Just for fun, or to become a powerful hypnotist,
you can learn hypnosis ONLINE
with PERSONAL guidance and supervision!
Can anyone become an Expert Hypnotist?

Can you become a Hypnotist?

This 30 hour online course will give you amazing skills and a firm foundation as an EXPERT HYPNOTIST.

Have you wondered what it takes to become a hypnotist? How will you use your newfound ability in hypnosis?

Could self-hypnosis Training give you the tools you need to make your life work better?
Are you ready to have a career that is both fascinating and has unlimited opportunities?

This online course is taught by Wendi Friesen

Learn Hypnosis from the very best!
You get the most powerful training available

30 hour course- You become a Master Hypnotist

Personal assistance, grading and supervision

Live Teleseminars and Video Training

Phone, text and live evaluations after each module

Graduate when you pass the Master Hypnotist course and advance to the Certified Hypnotherapist training.

Start your new career now, or just expand your abilities by learning hypnosis

Many people learn hypnosis so they can have a better understanding of how the mind works. Some people want to simply improve areas of their own lives, and become less stressed, more productive and healthier.

You get to learn fast, from over 15 years of my research.
This course will make you an expert very quickly.
You really can Learn Hypnosis from Home Course, but BE VERY CAREFUL when you choose a home study course. Make sure you are learning from an expert who has actually studied, performed and taught hypnosis to thousands worldwide.

When you learn hypnosis with Wendi Friesen, you get personal assistance, hundreds of videos, live video shows and demonstrations, marketing expertise, strategies and solid business ideas so you can make a career with your first certification!

And you learn with the confidence of knowing you are learning from the best.

Now YOU can learn hypnosis from home with nothing more than a regular computer.

This entry level course is a great foundation to our advanced Hypnotherapy Certification course to become a certified Hypnotherapist! Hypnotherapy is in great demand and great hypnotherapists make from $100 to $300 an hour.

Practice, Practice, Practice! Yes, your supervised practice assignments will make you get really good, really fast!

  • Mastery of Inductions
  • Eye fixation
  • Elman induction
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Deepening inductions
  • Touch deepening techniques
  • Suggestibility tests, secret techniques
  • Rules of the mind
  • Creating expectation
  • Ideo-motor questioning and responses
  • Depth testing for hypnosis
  • Post hypnotic suggestions
  • Compounding suggestions for powerful results
  • Metaphors- how to create and use
  • Language patterns
  • Permissive and authoritative hypnosis
  • Dream programming, complex problem solving
  • Anchoring
  • Re-induction anchors
  • Emerging techniques
  • Reinforce suggestions during the "coming up"

Learning hypnosis will change your life

As you absorb this fascinating hypnosis training, you will get much more than simply an introduction to the field of hypnosis.
Learn the methods and practices used in hypnotherapy
Practice and master the skills to determine a person's susceptibility
Induce deep trance states
Make suggestions and set powerful anchors

As I reveal the cutting edge material I have developed over the years, you will learn what to avoid, how to stimulate your imagination to create your own unique methods and how to craft your hypnotic voice!


Let's Get Started Now!

You can begin your training today, and go through the modules one at a time, get good at each level of training, then take the quizzes and practice!
This training is fun and fascinating. I am so happy that you are here.

Ready? Go!

After our first 50 members, the price will be $497 for the full Master Hypnotist Course.

Remember, this is NOT just a home study course.
This is an online interactive, supervised, graded and scored course that you must PASS in order to get your certificate and move on to the Certified Hypnotherapist training.

30 hours of training
Audio hypnosis sessions
Live internet TV with Wendi
Quizzes and tests
Phone and online tests

How to join-

  1. Choose the course
  2. Become a charter member
  3. Pay your enrollment fee
  4. Check your email for the access membership codes
  5. Open your first module
  6. Start reading and studying
  7. Make your appointment with your supervisor to meet by phone or Skype

Attend the live sessions with Wendi or watch the archive each week

I am very excited that you are embarking on a powerful training with me. I know this will change your life and I am honored that you are choosing to train with me! Here's to lots of love, laughs and brilliant ideas that can change lives!

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