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It is simple.
You have been doing something for a long time, and you don’t like want to do it anymore.
You fight and struggle to try not to think about it and you keep getting the same results.
Anytime you think about NOT doing that bad thing, your brain just beats a path to the required behaviors and thoughts that support that habit. That part of your brain ONLY knows how to keep triggering the same desires and thoughts that will make it almost impossible to stop doing that annoying thing.

One quick solution is to give your brain a choice!
If you want to have a new behavior to replace the habit, you will need to have a different set of feelings, thoughts and behaviors stored somewhere in your brain.
Our brains work much like a computer. If you want to stop biting your fingernails, and you only have a file for HOW to bite ‘em, that is all you are going to get.

In Today’s video, we will build a new behavior, lickety split. Next we will make a trigger that will activate that bright and shiny new attitude you have.

Watch the video now!

What is your bad habit? What insane thing do you do every day that you just can’t stop doing?
Go here and tell the world.
Doesn’t that feel better?
Just don’t be telling us about that thing you do while alone in your room late at night. We are not looking at those kinds of habits.


The very first radio show has aired, and you can get your download of it here-
You can stream it, podcast it, or download it.
But you can’t enter the contest unless you listen live. When is that, you ask?
Tuesdays at 2 pm PST.
WHAT TIME is that in your neighborhood? Go here to find out.

Join us this Tuesday and call in live. This week I will take more callers, I promise. Last week, I was trying to figure out the timers and the radio cues and all those things that go on in my ear. Hopefully this week, it will make more sense to me.

This week- January 20th, I will hypnotize you to CLEAN YOUR HOUSE.
Spit shine your kitchen, throw away that junk, get out from under your messes at home and at the office.
Get hypnotized live on Tuesdays. Nothing more you need to do.


I know that the radio show format is a bit different than our webinars. I miss all of you and our chats and videos. So, thanks to one of our very intelligent (and very handsome) listeners, I have activated Userplane. This is just the grooviest thing for chat, audio and video.
Lets do the webinar on Tuesday at 6 pm. The radio show and webinar will not be the same topic so YOU WILL want to tune in for both.
GO HERE to enter the chat and video room for our webinars. Come NOW if you like, make a friend or two.
HypnoChat is open 24/ 7.


We have a few more orphans hanging around our office. These are orphan CDs that have slight labeling errors, packaging that is scuffed, or single sessions that are no longer sold individually. If you go here to this very secret link, you can order a mystery package for only $30, and you will get over 150 bucks worth of hypnotic bliss.
You choose the category, we will choose the CDs
They are not returnable or exchangeable.

Category choices-

Health- use this secret link
Mental Mastery- use this secret link
S-e-x – use this secret link
Abundance/persuasion – use this secret link

Let’s review-
over 150 bucks of hypnosis CDs and DVDs (some packages will have much more)
Only $30.

That’s all for today.

Peace on Earth!



Trembling from a day at the dow?
The dow fell 213 points today. Scary stuff.

Wish you had a crystal ball? Just for fun try this-
My Tao of Dow. A CD to help you fine tune your intuitive skills in buying and selling stock.
Remember, it is just for fun.
But…if you had the Tao of Dow would you have dumped it all?

Go here to get it now. Special Destress offer included.

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