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Childhood Obesity
Taxing Times
Dang, that Gun was Loaded
How Dare You Call Me Lazy
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Childhood Obesity - An American Epidemic

It is hard to deny, impossible to get away from and seemingly an unsolvable problem.
What are we going to do when all these overweight kids grow up to be obese adults? You already know that the weight problem is on the rise and everywhere you turn you read about the kids and their struggles with the junk food and lack of activity.

As you know, I've produced many hypnosis sessions to help adults with food issues. In fact, I have the best selling weight-loss hypnosis program in the world.

Now it’s your kid's turn - and you can get started at no cost.

As your child is falling asleep at night, they will listen to a story that will take them on a journey into their brain to change their desire for sweets to healthy foods, (yes really) and make them want to be active.

Child obesity - information and free obesity-busting session for kids...

Taxing Times

Here in the USA the government is doing their annual reaming of our bank accounts. I have never had to pay as much in taxes as I have in the last three years. Proud to be an American, happy to live in a country where we drink clean water and live in relative safety.
But some of the things they are spending our tax money on, are just nuts.
And since this DEA agent is suing the government, our tax money will probably go to make him a multimillionaire.
See the video. Be amused.
He was giving a gun safety demonstration and shot himself in the leg and is now suing the government.
Now to be honest, I have only taken one gun safety class. I vaguely remember something about always assuming the gun is loaded even when you KNOW it is not. I guess the DEA agent missed that part of the lecture. 
Hope your leg is feeling better. Our government only hires the best.
I’m sorry, but this makes me laugh every time I see it. Sorry. Really.

How dare you call me lazy

If your tax weekend is feeling a little full, and you are once again tired of procrastinating until the pain is so great that you are ready to jump- I have a solution.
Of course it involves hypnosis. Don’t jump. Yet.
If you procrastinated on filing your taxes and you are now sweating and fretting, I can help.
Go here to see my nifty 5 minute end to stress that will leave you feeling happy.

Need help getting things done?
Combo this weekend- DO IT NOW and SWEET SURRENDER will make you all shiny and new. Get them both at 30 bucks off. Stop your stress and get up off the couch.
It’s time, don’t you think?

International shipping, now NO COST.

If you are not suffering from American tax stress this weekend, you might be feeling the squeeze of the cost of shipping our CDs around the world.
For a short time we are offering f*r/e/e (gotta trick those spam filters) shipping to anywhere in the world. Go here and it will be explained.

Procrastinators Unite!

I often ask my audience, when I am at a seminar, who in the crowd is the world’s worst procrastinator. Most of the hands go up. Emails I receive about this seem to have a theme. “I am the world’s worst procrastinator…” and I started to think to myself… what if everyone thinks they are the worst.

Seems that we all beat ourselves up pretty darn good about this. Occasionally I will get a phone call from some rather anal types who say, “how dare you call me lazy!”.
On my radio ads, I say- “on the web, go to IAMSOLAZY.com” and some people actually take offense. Do they really think I am calling them lazy? It is a URL for goodness sake. Yes, these people are seriously mad at me.
Good lord, there are some nuts in this world.
I think people should just relax and CHILL OUT a little.

I’ll Drink to That

I am on the verge of launching a really big movement in Addiction Recovery. The first seminar for Radical Recovery is coming right up. Join us! 4 days that will change your belief about alcoholism. And the BIG discount has been extended until Saturday, April 22.. www.radicalrecovery.net The coupon code for the discount is COUNTMEIN.
Want to become a Trainer/speaker for Radical Recovery? Email me. We are looking for an excellent group of trainers around the world.

And as always,
Peace on Earth!


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