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Good training is hard to find. Hypnotherapy can be rewarding, yet many have difficulty making a living. The demand is high, the clients get quick results and are often amazed.
A good Hypnotherapist needs excellent training, great marketing skills and a network of professionals to continue to expand and grow.

If you want to learn more about Hypnotherapy - here are some ways to do it.

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How to Hypnotize Anyone
Advanced Techniques of Hypnotherapy
Self Hypnosis methods
Self Hypnosis 2, the Power within
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
Childbirth Hypnosis
Money Magnet Hypnosis training

Scripts and books

Hypnotize Your Lover
Body Mastery 9 full sessions
Stop Smoking, training manual, booklet, CDs, and scripts
Therapists Script book
Weight Release scripts 8 full sessions
Confidence scripts 4 full sessions
Childbirth Scripts 6 full sessions
Financial Abundance training manual with scripts
Breast Enlargement Scripts 4 full sessions
Penis Enlargement Scripts 4 full sessions
Forgive Me Please- the 4 session method to do forgiveness and regression to cause.

Marketing your hypnosis business
Marketing ideas that you can do for free and almost free
Marketing in the media, radio ads, and CD.

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Schools and training courses I like:

Hypnotherapy Training

Here are the Hypnotherapy trainings that I like. Of course there are many more good ones, but I know that students rave about these people.

No matter what school you choose, you will be continuing your training for years, if not for the rest of your life. in Minneapolis, MN
A one week intensive training. He is very supportive of his students to help them be successful and promote them. Kevin is a great researcher and will give you a solid and thorough start. Fast paced and fun. in Florida
Gerald Kein is well respected, an expert in our field and an excellent teacher. He has a great program to help his students market their businesses. His students are faithful because they love him! I love him too.
George Bien has a great reputation, turns out excellent Hypnotherapists and is a caring and generous man. Based on what his students say, you will love his training. In New York
Cal Banyan- His students are passionate about Hypnotherapy after they take his course. From what they tell me, they feel that his training puts it all together, gives them a solid methodology for doing hypnotherapy and they feel extremely competent after taking this training. Many of the Hypnotherapists on my referral registry have noted that they have 5 path and 7 path training. It gives me some confidence in recommending them, since I know they had excellent training. HTI in California
This school is in Northern California. I haven't attended personally, but I know the students rave about it and Ormand used to teach there on occasion. I had a session with a therapist who was trained there and was amazed at her confidence as a new therapist. She said it was due to the training. I believe this one is a long term training- over several months.

I think the strength of the school is in the students it produces. The ones who are succeeding in the business have been well trained, have ongoing support, and are involved online and at conventions. There is a lot of useless training out there. Find the students and ask questions!

Next, remember to sign up on my registry to get referrals. I am getting so many requests for referrals now, and many areas are not covered. Clients will find you if you are there.

Some are one week long and some are several months.
Many hypnotherapy training schools are not very good. Be sure to ask around to find out if there are satisfied and successful students from any school you choose. I guarantee that the above schools are very good.

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Our Promise

Everyone at is committed to your happiness and success.
ONE YEAR money back guarantee on everything we offer.
We want you to be very happy! Let us prove it!

Hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience several times a day. While the brain is in an alpha state, the mind and body can be directed to make changes at the core level, create new positive habits and release old conflicts and issues. Find out how good it feels to be free to love your healthy life!

If you have been struggling with your weight, or you are in pain, or having fear about what life presents to you, you can find help with Hypnotherapy.
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