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Power Naps
A short hypnosis blast that will energize you fast

Have you ever been so tired that you feel you can’t stay awake?
Do you sometimes drive while you know you are much too tired?
Do you need to pay attention in school and stay focused?
 Learn how to do a Hypnotic Power Naps
This is a quick powerful way to refresh and energize your
mind and body in only a few minutes.
Free instructions here!


Power Naps Essential, 2 CD set

Power Naps Mega, 4 CD set


Wendi's Hypnotic Power Naps
A powerful way to refresh and energize your
mind and body in only a few minutes.

  • Experience the best night's sleep you have ever had in a matter of minutes.
  • Feel the restorative powers of a deep night's sleep with an easy 20 minute power nap based on deep trance, time distortion and binaural beats.
  • Teach your brain to get the effect of restful sleep in a 10 minute power nap.
  • Take a 5 minute power nap that provides you with the restorative power of a getting a deep restful sleep.

This CD uses the combination of binaural beats, hypnosis, anchoring and conditioning to take you into an alpha and theta state.
Your brain will take the rest it needs.

You will emerge feeling wide awake, energized, clear headed and creative.

This promises to be one of your most valuable tools in your life toolkit.

This promises to be one of your most valuable tools in your life toolkit.
Learn the technique here, NOW!

Power Naps Essential 2 CD set $49

Track One:

Power Naps Introduction
How it works, what you will feel.

Track Two:

Twenty Minute Deep Sleep
Using time distortion and deep trance with binaural beats, your brain and body will be asked to experience the depth of theta sleep to get deeply refreshed.

Track Three:

Ten Minute Power Naps
Using the conditioning from the 20 minute Deep Sleep, your brain will condense the energizing sleep into ten minutes.

Track Four:

Five Minute Cat Nap
Fast, powerful and easy. Anytime, anywhere, take a quick nap. Emerge feeling very energized, highly creative, resourceful and ready to go!

A great new program from Wendi.com
For only $49, you can feel good fast.

Disc 2

Track One: Ultimate Stress Relief
A powerful session to release anxiety, worry, lower blood pressure and stop the effects of stress. 20 minutes of this will make you teflon- stress just slides off you! Nothing bothers you.

Track Two: Sleep Deep Healing States
Just before you go to sleep at night, use this session to initiate healing of physical conditions, program your brain to speed up healing, or stop a cold or flu, or enhance the immune function. You can target a specific condition or imbalance in your body, then give your brain the instructions to begin healing as you sleep. The quality of your sleep will improve and you may just feel a lot better
when you awaken in the morning.
Buy one now! Right now. Click here. $49

Or, just go ahead and get the even better and bigger:


Power Naps- Mega Sleep - a 4 CD program only $89
Your ultimate energizer to power naps, sleep deeper at night and banish the effects of stress. This contains everything in the Power Naps essential, PLUS:

Disc 1, Disc 2 - from the essential set, plus:

Disc 3

Track One: Morning Energizer
Wake up and be hypntozed to organize your day, be productive and filled with energy.

Track Two: Tropical Island Sleep Hypnosis
You will sleep deeply and soundly through the night. This conditioning session will help alleviate insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Disc 4

Track One: Deep Trance Training

Track Two: Insomnia - Resolve Inner Conflict
Find the emotional conflict that may be causing you to toss and turn or wake up at night. Your mind can be at peace when the conflict is resolved. You will learn, step by step how to find any internal issues that were keeping you awake.

Track Three: Deep Sleep - Light of Wisdom
A relaxing and enlightening sleep session. You will feel like you have been transported from your worries and concerns to a higher place. Healing and inspiring, and beneficial for great sleep.

Buy one now! Right now. Click here. $89

SomnuLucent 4CD set $117

You can start sleeping better tonight.
SomnuLucent Insomnia Cure

1 Introduction to SomnuLucent
A quick introduction on how to use this program and it's therapy sessions

2 Identity release
Change your identity and belief about being an insomniac.

3 Belief imprint
A Future Time Line Journey- create a powerful belief about how well you sleep in the future.

4 Wake Up Sleepyhead
Program your mind to wake up alert at the time you choose

5 Blissful Sleep
Go deeper and deeper into sleep and stay asleep

6 Dream Programming
Create a dream that will solve a problem, find a new idea or give you guidance

7 Patience
Become patient, kind and content. You will have a new perspective the next day

8 True for You- Core Confidence
Be strong, confident, powerful and effective. End intimidation as you discover what is true for you

9 Focus and Accomplishment
As you sleep you program your mind to wake up driven! Get things done with spectacular focus and determination

10 Sacred Serenity
Go to sleep as you explore a profoundly spiritual renewal. Heal your body and mind with hypnotic rejuvenation

Buy one now! Right now. Click here. $117



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