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My Left Foot
Video Newsletter
Turn up your speakers

We need your brain!

Radio with Joe Vitale

My Left Foot

Today’s video newsletter is about my left foot. Our brains do some crazy things, and this is a great example of the accidental power of suggestion.
After all this time, you would think I would no longer be amazed at the odd way our brain works.
But I am.
Watch the video, then come back here.

So, it’s like this.
Your brain (and obviously mine as well) finds the aspects of your specific thoughts and energizes them. Your brain finds all things that are similar and that support the emotional, physical and mental aspects of that specific thought.
Fooooor instance-
If I ask you to think about a donut, just remember your favorite kind right now.
Think carefully about the colors and the shape and the SMELL.
Now remember what you were doing last time you had a donut like that?
Was it in a box or a bag?
Were you alone or with other people?

In the last few seconds your brain sorted through volumes if information and plucked the things out that supported the thought of that donut by bringing up memories of smell, taste, feel.
If you are at all normal, you even remembered the exact donut store or spot in your office or house when you last had this donut.
If we dwell on the donut, the memories continue and your brain sends messages to your body to be hungry for a donut. Easy to understand.

If you are a smoker and you try and try and try to stop smoking, but you are convinced that it is really going to be hard because you can’t stop thinking about cigarettes and the only thing you can do is fight that feeling, well you are probably right.
Your brain has no other choice but to make all supporting members of your cast come forward and hammer your brain and body with cravings.
It simply doesn’t know what else to do.
Your brain has no other feelings to access. (well, it has other feelings, just doesn’t know how to get to them from there)

My left foot- it was just fine. For an entire year.
In fact, I forgot about the pain of plantar fasciitis completely.
But my subconscious mind didn’t forget.
Nuts, huh?  (you have to have seen the video for this to make sense)

It is this way for so many things. This is why so often, the harder we try to stop dong something, the more we struggle.  And fail.
I think this is why people struggle so deeply with habits and addictions. I have helped people succeed with their addictions and habits because I build a sequence in the brain that is forced to follow a new pattern of feelings, smells, images and desires.

And so, I continue to be amazed. Alcohol Freedom is rocking a lot of people’s worlds because the brain uses the old alcohol triggers to create desires for water, love, freedom, energy, and a desire to be healthy.  And those people who used to struggle with drinking realize that the more they see or hear about alcohol, the less they want it. Great concept, huh?

My internet addiction program ( cant put the word in here or it will hinder delivery of this email…) where people look at pictures of unclothed humans doing natural and unnatural acts, is wildly successful for the same reason.
The computer becomes a trigger for strength, freedom and values that make looking at those silly unclothed humans (AND apparently some non-humans in a special way) seem like a big waste of time.
Great testimonials from some very happy people who now have lots more free time on their hands. (insert your own punch line here)

Turn up your speakers

Yea! We did it. Don’t even ask me about the series of tragic events that has occurred in attempting to get a new website built. This has been going on for months and after trashing the last attempt, Shawn and I buckled down and we now present, for your hypnotically stimulating, listening and viewing pleasure… the internet experience. OK, it is not totally done, we are still working on some really cool additions, but for now, TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS, and play with my buttons.
I like it when you do that.


Research on hypnosis and Parkinsons shows reductions in tremors. Makes sense, since the brain stops the tremors during sleep and during trance states.
I made this CD as a special gift to a friend, and I would like to offer it to you. If you know someone who has tremors, or involuntary movements of any kind, please give it to them. I will offer it today for only $12, but next week it will be at it’s regular price.  Get it now.

We need your brain!

Do Subliminals really work? We want to test this on your brain. Find out how your computer screen is hypnotizing you with message that flash on the screen. The first 20 people to respond will get the new Subliminal Suggestion computer program at no charge. Email
You must promise to evaluate this for us and use it fully and diligently for week.

Radio with Joe Vitale

TUESDAY- we are rocking out with JOE VITALE, one of my favorite humans in the world. His newest book (where does he find the time) is a masterpiece of wisdom he has collected along his life journey. It is an owner’s manual that everyone should have been given at birth. Well… if they could read that early in their life. Maybe I can make a CD for that.

Anyway, I will have him on for the full hour, you can call in, ask questions and just bask in the glow* of his most wonderful self.
Listen from anywhere in the world. Go here to tune in, chat and get in on his special next Tuesday. I’ve read much of the book, and tonight plan to sit in a hot bath and soak up more of his wisdom.

* Surely I will get many emails about whether or not the word is bask or basque. Bring it on.  

Watch for my email on Tuesday morning. There is an offer from Joe that will pop your eyes wide open. More on Tuesday.
Just for the record, I plan on buying about 50 copies of this book to give to my friends and family. I have never done that with any book.
When you read it, you will understand why.

Thank you for sharing a few minutes of your life with me. Honestly, I am truly honored and grateful for the connection that I have with every one of YOU.

Peace on Earth,


PS- I have three important specials here on this page. Please be sure to see what is so special about it right this very minute. You will be glad you did.

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