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Our little experiment on Blindsight went very well. Turns out you can see with your eyes closed. At least that is how I interpreted the results.

If you feel otherwise, I am sure you will take it upon yourselves to email me about it. (you always do) (and I love you for it) (really)

You might notice that the results on the first one are higher, probably because some people had not yet figured out how to close and open their eyes on cue, or moved their mouse when they were not supposed to.  I have X&X&’d out the items found, so that you can still take the test if you have not.

Total people that took the test: 963
Percentage that correctly guessed the X&X&: 59 %
Percentage that correctly guessed the X&X&: 46 %
Percentage that correctly guessed the X&X&: 48 %
Percentage that correctly guessed the X&X&: 47 %
Percentage that correctly guessed the X&X&: 46 %

There were five choices for each picture. Getting them right by sheer luck would be 20% correct. Unless you listened to our Lucky You CD, then you might also find a quarter on the sidewalk right after taking the test.
I think these results tell us something interesting. Not scientific, but worth a HMMMM.
Take the test here.


Wayne Gretzky, of course.
I watched him on CNN as he tried to say he knows nothing about the gambling his wife was doing. He was clearly lying. How do I know?
Piece of cake.
You can be an expert on lie detection, as well. Just get the video.
In his interview his eyes, face, and head position show obvious signs of lying. Not that it matters much too me, just thought I might start a weekly column about Who’s Lying This Week.


Time Line Clearing and Creating has been a favorite method of mine for as long as I have been doing hypnotherapy. It is fast, effective and has relatively no side effects.
Creating a time line of your past and future is a simple, yet complex, metaphor that you brain will love to explore. It makes sense on an organizational level. It feels go to have a sense of direction in your future, and putting your time line of your past behind you, thereby leaving the past behind you, is a real change for most people

In my seminars I do the time line adjustment with the entire group. Those who’s past time lines were actually in front or beside them, got tremendous relief by shifting it backwards.

If you are having a bad day, week, year… you can ask your very smart brain to go into your past time line and find and resolve the problem without needing a fancy schmancy therapist and years of analysis.
One day when I was feeling particularly rejected, abandoned and alone, (yes I feel this way sometimes, get over it) I asked my mind to go on the time line to find the cause of it. My current state of mind was due to a current event, but the emotions are usually being accessed from a past event, or as our hypnotists in the group know- the Initial Sensitizing Event.

So, I go flying back on my time line, end up in the airport at 10 years old, lost and confused. I had flown by myself from California to Florida, and when I arrived no one was there. No parents, no stewardesses (that’s what they were then) (and they were young and thin) to help me.
Just me, wandering around in an airport alone.
Weird huh?
My well meaning parents would have been there but they drove the camper into a parking structure that was too low and got the truck stuck. They couldn’t get it out and while I wandered through the airport they probably stood there scratching their heads. As I remember, my very clever father figured out that he could let the air out of the tires and squeeze the camper back out.
Meanwhile, my very impressionable mind is learning to feel alone and rejected.
Dang I hate that.
My point- the current feelings were partly a result of the impact of the 10 year old imprint of rejection and abandonment.

And now you can get the really swell Time Line CD set that will be equivalent to 3 years of couch time with your psychiatrist.
Trust me on this one.
Once you have cleaned up your past, you will be ready to rocket a few new future memories into your time line. This is where it gets really sweet.

You create these future memories in specific areas of your life and your brain believes they are real. It forms an actual memory that is stored in your brain. You start to create a belief based on this memory and your actions and emotions and behaviors change. Weird and wonderful all at the same time!
See it here, buy it at a special price.


We have a few downloads that were just put on the cart by Bryan. If you don’t yet have these, it may be a good time to get them. Special price for a while, only $12 each. These are hot little tracks that will make you all a twitter. See them here, download them now.
We will be putting more tracks up here for downloading. Keep checking the newsletter. 

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Feel like killing some time on the internet? Yea, I knew you would…
Go to our new shopping cart and write a review about your experiences with our programs. Inspire others and maybe win a little something from Jennifer. She has a box of twirling hypno discs (these are really cool) and I asked her to give them to a few of the people who take time to write reviews. She will look through the new reviews and if she feels inspired by your story, you get a really nifty whirly twirly hypnotic thing that you can hang up in your window.

First- Find the CD or program that you love, scroll down and it will say WRITE A REVIEW.


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