Wendi Friesen CHT
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hello all!

Just a quick note from a warm sandy beach.

If you tried to tune in to the WendiRadio show on Tuesday, you realized it was (gasp) a rerun. While on my island I tried to plug in the radio broadcast equipment and it seemed we almost had it working at about 2 minutes before the show was to start. Then we found that the phone line kept bumping us off and the station decided to run a previous show.

As you may have guessed, I have run off.

All by myself.

I sent the dog to Bassil, put Bryan in charge of kitty feeding at my house, and hopped on a flight out of the cold and dreary Northern California life. We all need a break to revive and get re-inspired.

So far I am inspired. Crazy inspired.

Not as crazy as some of the natives on the neighboring islands. I hear that they go mushroom hunting and actually eat the magic ones regularly.
Last night I was inspired to dance all night at the Yacht club with the sailors from the big regatta. Tonight I think I will follow that same inspiration and look for the Italian team. Nice bunch of boys. And they have some really fast boats.

I have not yet jumped aboard, but if I don’t return to the office, the Italian’s boat might be a place to start looking.

Where am I?

Previously we have done a contest to find me, but this week we will do something different.

If you can figure out what island I am on TODAY you will get half off one order up to $150. Fair enough?

I set up a coupon code that has the name of the island. It will take half off.

Get busy.

If you were in the chat room on Tuesday during the radio show, you know the general location, but now you need to figure out the island today.

When you enter the code, do this- no spaces, no punctuation, so no dashes, periods, or whatever.

The next hypnosis seminar? Definitely here. Right here on the beach.

Smokers- lots of them around here
This is sure not California. People can smoke everywhere. I think in California you cant even smoke outside now days. Not if there is anyone within 20 feet or something like that.
Are you still smoking? Did I tell you about one of my trucker customers who was a four pack a day guy? He used the CDs and in a few days he went from 4 packs to zero. Says he never had a craving.


If you are finally ready to quit, take the challenge- skeptical or not, I bet you will feel what he felt and realize how much power you have when you make a decision to stop smoking. If any of you have seen that new movie, Thank you for smoking, let me know what you think. I won’t be able to see it until I get back home. But I will read your emails… just reply to this newsletter.

Get the Stop Smoking CDs AND the Zen of Thin together for only $129 this week.
Go here to get these together.

Go here to get the Smoking CDs with the Appetite Zapper thrown in for free.

I gotta go, there is some RUM in my near future. Oh yeah, and some Italian sailors. Two things that go great together!

Remember, use the coupon code to get half off. I gave you the clues, you know what to do.

Keep my staff busy while I am gone. Maybe you can call and email them for an extra clue or two.

New location on Sunday, I will send new clues… Along with my love and appreciation for each and every one of you!

Peace on Earth.


- from the warm and wondrous watery place that I would love to call home.

PS- the half off coupon deal will change on Sunday. Get busy.

Local time here is 4 hours later than Pacific Standard Time. Last clue you're getting from me.