Wendi Friesen CHT
Clinical Hypnotherapist

Big ONE DAY sale announcement (less than wholesale)
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Hello everyone! (The big deal is below- in red)

An email that looks like a lovely Easter egg just for you.

Hope your
Easter or other weekend activities are colorful and sunny.
Linny and Sara were buried in excess programs that are part of our orphans collection.

Mostly they are older packaging and they need to find good homes.

For today- Saturday, you can get a heck of a deal.
These items are all below half price.
Here are the rules- no returns, no exchanging them, no cancellation of previous orders, just pure happiness for your brain.

Have a friend who wants to lose weight with you? Get two Zen of Thin, it would still be less than one new one.

The will run out fast, so hit it up right now!


This Saturday we are having a huge blowout sale!!
Linny and Sara have been going through all the programs that we have in our storage room and made you a sweeeet list.

26 sets- ZEN OF THIN,    12 CD sessions, plus DVD, plus journal
14 sets- ALCOHOL FREEDOM,  over 20 sessions, with journal
22 sets- WEIGHT RELEASE programs.  8 CD sessions

We are offering these programs to you
all day Saturday the 14th, great for all of you Americans who are suffering from tax time around here.
6:00am-6:00pm (the links might work earlier than that if you are in another time zone)

Zen of Thin OR Alcohol Freedom only 50.00 each (yes you heard me right)
Weight Release only 30.00
Get em while they are hot.


These programs are non-refundable but we know you will love them.

Please place the order on-line and your orders will ship out promptly Monday morning.
Remember-  we only have a few of these.
Place your orders now, so you won’t miss out!! 

No complaining if you open this newsletter a day late! So make sure you check the newsletters because you never know when you get a Sara and Linny Saturday surprise!  
One more thing-
All of our programs come with a lifetime replacement warranty if they are lost or stolen or eaten by the dog. (yes that actually happened)
BUT NOT for these. There is a $5.00 replacement fee for the single CD’s in this group.

Have a spectacular weekend.

Wendi Friesen

Wendi's top picks !

Alcohol Free A powerful method to stop problem drinking.

Zen of ThinThe ultimate way to experience the Hypnosis for Weight Release!

Do it Now! End procrastination and feel great doing it.

Weight Release 4cd set Weight Release - The Hypno Diet works!

Hypnotic Journey Free Hypnotic Journey CD. Our gift to you! Add it to your order now.

How to Hypnotize Anyone Become a master hypnotist with proven techniques that anyone can learn!

Sweet Surrender The end to STRESS in just three minutes. You will be amazed I guarantee it!

Walk in the Woods In search of meaning see it here

Remote Influence Can you really psychically influence others? Find out here.

Skin Deep Clear your skin from the inside out.