Mailbag January 12th, 2007

You people.

I love reading your emails. Ya know I do. I especially love the ones that express honest opinions and genuine feelings.

Anthony got my attention. He is rather unhappy with the way I dress, it seems. And he is the president.

Of something.

Watch the video, as I explain.

Of course, I am always doing what I can to inspire you to be yourself, express the true spirit that you really are, and to not worry about what others think.

Be a shining example of your real self.
Struggling with this concept? You will love this…

Who Am I?
If you have been to my seminars, you know I am a big fan of being myself. If you are being anything you are not or spending one ounce of energy being what you think others want you to be, you are depriving yourself of living a full life.

Get this CD-
WHO AM I? Only $29.
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Find yourself. It’s the best thing you’ll ever find.

Whispers In The Dark
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San Diego Quantum Manifesting Seminar

Join me! San Diego on January 20th.

Please come, as we frolic in the QUANTUM MANIFESTING experience.

10 hours that will change your life.

Your senses will be expanded during a day packed with ooohs and aaahs and moments of deep hypnotic bliss.

More about this here.

Also, please join me the next morning for a 2-hour, intimate mastermind session, with Bruce Muzik and Myself and coffee and breakfast. VIPs can come and play. A very special manifesting morning.

Awaken to something you never thought possible.

Join now… Sand and Sun, You and Me.

What a Mess!

Your house is a mess. The car is piled high. And, your office stacks are reaching higher every day.

What is stopping you from cleaning it up? (I know the answer to this)

I have to tell you…making this CD a couple of years ago changed my feelings about cleaning things up.

Having a mess in your house is not just about the mess in your house.
It is about your soul.

Your home, car, and office reflect the condition of your inner “house”. If you are hoarding things from long ago, it represents your inability to let go of the past. If you are incapable of cleaning up after yourself, it can be due to lack of self respect. If your car is a mess, look at how you feel about where you are headed in life and how you see your future.

Got your attention now, don’t I?

Ready to change? I thought so.

I will make it so easy. Just listen, and change.
You will write to me in a few days, and say “wow, this is so weird; I am throwing stuff out and cleaning my house”. Even the most stubborn pack rats have found salvation in this simple process on CD. Everything changes in 20 minutes.

Get Clutter Freedom, and get Peace Within free ($39.90 value, expires  01/19/07).
My gift to you.

An end to clutter with a side order of peace. It’s coming your way, in a nice purple box from a man in a brown uniform.
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Radio Sunday- Bruce Lipton!

Tune in this Sunday on WendiRadio. Bruce Lipton is my guest . If you don’t know about his book, Biology of Belief, prepare to get your mind blown. Bruce Lipton is a highly respected MD, who will explain how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect each and every cell in your body. The book brings up a lot of questions about the potential for miraculous healing, anti-aging, and instant change in our health. More about him here.

Sunday 4 pm pacific
7 pm eastern
Find your local time and station here.

Oooh, ooooh, ooooommmyyyyyy

Anywhere. Anytime. Great article that explains that Orgassssmmms are not what you think.
Read the article

Then, come back here and get the Big O dvd. Yes indeed. I explained this entire moaning, sighing, panting, pleasure inducing concept long before the Rutgers University wrote a book about it.

As it turns out, you can make most any part of a woman’s body become a sensory point for a climax.

How to do this?

Get the Big O dvd and observe an actual subject having hypnotic O’s. Learn the technique.

Watch the clip here.

Fox and Friends

Me! On TV. Yes, your resolutions are doomed. Get over it.
Watch the New Year’s day broadcast.

Peace on earth,


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