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Happy Birthday lunch to Winfield and Bryan!


I received a few emails from people who have relieved their foot ache (plantar fasciitis article from last week) with hypnosis. I guess it was more than just a coincidence. Several of my clients had their PF go away after our private sessions. (we weren’t even working on that specifically) 
Mine went away.
A few of my customers have made theirs go away.
Looks like I will have to make a new CD- to relax that annoying foot muscle tendon thingy that is causing so much grief to so many.
Hypnosis rocks.
And for plantar fasciitis, it is lot more reasonable than the surgery that cuts the tendon to try to relieve the problem. Ewe.

And that leads me to my next problem, which is directly upward from the dreaded  foot ache.
Restless leg is another totally annoying thing to have. If you have it, you know that this is one aggravation you don’t need. Apparently there is medication for it. I am sure there is a list of dandy side effects.
I used to have it in that very same leg that had the foot thing going on. And it bugged the crap outta me.
What to do? EFT is a method of tapping on certain points in the body that affects the signals that are sent along the meridians. Deceptively simple and easy to do for most aches and pains.
I have made a short video to show you how to do the tapping. You can use this for many purposes, and you don’t have to be precise to get it to work. Just follow along on the video and when you are lying around in the evening kicking your restless legs in the air, start tapping.
Also, remember to take your calcium and magnesium.

Get this CD to relax your body at night as you fall asleep. Use the Disk of Light session to release the tension in your muscles so you can sleep in peace. Heal Your Body.


Simple enough. We all agree it is good to listen. And most of us (me included) want to be better listeners.
Listening actively creates appreciation in the person you are conversing with.
Here is a simple technique to get your mind to absorb and appreciate the conversation-
Try to do this for the entire day today. Creating this new habit will make you much more popular.

After someone finishes their sentence, stop and take a full breathe.
Resist the urge to jump in and interject. Just breathe, relax, and inhale what they said.
At first, they might look at you funny.
After you do this a few times, you will GET it.
You will be fully conscious of your ability to listen, your need to interrupt, your disinterest in what others have to say, and the ease that comes with relaxing during your conversation.

In my busy world, this mostly means it will take me twice as long to get to the point. I will let you know how this goes.
I am going to spend the day relaxing and breathing as I listen. We can all benefit from this, I think. Letting others know that you care about what they say, by really paying attention and not getting ready to jump in and make your point, will put others at ease.
You can work on it yourself, or get this CD at no cost and get hypnotized to stop interrupting.
Include this at no cost, with anything you order!

Just use the coupon LISTEN and we will toss it in!


We are constantly reinventing ourselves and finding out who we are in the changing phases of our lives.
I have combined a few of my CDs that are great self discovery tools and put them in a package for YOU.
What is self discovery?
One of my lowest points in my life was about 10 years ago. I simply lost myself.
I spent 3 months on the couch (literally) after I realized that the phrase I repeated to myself really had come true.
I remember often saying to people that I could no longer put one foot in front of the other. And so it came to be…
I was walking down the aisle of a flea market and suddenly started walking slower and slower until I stopped.
I stood there and felt unable to move. I was just empty and unable to find the emotion I needed to make my feet go in that one in front of the other order.
I contemplated my need to get to my car and my stuck feeling that held me motionless. There were no tears, no overwhelming sadness, just nothing available to give me a push.
I made it home, and planted myself on the couch. Stayed there for months, I did.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I think it is important that we all know that the human experience can have some really low, lows. No one is immune.
And that is where my self discovery started.

Now, of course, you are probably not standing in the aisle of a flea market, wondering how you will get your feet to move, but you might be metaphorically feeling stuck and lacking direction. I’m still not sure how I made it back to the car and to my couch, but I do remember it was a slow and mind numbing process. I felt like I was looking at myself from the outside.

Do you need a little self discovery! Start your journey now.
This package of 6 CDs is a value of 179.90 and you can get it here for only 59.90.
Each of these CDs has a specific purpose in your self discovery. All are hypnotic journeys that will explore who you really are, find purpose and direction.

Walk in the woods, Conscious Creation, The Board room, Find Your Dream, Temple of Wisdom, Clear Plastic Bag. Read about them here, and get in on the special this week.

The obvious problem was the depression that cemented me to the couch. Some of you are in your pajamas on your couch right now, wondering how it got this way.
Some of you have pulled yourself up and recovered, but you always remember what it was like during those dark times.
If you need a lift, please consider the MY LIFE Hypnotherapy program.
Your life doesn’t have to feel bad everyday. Get it today and I will include the Walk in the Woods and The Board Room CD.  Use the coupon MYLIFE and these two CDs will be included.


Our brains are mysterious. No doubt about that.
Watch this video of the Autistic Basketball player. You may have already seen it. And you might have noticed how our dear, sweet president used this as an opportunity to get some warm fuzzys during this low time in his approval ratings. It sure makes you wonder what we are really capable of.

Reminds me of when Clinton was not having his best days. They aired a tribute to Shirley Temple on TV and put the Clintons in the front row, and constantly panned to them to anchor those feelings that we all had for Shirley Temple when we watched the old clips. Those crafty politicians.
Watch for more media opportunities that will try to connect Bush with “hero” figures.

Need to improve your basketball ability? Want to hit your three pointers?
March Madness and hypnosis go together like peanut butter and Jelly. (my apologies to those outside of the US. Our country goes Bball crazy in March)


Oh my goodness. This is something that you want to think long and hard about.
Ambien, the most popular sleeping pill, is now being blamed for night time eating. You wake up with unexplainable food containers in your bed, or you find that the stove is on in the morning and bacon and eggs were cooked, or there are crumbs in your bed.
Read the article here.
Seriously, this is really scary.
Having trouble losing weight? Taking Ambien? Apparently the same thing that makes you sleep, also makes you very hungry. And unfortunately makes you get up, make food, consume it and go back to bed.

And you say WENDI, there must be a better way to go to sleep!
Why yes, my dear, your racing brain can indeed find a better way to sleep.

Sleep Deep
Power Nap, Mega (includes deep sleep and power nap)
Stop Snoring (with that amazing session to make your partner sleep through your god awful snoring)
I know… you want something free with these. 
I will include the Walk in the Woods and The Board Room CD. 
Use the coupon MYLIFE and these two excellent CDs will be included.


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THANK YOU- hugs from me to you.

Peace on Earth


PS -
Winfield has a new baby. Lilly is 2 weeks old and PRECIOUS!
Congratulations to Marilyn and Winfield!