletter - Holiday Gift Ideas, Overcome Fear, Weight Loss Hypnosis
December-12-02_newsletter - Contest Results, Playboy Radio - The Naked Truth, GMTV
November-27-02_newsletter - Banish Stress, Life-Altering Moments, Thanksgiving
November-23-02_newsletter - Dream Programming, Abundance, Self-Hypnosis, Be a Hypnotist
November-18-02_newsletter - Webinar (Invite Abundance into Your Life, NLP)
November-11-02_newsletter - Allergic to Work, Holographic Mind, Merry Christmas, 1st for Women
October-22-02_newsletter - World Series of hypnosis, Fear, Guns, Too Many Books
October-13-02_newsletter - Rewire Your Brain - The Proof, pain Moving Day, Intuition Stories
September-17-02_newsletter - Abundant Mind, Clogged Arteries, Future Sex, An Apology
September-02-02_newsletter - Remote Influence, Abundance, Seminar Dates, My Favorite Station
August-01-02_newsletter - The man Show, Soul Mates, Hypnosis Workout, Remember Names

There you have it... keep sending your ideas. You inspire me!

- Wendi


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