OK, so you’re not TOTALLY doomed. January 5th, 2007

New Years Sale

If you didn’t like my subject line from last week, maybe you didn’t get to see the video explanation.

See it… just in case you missed it.

I do read all of your email replies to this newsletter. Yes, indeed, each and every one. Your comments are always welcome. Even the ones with the four letter words.

In fact, tomorrow, on the Friday funnies I am going to read a few of them to you.

New York, on New Year's Eve, was great fun and I loved all your emails about the Fox and Friends and Good Day New York TV shows.

For those of you asking about that hypnotic quickie I did to the hosts at Fox, here it is on video.


Whispers In The Dark
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That is all for today.

Have a wonderful, committed week.

And just remember, your resolutions really are doomed.

Peace on earth,



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