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WENDI RADIO- What your brain wants.

…or was it the other way around. I can never remember.
It is that time of year when the cooties are in full swing. Germs are swarming and waiting to find their way into our warm, wet, mucous lined orifices.
From there, it is a matter of the fight to the death.
Your immune system, when in it’s best form, goes to bat killing the viruses. We are constantly subjected to viruses, bacteria and creepy crud that invades our bodies. A strong immune system continues to fend off the crud.

But, as you may already know, STRESS  is a major factor in the function of your immune system. In fact, under extreme stress your immune system can be impaired by 80%. (I didn’t totally make up that statistic. I read it somewhere)

Here is a bit of research about hypnosis and immunity.
Read the article here.

And if you are a brave one, click here and watch the video. I will attempt to hypnotize your eager brain into submission (just kidding) and teach you how to get rid of the cold or flu when you feel the oookie yukkies coming on.

Need a boost to get your immune system stronger? Get the combo this week- HEAL YOUR BODY, which has that entire DISC OF LIGHT that I talk about in the video, AND SWEET SURRENDER which will instantly end your stress, AND FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH which is just the most fun SWIM you will ever have.
All three- a hundred dollar value for only 59.90. Use this secret link. 

As you read this, you might notice that you are bringing your shoulders back, lifting your chin, puffing out your chest and feeling a little more cheerful.
You may have even noticed that you are taking a deep breath….
And sitting up straighter in your chair…
(admit it, you know you are in my power) 

So, posture not only says a lot about it, it tells others volumes about your attitude and sends a message that makes them feel more confident, or tired, or happy or sad, or many other things.

Still breathing? Got that chin up?
Now, seriously- notice how you feel when you are stretching your body upward and expanding your lungs! Good times, huh?

Bet you didn’t know that I have a CD for great posture, did ya?
Well, I do.
And I am going to give it away this week, with any order.

Do it to yourself- it’s easy.
When you are doing your self hypnosis, just set a trigger that says something like this-
Anytime I see someone with bad posture, I feel my spine straighten, my head rise and I take a deep breath.
Anytime I see someone with great posture, I stand straighter, lift my head and take a deep breathe and smile.
I allow my subconscious mind to do this automatically and instantly.

There you have it. Easy as pie.
Want to get hypnotically aligned? Get the Power Posture CD. It will do more for your mood and energy and create more power and influence with those around you and make you feel more confident in an instant. All day long, your brain will be keeping you standing up straight.
Your mom was right. Stand up straight.
$29 value - ADD this on to any order at no charge
Use Coupon Code MOM and it is yours! DON’T order it, just use the coupon and we will add it, no charge.


I AM SO EXCITED, that I will type this all in red.
And as a duly hypnotized member of my flock, you know what red means, don’t you????   Hee hee.

Tuesdays with Wendi. It is happening on the radio, starting Tuesday the 17th.
It’s a webinar, it’s a radio show, and it is a chat room and a web cam.

All rolled into one event.
Pull up a chair, get comfortable. Let me mold your willing mind.

WENDI RADIO- What your brain wants.
NO PAL TALK. Phew. Mac users can stop complaining and join the fun.

Today… internet radio… and with a little faith and trust and oh yes, a little pinch of pixie dust, I will be soon be showing up on XM soon.

You will receive an email on Monday with all the details. You can even call in LIVE and talk to me. The only radio show that hypnotizes you to get rid of all your dirty habits.

LOOK for the email on Monday and the reminder that comes from the YAHOOGROUP in your email.
Join the group to get the announcements, show topics and to participate in the radio experiments.
Yes, indeed, experiments.
Sharp, probing instruments will be involved.

Click here to join Wendi
Click to join Wendi

Around here, nothing stays the same. In three years we have moved out of my garage with cassette tapes, and outgrew two offices. Well, we have been in this one for a year and we are moving again. Our new office is bigger. Hard to believe we have 15 people here.
If you want to join our ranks, we are hiring more customer service people to supervise and implement some of our new programs.
Creative, inspired and happy people who want a fun job, should apply.

See our videos from a day at the office if you want a peek. exposed!

And on an even more interesting note, I am working on acquiring a big sailboat that will be our location for hypnosis seminars in the warmth of the Virgin Islands. More about this soon. 
If you are an adventurous sailor, you can join us for hypnotic adventure cruises aboard this Catamaran.  With a group of 8-10 you will get to de-stress and let your mind float away and learn hypnosis in paradise.
Interested? Stay tuned!

Peace on Earth!



The best stuff is always in the PS.

A mind bending teleseminar with some brilliant people is coming up on February 2nd.
You know how adamant I am about getting your money issues cleared up and how crucial it is that you remove the blocks and sabotage.
Here is a great opportunity to ROMANCE YOUR MONEY. (I love the title)
Richard Friesen (my big brother) is your host.
Go HERE to find out what the ROMANCE is all about!

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