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Wendi Friesen
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, speaker, trainer.

PO Box 724
Newport Beach, CA USA
877-68 HAPPY (4-2779) (toll free USA)

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Order this new INTUTION CD set now. Discover what Wendi discovered in her years of research.
Experience NINE sessions of hypnosis and medititation that will open your mind and connect your spirit to a source of wisdom!

Only $99

One Year Money Back guarantee!


If you could open your mind...


   To see what you thought could not be seen

     To feel what you thought you could not feel

To know, with certainty, those things that were previously  


 Imagine what you might discover.



You are already intuitive.

You already have the power to understand the thoughts of others-

You have the power to predict the future

You have the power to solve complex problems


New! Great introductory price and bonus! See below....

Inspired Intuition
  ~ A hypnosis program to improve your intuition

Have you wondered how to increase your intuition?

Would you like to explore your psychic powers?

Being intuitive, psychic or just being able to trust your gut instinct is not hard to do. 

Let's get started.

You have experienced many intuitive moments in your life. 
Knowing when someone is about to call you...
Feeling that there is someone staring at you from behind...

Maybe you have had a dream that later came true in great detail in real life.

We are all intuitive and receptive to communication that is below our conscious awareness.
This is no secret.
The thing most people want to know is how to improve their intuition and use it to improve relationships, opportunities, make important decisions and trust themselves more.

I have a simple, yet powerful way to help you

have psychic powers that might just amaze you!

I am sure you have hears the amazing and unexplainable stories from people who predicted something that was about to happen. Why are some people more psychic than others?

Were they born that way?
Did they develop their power?

Can you program your dreams to give you answers, or to see into the future?Scientists are fascinated and perplexed at the amazing power we have to solve complex problems in our dreams.

I think everyone can learn to program their dreams to get answers and guidance about the future.

Have you wondered how much power you have in your subconscious mind?
The subconscious mind is capable of having intuition that is more than a gut feeling.
We can all access this clairvoyance and develop our powers.

How different would your life be if you had great intuition, psychic insight to guide you, or the ability to see into the future?

I am really excited to show you how different your life will be when you are using your highest intuition to manifest the life you want!

Here is how you can start to be psychic, more intuitive and program your dreams.

Chakra Clearing
I will guide you through each chakra, helping you develop a greater understanding of what each one means, what negative aspects can be released and clearing any obstacles. When you do a chakra clearing you open yourself to being intuitive. The mind's eye chakra is the center of your intuition and ability to see into the future. This session is very healing and will give you a wonderful sense of release of the past. 
Utilizing the chakra clearing you will discover how to effectively open your mind's eye, or 3rd eye, and enhance your intuitive ability. You will release negative issues and blocks that may have been preventing you from experiencing your true intuitive ability!

Mind's Eye Meditation-
Learn to open your 3rd Eye, or Mind's eye to become more intuitive. This session gets you started on understanding and feeling the power of the 3rd eye chakra so you can begin  to use it to enhance your intuition.

Mind to Mind communication-
In this session you will be using your Mind's Eye to create an intuitive connection with someone you know.
As your intuition becomes more perceptive you will notice the thoughts, feelings, and inner voice of others. You can develop your intuitive sense for what others are thinking and feeling. Learn when to trust your gut, and when to know if someone's intentions are not good. You may feel like you are a human lie detector, since you will intuitively know when others are being honest or when they are not to be trusted.

Future Vision-
Journey on a time line of the future to find wisdom in a future event. Program the future, or create a psychic vision of the future. You will gain wisdom and insight about your future that will help to guide you.
Perhaps you will use this to find your soul mate, become more abundant, create opportunities, or just see what is happening in your future. Do you have a difficult decision to make?  By exploring the wisdom of your future, yur higher self can guide you to an answer.

Dream Programming-
Dreams are a powerful way to create new abilities, to resolve problems and to create the future.
Listen to this just before you fall asleep to help solve a problem during sleep. You will be able to make your dreams help you more than you ever imagined possible. You can program your dreams for guidance, to answer questions or access wisdom that is unavailable to your conscious mind.

Bonus Sessions!
Get these bonus sessions with your Inspired Intuition program. A $116 Value!

Manifest Abundance-
Learn to manifest abundance, love and health into your life. This is a session from Wendi's financial abundance program. You will find out how easy it is to create an abundant life. Miraculous.

Temple of Wisdom-
Seek wisdom in your personal sanctuary. Create this personal place of wisdom and meet your very wise sage who gives you spiritual guidance. Some people find their guides, or advisers. You can ask questions, ask for guidance and spend time in the sanctuary of your higher self.

Remote Influence-
Use this hypnotic method to send thoughts to another person and influence them to change or grow or think differently about you. This is something you will do to resolve conflicts you have with someone, create a deeper connection or help someone be more compassionate or understanding. You can use it for influencing job or business opportunities or for friends or lovers. It is a process that will totally blow your mind.

This session is for those who want to experiment with their mind to be able to move or influence objects. I don't know if it will work for you, but if you want to practice using your energy to make things move you will like this one a lot. I think it takes practice to get to this level and actually create a force of energy that has power to move things, but if you are willing to practice you may find that you can do it!

NINE sessios on CD. Each session is about 25 minutes long. You will LOVE this program as much as I do.
Isn't it time to make life easier, to trust your inner mind and to become wise within?

Order the Inspired Intuition program today.
Change everything!

This is the CD version, you can also get an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of this program.

Inspired Intuition Program PLUS bonuses is a $179 value.

Your intuition is more than just knowing or discovering thoughts and events. Your intuition can help you manifest abundance, good luck, reach into the future and create your world.

When you open your channel to the universe, and release your fears and doubts, you will discover that you have the power to bring things to you. Financial abundance, health, friends, love, and just about anything you desire.

Expect a miracle. Manifest the life you want.
Look at life with childlike wonder, when you feel that the universe is giving you the gift of goodness every day.

Manifesting is magical and powerful. You can manifest the events, people, opportunities and good luck in your life that you know you deserve.

Our Mind's Eye, is the opening to psychic knowledge and wisdom of the past and future. Once your mind's eye is open, you will know with certainty that you can trust your gut feeling.



I just want to thank you for your website and the wonderful service you are providing for all of us. It's hard for me to put into words what that experience was like, but I will try. It was surprising. It was exciting. It was exhilarating and believe it or not, it was a little unnerving. I was not prepared for the utter peace and relaxation, nor did I really believe that I could achieve any sort of trance so easily. In just a few brief minutes I was indeed feeling refreshed, at peace and very happy. Your voice, your words and your talent are a true gift that I am so thankful you are sharing with the rest of the world.

Keep up the wonderful work, you are helping many people in many ways.



I just finished listening to your tapes it has been almost a month later and I am really amazed. It is so incredible Wendi. My intuition has increased just by listening to these tapes. Thank you very much Wendi for the extra help.

R.J. California


Hi wendi,

Let me start off by saying thanks and WOW. I have NEVER in my life experienced anything like being in deep hypnosis until I ordered some of your programs. I have tried a few hypnosis recordings before but you are far and away the most incredible hypnotic guide I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I sink so deep so fast and wake up at the counting, most of the time going so deep that I dont consciously remember anything except getting into a forest and then I THINK getting onto a beach with a cloud and spiral or something. other than that I'm open and just accepting deeply whatever you say into my mind. I dont know what youre saying but I do konw that each time I hear your voice I go DEEP and INSTANTLY. Your stress hypnosis and deep trance training are great.




About Wendi

Wendi Friesen MH, CHT has created a hypnosis program that will bring out your intuitive senses. Her years of research with clients in private practice has been the catalyst for this powerful, life changing program. When clients come to her for hypnosis training, they found that they became very intuitive, as if something opened up and expanded their consciousness. Even if they weren't trying to become more intuitive, they found that they were having psychic moments, dreams that revealed the thoughts of others, premonitions that protected them from tragedy. Wendi knew she was discovering something very powerful as a result of her unique program that seems to open the intuitive senses for almost anyone.

Wendi began having dreams that predicted the future and then disregarding them as coincidence. Her dreams continued and expanded, and created more certainty about what others were thinking or doing, forwarning her of danger, or giving her solutions to complex problems. There came a point where she could no longer disregard these dreams. The detail were precise and the events were beyond coincidence.

Wendi began to experiment with dream programming and discovered a unique way to enhance the dream experience and make the mind do the intuitive work during sleep. As a result, she often has dreams that awaken her to help her remember the message or information that is being relayed in the dream.

You can experience the power of dream programming in this CD program. Simply listen to the CD before sleep, present the question or problem to your subconscious mind during the trance session and discover how easily you can open your intuitive mind!


Wendi.com, Inc. PO Box 724 Newport Beach, CA 92661 (916) 933-0700
877-68 happy (4-2779) (toll free USA)

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