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Had a quick email from Joe Vitale today… You might remember our radio interview about his book, Life’s missing instruction manual, a couple of weeks ago. (You can listen to the archive of the show here)
Well, he realized I was in the islands and he said “Hey, why didn’t you take me with you?”
I instantly replied, “Because you didn’t ask”.
And then I began to think about all the missed opportunities that we might find in life, if only we ask.
Now, if you go around asking for things all the time, chances are you will get a NO here and there. But sometimes a big YES will pop up and it could get you pointed in a new direction.

My office staff gets a few requests for donations of our programs, letters from people in need who have no money,  and now that I have my little radio show I get requests from people who want to be interviewed.
It is interesting to see how some people take a leap of faith and ask for something just in case it might work out.
In business- asking someone for help could open a big door for you.
In your personal life, asking for a little hand might result in a gift that will really make a difference for you or for someone you care about.
Just a thought.
If you do nothing, you get what?
Nothing. For sure.
If you take a shot and ask someone for what you want, you get what?
Well, either nothing or something.
There ya go, some wisdom from Wendi.

And sometimes that something you get can be smokin hot.
Remember my story about calling a radio station to ask for an interview? (this was the boredom + yellow pages + dumb luck story)
If I had not done it, things would have been pretty much the same as they were back then. This was back in the day when I was broke and scared.
And by ASKING that one time, (pretty dumb thing to ask) got me on a major talk radio show, in the studio for 3 hours during morning drive.
Everything changed after that. Every thing.  Not to mention my phone rang off the hook for weeks.

(You can hear this story on the archives of the radio show)

Had I not had the nerve to ask if I could be on the radio, I can only wonder what direction my live might have gone.
Soooooo…. Of course, each of us must wonder what we are missing by not asking for what we want.
Ask your subconscious mind.
Ask the universe.
Ask your friends.
Ask a stranger.
Ask a celebrity.
Be bold.
I once called up Tom Sullivan (he subs for Rush Limbaugh)  and asked him for an interview. He invited me up to his penthouse office and gave me over an hour of his time.  I was so crazy nervous that I could not get the cord to my cassette recorder untangled and thought I would die right there of embarrassment. There was no blood in my head.
I hate when that happens.

Anyway, he told me so many things about how he went from growing up on the wrong side of the tracks to being one of our countries top talk show hosts and creating an investment company that is worth bazillions.
He had no plan (I like that) and didn’t figure out the details of doing business or how to grow.

He had a more spiritual approach- a picture from a magazine that he cut out when he was about 20. It was a beautiful mansion. He kept that picture hanging on his wall all these years and during our interview he said that his new house that he was currently building (I believe it was over 10 million dollars) looked amazingly like that clipping from the magazine.

What are you going to ask for this week? Hmmmm?

Island Du Jour

Like soup, only better.
Where am I? Figure it out and get half off of the stuff below. (scroll way down)

This island is known for its resource that is more valuable than gold. The pirates made it a regular stop. Of these islands this one is the oldest geological formation --probably Lower Cretaceous -- about 70 million years old.
I got that last part from the internet. :)
There are less than 100 people who live here and I bet they all know each other’s business.
I had a lovely BBQ on the beach at Heidi’s and met a woman who makes shark jerky right there in her house. Very fun. You should go.  

Oh yea, there was rum involved. Those islanders sure do like their rum.
So, if you can figure out why the pirates liked this island so much and what they went there to get, you will have the COUPON CODE to get half off of these things listed below.
Leave off the word island when you figure out the code.

Kids, surgery and guided imagery

Here is an article about (gasp!) how valuable guided imagery can be for children undergoing surgery. Less pain, faster recovery, and such things. For the hypnotists of the world it’s like yea, yea, yea. Nothing new.

But what is interesting about this is the Doctor that they interviewed who says that even though it shows results, it is of no value. She says, "Pain is not in your mind. Post-operative pain is for real. Listening to a tape and being able to calm a child to forget about pain? I just don't see it. It may work for anxiety, but I can't see it for pain.”

I find this amusing. You have something that is proven to help reduce pain and speed healing and has no side effects and is as simple as playing a tape and there is a doctor somewhere in the world who says POO POO.  A doctor says that pain is not in your mind. But pain is something that is sensed by the brain/mind and made better or worse based on the way the brain responds, and any doctor should know how effective placebos are for pain- which clearly shows that the mind is indeed in charge of the pain.

If you need to alleviate your surgery fears, heal faster and feel something other than pain, try my surgery healing CD.
If you need to stop pain, well I got ya covered there too.

I will leave you now, ready to soak up the remaining remnants of sun before I head back to dark, cold and rainy northern California… 

As I remind you to ASK for what you want this week, you find your mind drifting to the depths of the vast ocean of possibilities…. Of those opportunities and ideas that will come your way… if you only you ask. And as your mind drifts deeper (yes you ARE getting very sleepy) you begin to imagine how easy and intriguing it will be to let go of thoughts of rejection and being to feel intrigue and curiosity growing from somewhere within. (I bet you heard that last part in my voice, didn’t you?)

Just ask. You never know until you do.
Peace on Earth,


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