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End Porn Addiction

Are you struggling with an addiction to pornography?

Are you lying about your problem?

Are your relationships suffering?

Do you worry that you will never have a normal and satisfying sex life again?

It's time to release the past, overcome your addiction and believe that you can change!

Wendi has combined years of working with actual clients facing addictions to pornography into these four fantastic discs. Order this week and we'll ship it right out to you the same day!

Pornography Addiction is powerful thing to break. I know that hypnotherapy can release the habitual state, change the triggers, restore a healthy sexual attitude and make you respect your relationships, family and self.

Why Hypnosis?

In my work with men who are struggling with this, I have found that some very specific methods of hypnosis can restore their mental health. Using these methods, a man can stop the viscous cycle, and become happy and healthy again.

Hypnosis is a powerful and fast way to create a belief within yourself that you don't need porn to feel satisfied. This hypnotherapy program is very unique, because it takes you step by step through the aspects of triggers, habits, causes, and even some unusual direct suggestion techniques that use a double induction voice, to bypass your conscious mind and create change overnight.

Will it Work for Me?

Why are you here? Like most men who are wondering if they have a problem, you are looking for a solution. You already know that this is interfering with your happiness and your success.

Pornography Addiction is a growing problem. With the internet making it so accessible, people from every walk of life are struggling to find a solution. You are not alone.
In my work with clients, I have had great success in helping people gain control, and even more important- get a sense of freedom when they think about porn.

You need to make a change now. Hypnosis works for almost everyone. All you have to do is have a desire to change and make a commitment to listen. The CDs do the rest.

What About My Sex Life?

In my work with clients, I have had great success in helping people gain control, and even more important- get a sense of freedom when they think about porn. Imagine how it might feel, if you actually feel stronger and more in control when faced with an opportunity to view porn? This hypnosis program will build values about what is really important to you in life. Then whenever you are faced with porn, your mind will expand the values, pushing you to a state of freedom and control instantly. This is an automatic response that your brain will have and you might be amazed at how easy it will be for you to simply turn down your interest in porn!

This therapy program will help you long for true intimacy with a real person. Your mind will restore the fascination and comfort that can only be found in real contact. As your mind loses interest in porn, you will realize that you want to seek out healthy, fun, exciting encounters with real people. This is probably the most important part. You will not just stop wanting porn. You will actually begin to desire the real thing again, and feel true satisfaction that only comes from real encounters.

Am I Really Addicted?
The mental process of addiction is very easily changed through hypnosis. The process that the brain uses to create the psychological addiction is similar to the process that I use in hypnosis to create a new state of mind.

Using hypnosis to release the addiction is similar to the process that is used when you created the addiction. Your mind is guided to have a new response, to create new values, and new beliefs. Triggers are installed that help you choose the freedom and strength that puts you in control. You will be amazed at how effective hypnosis can be, to guide you to the life you want.

The program has 4 CDs, with 14 sessions.
Each session addresses an aspect of releasing, resolving, healing, disconnecting, and creating the belief in your subconscious mind that you are able to enjoy your family, friends, relationships and have pride in yourself for creating a life you love.

breakfree end porn addiction
Reviewer: AB from Canada  
"The BreakFree, End Porn addiction program sets the stage for breaking this nasty habit. For me, additional tools and programs were required to achieve sobriety, but Wendi''s program proved to be a very helpful tool in this quest. - AB, Canada"

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Session Descriptions

Introduction and Journey of Wisdom
Take a journey into a sacred place in your mind. Meet your wise sage who will give you direction about what is most important at this time, to allow you to be free from porn. Use this session several times in the first two weeks to gain insight and get answers to questions. Your sage is a way to get in touch with your inner needs, wisdom and issues that may be hidden from your conscious mind. Anytime you feel unsettled or confused, you can use this Journey to get answers and direction.

Then and Now
Meet two versions of yourself- the man you were when you felt addicted to porn and the man you are with the character and values and respect when you are free from porn. Look at your addicted self from the outside to gain perspective into the behaviors and values, and then look at your healthy self to create perspective about what is truly important. You will be able to objectively look at the values and beliefs that create addiction or freedom.

Future Time Line
Experience two time lines of your future. Your subconscious mind will project the feelings, thoughts, and values in your two futures. One time line is based on your current behavior and the other is based on your success, freedom from porn, and living a life you love and are proud of. This is a powerful session that will guide your subconscious mind to a great future.

Create a positive response to help you free yourself from the habitual behavior. You will have an anchor that creates freedom, and allows you to easily walk away from your computer, ignore porn when it is presented, and instantly strengthen your values. You will create a trigger that will become automatic. Anytime you are tempted, your higher values will kick in, you will take a breath and feel an overwhelming sense of freedom.

Belief Change
A very unique process that takes your old programming and the automatic responses you used to have, and replaces it with a new automatic response based on your new values. This is from an NLP process called a SWISH and this process alone can create the success you desire.

Direct suggestion- single voice
You can listen as you fall asleep at night and let the suggestions play. The direct suggestion session will ask your mind to seek out real relationships, real intimacy and share the energy of the powerful connection during real sex.

Direct suggestion- double voice
Same as the direct suggestion, with an added voice layer. The added layer makes this session much deeper and causes some confusion to get the suggestions directly into the subconscious mind. A very effect session to use as you are sleeping.

Addiction Freedom
A process to disconnect you from any behavior that you feel you are addicted to. In this case you will apply it to the habitual use of porn.

Release Negative Anchors
There are many triggers that make your brain start the process of needing to use porn to find the next thrill. Many things in your surroundings have become powerful triggers that subconsciously take you down that road. In this session you will disconnect from the emotions that are anchored to objects, such as a computer, that makes your mind and body compelled to continue.

Release the Past
If you have guilt, anger, old associations and emotions that are making you turn to porn, this session will help you release them. You will also find healing and release for many other emotional conflicts so that you can have a more stable emotional state, feel a sense of balance and learn the positive lesson from past mistakes.

Intro to How to Talk to Yourself
What to say to yourself. The way you talk to yourself determines the results you get in life. If you continue to reinforce the bad behaviors by repeating the same old phrases, you will get the same results. This session will actually hypnotize you to speak to yourself with power, creating the outcomes that you DO want, rather than reinforcing the ones you don't want.

Resolution Activator
Write down your outcomes for each month and experience them in this hypnosis session to implant the belief that you are in control and that things are changing. You can use this to help with several aspects of your life. When you do your outcomes for each month be sure to state them as positive, saying that you are free to create success in your life, and you have released yourself from the thoughts of porn. Be careful not to state it as a negative, such as – I won't look at porn.

Sexual Healing
If you have some deep issues that create confusion about your sex life, or had conflicts in the past about sex and would like to bring it back into balance, this is a very healthy way to heal it, gently, and restore a healthy sexual outlook.

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Only $99.90!


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