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What are you afraid of?

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Time Travel at Wendi Radio

The listeners from last Tuesdays radio show are probably still in trance, and still in 2007.
As part of the abundance program, I decided to hypnotize the group to be one year in the future, when they are all abundant, having great successes, making money, getting promoted, awarded, exalted and excited.

Next, I told them to open their eyes and stay in trance at one year in the future. They called into the radio show from the future, and told everyone what cool things they were doing. Some had published their books, and were on tour, some had acquired a net worth over a million bucks, and some had started new businesses.
The only thing I forgot to ask when they called in, was what stocks were booming in the last year. Dang.

After the show they all sat down and wrote a letter from the future, explaining what they did to get so successful, what their hardest challenges were and how much money they are making.
All of these letters are being mailed to me, and I will put them on the wall in my office. The Wall o’ Life will take on a life of it’s own, formed with your letters and pictures from your future lives.
There might even be prizes for creativity, so don’t hold back, k?

What? You missed the radio show?  

watch this quick video and get with it! Send your letters. You never know what might happen when you summon the power of intention and put it in the mail.
Listen to the
entire radio show, here.

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Send me your letter. You will be back to the future in no time!

What are you afraid of?

Word on the street is that public speaking is a greater fear than death.
C’mon. Really?
So, you are saying that I can dangle you by your ankles from a tall building, offer to drop you to your certain death, and given the option to go give a speech to a group - you would prefer I drop you?
Who makes this stuff up?
What is your greatest fear? Visit my SOUND OFF department and tell us what your greatest fear is. (You can also read the responses of others. It’s all anonymous, so go ahead and tell us your deepest secrets)

If it turns out that more than 50% of you are more afraid of public speaking than you are of death, I will eat a bug. (Of your choice, within reason… Well, not a dung beetle. Too crunchy, and I wouldn’t know where to get one)

Now, of course the public speaking/ singing/ performing/ auditioning thing can be a little scary. But if you approach it right, it doesn’t have to be.
How do you overcome something that brings strong men to their feet, and makes women run and hide, makes children stay home from school, and makes singers forget their lyrics? A few of those American idol wannabe’s could use this CD. If any of you know some contestants, tell me and I will send them the CDs for free.

I once had a client who was a grade school teacher. She was terrified of back to school night. She just couldn’t stand in front of the parents and talk about what they were doing in school.
I asked her who she knew that was great at back to school night. She said the principle, so I had her hypnotically get inside of the principles body and mind and give a speech, then do her back to school night from inside that brain.
It worked beautifully. No fear!  During the actual back to school night she loved her presentation, and said she even enjoyed her students a little more.

You know where I’m going with this, right?  I got a CD for it, yes indeed.
Yup, it’s time for you to stop thinking that you can't get up and speak, sing, perform, or give a presentation at the next meeting at your office. Just get over this silly fear.
Really, it is not worse that death. There are many ways to die that are much worse than standing up in front of a crowd.

How to stop the fear?
1- Get my NEW and highly improved
Speaking Excellence CD set.
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Let me play with your mind

I’ve infused these three sessions with mystical properties and a heaping helping of fairy dust.
You will heal a specific part of your body, feel powerful and successful, and create a passionate moment with you and your hunny. (Not all at the same time, of course)

Each session can be applied to your specific needs, or you can let your mind be really open and see if you can follow my lead to see and feel what I was experiencing when I made them. 
If you want to be part of the experiment, you will be given a website to go to. If you just want the sessions, they are only $15 each. Download em now.

Healing- target a specific part of your body
Power-   Be the wise one
Sensual Journey (Yes it is a hot one. I am still perspiring and I made it a month ago.)

What’s in your pocket?

Got an Ipod? MP3 player? Nothing at all?
You could have hypnotist in your pocket, ya know.
These sessions are called BrainStorms because they are fast, strong and will actually make you 84% smarter in only 3 minutes.
Amazing I know.
See the list of topics here. Each topic has 3-4 short sessions, that will instantly put you in the mood for whatever the moment calls for. You have to see the entire list. It is growing by the day.

Obviously, I am back at work. Fighting the good fight.
The Virgin Islands are beautiful and as some of you guessed, latitude 18 is a great place to hang out. Sun and sailing and white sand… Nothing like it.
The first island in the newsletter was St. Thomas, the next one was Water Island. I visited Tortola, St. Croix, and St. John as well. I found a lot of great beaches for our next seminar.
I will announce it soon.

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Peace on Earth,

Wendi Friesen

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