I am back. Against my will I boarded the plane, leaving a paradise where almost no one has heard of Michael Jackson, the internet barely exists (take yourself back in time 10 years) and where people are overwhelmingly friendly simply because it feels good.

I was suspicious, I have to admit. The smiles, the warm greetings, the kind heart of the Fijians.. they must want something from me. Since tipping is not customary, none had their hands out.
They are up to something, I just couldn't figure out what.

Turns out, all that I heard about Fijians is true. (There are exceptions, more later) They are happy, friendly beyond belief, take time to enjoy the moment, and seem to love to remember your name. Weird, really, if you are from the USA. Apparently there are other countries that are friendlier than the US. Returning to LAX is like a smack in the face. Two years ago, I was in Samoa, and upon returning had to face the harsh reality. Americans are largely an unfriendly bunch. Very little eye contact, sideways glances, avoiding all eye contact seemed to be more obvious after being in Fiji for a couple of weeks.

Fiji has only one dangerous creature, the sea snake. No poisonous spiders, critters, bugs, snakes.. nothing can hurt you. And the sea snake lives in the sea. Good thing. While diving I saw a rather large one, probably 4-5 feet. They say that they have tiny little mouths so their extremely deadly venom can only get ya when you have little tiny body parts sticking out. I kept all of mine tucked in. Fiji is a diving paradise. Amazing colors. Click here for a peek.

The water is clean and drinkable, the natives are friendly (understatement), the ocean is spectacular (check out the temp here. Yes it is that warm ), the food is amazing, the mosquito's are rare, and the air temp never seems to vary beyond extremely comfortable, near perfection, at all times.

Read more about my adventures- see pictures- go here


How friendly are you? Do you avoid others, or invite them to feel comfortable around you? When you notice someone's eyes meeting yours, do you instinctively look away, or pause and smile? Fijians grow up being friendly, smiling and saying Bula to everyone. EVERYONE. Every stranger feels not so strange within minutes. What would it be like to feel comfortable saying hello, taking time to smile, remembering someone's name and creating warmth all around you? How different would your world be? How would people react if you were open and friendly? How much richer would your experience be if you took the time to offer help or to simply stop and listen?

While this might sound like a good idea, the experience of putting it into motion in your life might be another matter entirely.

Take this poll.
Next, listen to this hypnosis session FIJI DREAMS, and find out how it might feel to have an open and relaxed life.

Ready for the next step? Start with your own personal happiness. You will never appear friendly or warm if your own personal agenda is to be on the take. When you are truly generous, and you are willing to give a smile and look into someone's eyes, willing to listen while wanting nothing in return, others will feel comfortable and accepted in your presence.

Do this- Get any of the following CD programs and make a commitment to really live in a friendly world, one that you create that affects others around you. Here is the deal. You order any of these-

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We (generously) give you 3 copies of KARMA OF KINDNESS. You (generously) give these to 3 of your friends. (they realize you are fabulous)
The Challenge- you commit to 3 days of being in the moment, smiling and saying hello, listening and caring and wanting nothing in return. Yes, it i will

They called to thank me for the generous donation, and I really want to thank all of you. A long fast walk and thousands of people. I found a couple of fast walkers and I think we almost lapped the group.
Thank you all for your donations. Make a wish raised over 200,000 bucks. That's a lot of wishes.
Thank you!


Our skin is a reflection of our state of health. If we eat poorly, or don't get enough exercise or drink enough  water, our skin ages. Stress affects our skin and causes us to age. You knew all that.

What you may not know is how powerful your emotional health is when you want to improve your skin. You get completely new skin every 20 days. Every CELL is replaced. So why do you have scars, moles, warts, psoriasis and so on? If the new cell is formed, why isn't it formed in a healthy way?

Cells have a memory and when a cell is dying it passes it's memory to the new developing cell. I have clients who have dramatically changed the condition of their skin in just a month.


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Have you tried Hoodia? It is the cactus from Africa. Read more about it here.
If you take it regularly for about a week you will notice that you are not as hungry. You will still be eating a small meal, but you just won`t feel all that hungry.
We have about 200 bottles of pure Hoodia left, certified by the lab, guaranteed. This powder does not affect your heart rate or blood pressure, there are no stimulants. It is true. It is powerful and simple.
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Peace on earth!


PS- I want to thank my entire staff from the bottom of my heart for doing such a wonderful job while I was gone. I am honored to have you here!

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