Love Of Your Life
Daily plan

This is a 7 day online program

(It will be available on CD - coming soon.)

You will get an email every day, with your assignments, links to download the hypnosis sessions and your journal homework. Each day you will complete each step and find out what is blocking your ability to find love.

The program is simple, but intensive.

This is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

The methods that I use to help you shift your thought are unique and powerful.

Are you ready for a 7 day transformation?

Here is a brief overview of what you will be doing each day.

Day 1
Getting ready.
Today you are going to set your intention and focus on what you wish to accomplish this week.

Session- Illumination for Love
Assignment- journal feelings about what you really want and what has been stopping you from having it.

Day 2
Learning the truth
Today you will explore your temple of love. You will find out what is holding you back and what you should do to start opening your heart to love.

Session- Temple of Love
Assignment- Journal about the instructions that the sage gave you.

Day 3
Forgive and let go
Today you are going to forgive those who made you believe that you were unworthy, not good enough, or unlovable.

Session- Forgiveness
Session- Karma of Kindness-
Assignment- Writing a letter in your journal to the person you most need to forgive, or writing a general letter of forgiveness to all past lovers.

Day 4
Creation Day
What does your soulmate look like, feel like, smell like, sound like? Today you make a list, a long list and meet your soulmate in your future.

Session- Meet Your Soulmate
Assignment- Make a long list of all the things you want in your new love. Details, details!

Day 5
Irresistible and Magnetic
Today you become irresistible. Yup, you are going to power up your charm and love your amazing self.

Session- Irresistible You
Session- Big Flirt
Assignment- Describe who you are as a loving, sensual woman or man.
Use the statements that start with "I AM..." and then say them out loud to yourself in front of the mirror.

Day 6
Worthy and Wonderful
Today you get to feel what it is like to be worthy of having love and giving love. You will be with your lover experiencing the best sensual experience ever.

Session- Worthy and wonderful
Session- You sexy thing
Session- Ho'oponopono
Assignment- Listen to worthy and wonderful as you fall asleep, but first write in your journal about the dream you are going to have tonight.

Day 7
Manifesting and launch
Using a powerful manifesting session you will give this entire experience to the Universe, and set it in motion.

Session- Magical Manifesting- Your soulmate is on the way
Assignment- Find 3 new things you will do this week to meet new people. Groups, clubs, sports, activities. Your challenge is to do all three this week.

This program has 11 full length hypnosis sessions.

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