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Sacramento Seminar

Quantum Manifesting Secrets Seminar- Jan 27

Look at this right now.
How is your life?

If, by chance, your life needs a swift kick in the butt, this will be the most valuable 10 hours of your life.

Saturday, Bruce Muzik and Wendi Friesen will change everything you know about Manifesting.

Listen to the Teleseminar right now.

Get The Blast dvd.

This will make the next 7 days turn on the lights in your brain.

Hop on a plane, get a hotel.

We are having this at the beautiful VIZCAYA Mansion.

Be sure you include the VIP add on for Sunday morning. We had a magical time with this while in San Diego and I would sure hate for you to miss it.

January 24th, 2007

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  Blindsight Experiment

If you are ready to play with your brain, try this…

You may have heard of this blind painter. He has been blind since birth, but can see what he’s painting. Think about it. This would be really hard to do.

And you might have never heard of the blindfolded rubic’s cube guy. Amazing stuff.

And there is a blind boy who beats everyone at video games.

I remember a phone call from a blind man who told me that he needed to find his keys in his apartment. (hopefully not his car keys)
He said that he borrowed someone else’s eyes to see with and was able to find his keys. Weird. I assume he was not plucking them out… just metaphorically borrowing them.

At any rate, this brings us back to the article about Blindsight and the experiment I promised you.

Here it is!!! Follow instructions carefully.
Take The Test!

I will let you know next week how the results go. This is a fun test.

  Intuition Tune Up

If you need to practice your blindsight, test your intuition and grow the always popular eyes in the back of your head, you can get it now!

We will include the Telekenisis CD. Just see if you can move that pen across your desk. Dare ya.

  Love, Love, Love
Personally, I think we can all use a little more self love, to really appreciate who we are and what we do.

Take a dreamers journey for Love, Power, Health, and Sex.

Next, get loved by your own very special self. It’s a love fest. You MUST email me and tell me how much you enjoy this one. Get them both for one low price. (a 49 dollar value, only 29!)

  The San Diego Quantum Manifesting

Thank you all for being there.

This was a really fun weekend and I want to thank all of the members of our group for a memorable time. You were all amazing and wonderful! From your emails, it is obvious your lives are changing rapidly. Be sure you get into our members-only Manifesting Group. If you didn’t receive the email, let me know.

  Secret Life Of Plants, Radio This Sunday

Guess who I found? Cleeve Baxter, that researcher who hooked up a lie detector to a Dracaena plant and made some very amazing discoveries. He is on the show this Sunday. DO NOT miss this one!

Peace on earth,