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hypno mojomega mojoWant to increase your sexual potency?

Need to kick-start your mojo

Do you
want to take your intimacy
to the next level

You are NOT alone


Hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen has helped over 100,000 people get their head on straight and rejuvenate their love life. Hypnosis is one of the best, and fastest ways to find the cure for impotence.

Your lack of sex drive is largely in your mind. Hypnosis can actually affect your hormones and bring back your fire!

And here is the best part-

If you have EVER felt like you don't know what to do with a naked woman... you don't know how to touch her, please her, or massage her... this just might make you the man she will come back for, again and again

Here's why-

I am the author of Hypnotize Your Lover, the book that shows you how to use hypnosis to stimulate your lover's mind. (we all know you need to do that first)

I also have created over 50 CDs that are for stimulating your sex life, bringing back the passion, overcoming sexual dysfunction and becoming more connected with your partner.


Are you ready to experience a really unusual use of hypnosis?

 As you watch this video, you will be immersed with complete aural and visual stimuli that will elevate your libido while subliminally unlocking your passionate instincts.

Video Teasers


The Hypno Mojo Experience

Mega-Mojo -

    Four sessions on one DVD, 30 minutes each.

  • Session 1

    Hypno Mojo
    The voice penetrating your subconscious mind as you watch the video to elevate your libido. (same as in the Basic version)

  • Session 2

    Double voice, surround sound, stimulating your deepest senses with voices that are interlaced in a dance in your brain. Very hypnotic. No man has ever been able to stay conscious during Wendi’s double voice inductions. Use headphones to really feel it.
  • Session 3

    Be a Great Lover. Subliminal whispers, barely audible, are layered into the audio of this version. You watch the video, and you will hear the main voice giving you confidence as a wonderful lover, learning to please a woman instinctively… while your subconscious mind will absorb the deeper messages that will give you sexual confidence. During this video, you will also be subjected to visual subliminal messages that will appear briefly on the screen. It’s all good. Really good.
  • Session 4

    Anchors away

    During this session you will be asked to close your eyes at several points in the video. As the video fades out you will notice your eyes closing on Wendi’s command and your mind going deeper. When you open your eyes, the video continues and you use an anchor (like touching your ring, or a thumb and finger, or earlobe) that connects the feelings, emotions, and physiology for an amplified sexual state. If you are using this program to overcome impotence this anchor would be used later as a trigger to stimulate your mind and body. If you are using it to be a better lover you would use the trigger to put you into that intuitive state, able to breathe, touch and connect with your lover

mega mojo
Get Mega Mojo!
~ 4 sessions - 1 DVD! ~
$99.00 satisfaction guaranteed!
or call toll free (877) 68 HAPPY (4-2779)

full satisfaction guarantee

Our unique "transformation guarantee!"

I'm not going to bother guaranteeing your satisfaction. This program is not about "satisfaction" -- it's about changing your life forever, giving you a completely new perspective on life and a powerful response mechanism that allows you to bulldoze life's problems with a thousand volts of energy and enthusiasm. Your life will be changed forever -- that's my personal assurance and money back guarantee.

If your life is not changed forever, we don't even want your money!!

That said, here's what we're going to do to make sure that you are totally happy: When you buy any of our products, you'll have an entire year to use the program and change your life. At any point during the next year, if you are not completely blown away and if your life is not completely transformed -- then just send us back the CDs and we'll issue a full refund.

Will it work for you? Many people think they are not hypnotizable. The truth is that everyone can respond to hypnosis, almost instantly. With our complete one year return policy, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

mega mojo
Get Mega Mojo!
~ 4 sessions - 1 DVD! ~
$99.00 satisfaction guaranteed!
or call toll free (877) 68 HAPPY (4-2779)

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