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Believe It Or Not
Hypno Mojo, you are going to LOVE this
Your Greatest Fear, revealed

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A huge and sincere THANK YOU from everyone at Wendi.com!

If you believe it, you can conceive it
Or Not.

Do you really have to believe something to make it happen? If you doing affirmations to become wealthy, and you don’t believe it, will it still happen? If you want to make your back pain go away, but you don’t believe it will work, will it have any effect? What if you want to make a wart disappear from your skin by hypnotizing it, but you are such a skeptic that you think it will never work?

I used to have really bad back pain. Sometimes it left me in bed for weeks. When I learned hypnosis I would use some techniques I invented and try to make it go away. I would even say (silly me to thing it might work) that by the morning my back would feel good and be flexible and comfortable.
What the heck did I know?

Do you have to believe it will work to make something happen? I was asked that just the other day.

Start here -

Then go here- ( I will reveal my dirty little secret)

Hypno Mojo, you are going to LOVE this

(Not available to the public… yet)
(available to YOU however, since you are not the “public”)

We made a video. Shot it in my living room.
It was supposed to be a video to teach some massage techniques by a friend of mine. But things went a little sideways as the day wore on.
Well, not so much sideways as up and down and around and around, really.

It turned into something much more titillating, and well… stimulating, than anyone expected.
So I did the most logical thing, and decided that this is the very thing a man needs to
a) cure impotence
b) increase his libido
c) become an amazing lover

You will Keep your Eyes Wide Open as I hypnotize you while watching the video. You will have no trouble keeping your eyes open for this. Trust me.
All the while I will seriously implant suggestions into your eagerly awaiting subconscious mind and make you a man among men.  
When we have this on DVD it will be $49, but for our newsletter readers we have put it on a Video CD that you can watch on your computer or on most newer DVD players on your TV.  Just a mere pittance at $29. But wait, there’s more.

Trust me, you will never be the same.
Here is a little sample. A tease. A titillating and stimulating 30 seconds.
Go ahead, stare.

Your Greatest Fear, revealed

A couple of weeks ago I asked you all to take a survey, to see if it is really true what THEY say- that the number one fear is Public Speaking, even more popular that fear of death. We put it to the test. But we failed. The link was not happy, or just too hard to find.

Back for a redo, your greatest fear. Choose one! See the results instantly.

What’s in Your Pocket?

It better be an MP3 player with me whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
My New Brainstorm Sessions are here!
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New topics are here, download them and don’t ever wipe that silly grin off your face.

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I’ve been hard at it, putting some pretty darn interesting shows on the air for you. Missed some? No worries, you can listen to them here. Pick your poison. Change your life.

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That’ s all folks!

Peace on Earth,


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