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of your INNER GAME

It is well known that professional athletes have an inner source of strength and an inner wisdom that they tap into at will. For some, it is the most crucial aspect of their amazing success. Now, you can access the resources you ALREADY have that will give you a consistent game, intuitive putting, goal focus, and a WINNING belief system.

 The most critical element to achieving success on a greater level was a WINNING BELIEF SYSTEM. No amount of skill in the world will move you forward to your full potential until you know, for sure, on a deep subconscious level that you DESERVE TO WIN!

Think back to a time when that inner voice kept reminding you that..... you are really not good enough, he's really a better golfer...or the feeling of insecurity that seems to grow with each bad shot....reminding you that you don't really have what it takes......YIKES!

Wendi Friesen

~The Birdies, Eagles and... Albatrosses?~

Hi, I'm Wendi Friesen!

Hypnosis is a powerful way to access your belief system and make the changes you desire. Golf is just as much a mind game as it is a physical game. You can't expect to spend all of your time perfecting your drive and expect to dominate tricky greens. So how can you expect to excell in your short game if you haven't trained to excell in your mental game? Thanks to new technology in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy I can help take your game to a new level.

My sessions use this method to:

This proven method is available in this program and it has worked for thousands of people. Let it work for you too!

Change your mind!
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Hi Wendi,

I just want to thank you!  I don't know if you remember me but back in January, you hypnotized me for golf and I tell you I believe it works.  I have since dropped 4 strokes in my handicap. 

I have had career lows for nine holes but not quite for eighteen and have had a number of low net scores.  I have also won a couple of tournaments.  I think the best compliment I have received though is from some of my playing partners. They cannot believe how calm I am now and they wished more players had the positive attitude that I do!  Last year, I had people that did not want to play with me anymore because of my negative attitudes but now that has changed!  You probably don't realize how much this means to me but I'm somewhat a "golf addict" and it is just so wonderful to enjoy the game again!!!


The Golf Hypnosis Mental Edge includes:

The Winning System- will help you to access that decision that you made long ago about "not being good enough" and transform the core decision into a new empowering belief that says "I DESERVE TO WIN"! The pros already know what a critical element this is. Now you will find out how it feels to play from a winners perspective.

Secrets of Power Performance- will build and stack anchors that will connect with your abilities and resources that you already have! If you have ever hit a sweet drive that sent a tingle from your head to your toes, then you can do it again! Anytime you desire! An anchor is a subconscious connection that sets in motion all conditions necessary to put you in the zone, ready to crush the ball with power and confidence. When you are ready, you "fire" the anchor and allow your powerful mind/body connection to do the rest.

The Intuitive Putt and the Power of Thought- Tap into your INNER WISDOM that "feels" the putt, processes the visual information and allows you to focus on the goal. Knowing the ball will go where you decide, with ease and simplicity.

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Session One- Anchoring the Zone state. While in hypnosis you will recreate your ZONE state and create powerful anchors that imprint the physiology, the mental state, and all conditions of your zone state. Use these simple anchors (auditory, visual and kinesthetic)when you are on the course and need to get back into your best game.

Session Two- Beliefs- Find out what is holding you back, discover your self sabotage, remove fears and doubts about winning. You need to have a solid belief that you deserve to win if you plan to play a consistent game.

Session Three- Modeling Excellence. You will hypnotically enter the mind and body of one of your favorite golfers. During this process your subconscious mind will be asked to absorb certain skills and abilities and attitudes. How about absorbing that cool, calm, unshakable demeanor! This one is pure gold.

Session Four- Self Talk. Learn how you are negatively hypnotizing yourself to fail. STOP the evil inner voice and make your mind create power out of a bad shot. No more talking yourself into failure. Your inner voice is now your friend.

Session Five- The Intuitive Putt- the most amazing putting hypnosis ever. Your mind's eye will assess the conditions, and create an intuitive sense that will take all the conditions into account before you putt. You know your subconscious mind is your master. Why not let it help you sink those 20 foot putts with ease? You will be amazed after just one session.
This is the one you may have heard on the GOLF RADIO SHOW live, when I hypnotized 12 golfers to putt like a pro.

Session Six- Bliss for Golfers- Create the ULTIMATE relaxation during hypnosis and let your mind learn how to banish stress in a minute. You need this, don't you? Yes you do. No more stress on the course. Love the game! 

Golf hypnotherapy is most effective in private sessions, since the issues of deserving to win, and overcoming mental or emotional blocks can be a personal matter.



Just received your golf hypnosis CDs and I love them.  I love the way you have different inductions so I don’t get bored and after one session went out and played golf with no fear of chipping!!  I was so much more relaxed.  The session on “I deserve to win” bought up visions of many other issues  of how I hold myself back and not deserving to win.  The way you make winning about loving yourself and not about being greedy was a huge step forward for me.  Thank you so much I love your work (and I have a few other’s). 

PS I’ve just ordered the Intuition Set – hoping for big

Lyn M.


I played in the Standard Chartard Golf tournament this morning. I did not win, nor was I 2nd or 3rd place. However, I came in best 6. I never played well in past tournaments. I lacked confidence, had jitters, anxious, you name it, I sabotaged my own game after one bad hole!  This morning to my surprize,  I was calm, cool, focused, played with supreme confidence, struck the ball like a pro and beat of all my drives far and were dead center.  ( I cannot understand what's happening ? )  BTW, I won a novelty prize for Longest Drive -  310 yards ( drove to the apron, 20 yards from the green )

Joe G.

full satisfaction guarantee

Our unique "transformation guarantee!"

I'm not going to bother guaranteeing your satisfaction. This program is not about "satisfaction" -- it's about changing your life forever, giving you a completely new perspective on life and a powerful ability to respond to life's challenges with joy and enthusiasm. Your life will be changed forever -- that's my personal assurance and money back guarantee.

If your life is not changed forever, we don't even want your money!!

That said, here's what we're going to do to make sure that you are totally happy: When you buy any of our products, you'll have an entire year to use the program and change your life. At any point during the next year, if you are not completely blown away and if your life is not completely transformed -- then just send us back the CDs and we'll issue a full refund.

Will it work for you? Many people think they are not hypnotizable. The truth is that everyone can respond to hypnosis, almost instantly. With our complete one year return policy, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.


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$69.00 satisfaction guaranteed!
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