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How confident do you want to feel?
I'm Wendi Friesen. I have struggled with the same number ONE fear that you have. I overcame it.
I discovered some very powerful techniques for banishing the fear of public speaking.

Oh, sure, the excitement is still there... you know that feeling... the wonderful anticipation that you feel just before you speak? But I have to tell you, that there is no more fear. This feels great.

I want to help you feel this good!

You probably know
how much money you could make if your presentations were knockout performances- with your audience feeling happy and excited when you speak. Your seminars and presentations will be in demand and will leave people talking about you.
You also know that it would increase your business and your credibility.
You know that your confidence would inspire others to be part of your business and want to promote you.

My success is largely due to the speaking skills that I learned. People talk about my seminars! They write wonderful testimonials. It is because I forced myself the learn the hypnosis and NLP skills that virtually changed my life. Becoming a powerful speaker is an art. It is not something you learn consciously, like most skills. This is learned from within.

You know you want to succeed, yet you have a fear of success. One part of you is trying like heck to work hard, make all the right moves, and get that competitive edge...

While at the same time, another part of you is trembling with fear doing everything possible to sabotage your efforts. The harder you try to get over the fear of public speaking- the harder this sabotage rears its head, cutting you off at the knees once again.

How can this happen? You know your life will improve if you are more confident, able to create wealth, be powerful and persuasive in front of an audience.

Many powerful and successful people have come to me for therapy because their fear is too great. They are able to give decent presentations, but they are petrified, lose sleep, have panic attacks and just cant get over it. Many are so afraid of public speaking that they have lost their desire to succeed, and are sabotaging all thier efforts.
No matter how successful you are, or what you have accomplished, if you have a deep seated belief that you are unworthy, your subconscious mind will help you comply with your deepest belief that you are not worthy of that kind of success.

Even though you consciously want to be a great speaker for all the right reasons, your subconscious mind probably has a ton of evidence that you are not good enough that is deeply rooted.

Your are not worthy

You do not deserve wealth

Nobody wants to hear what you have to say

They will laugh at me.

Where did these beliefs come from? Why are they so hard to shake? You may know, on a conscious level, that you are good enough, educated enough, smart enough. But your inner mind is not convinced. When you were very young your mind was an open slate. You had no evidence to the contrary when you formed your first, and most profound beliefs. Now you can change all that. In a very short time. Hypnosis cuts through the crap. NLP creates powerful new beliefs about your inner state. Are you ready? Or do you want to read yet another book about imagining your audience naked, as a public speaking technique?
 Give me a break... click here.

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