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PS, always remember to read the PS.

I am sitting here listening to the Swami Beyondananada. I saw him a long time ago in person and always remembered how funny he is.
He will be on the radio show next week. I know you will like him.
How do you find it? Go to www.WendiRadio.com of course.

The one, absolutely most important thing that he is helping me to remember is to laugh. Life doesnít need to be so serious. Laughter really does heal, make our endorphins dance around in our brain, and relieve stress.
He says God is laughing with us, not at us. What a relief.

Go here to watch the video

Need more laughter? Think you are a funny guy? Want to be even funnier?
My Life of the Party CD is all about you being your funny and entertaining self. I had a stand up comedian use it, and he said his next performance was better and people laughed more.

Of course, the down side (or up side for some, depending on what you like) is that when I made the CD, and I have you imagining that you are on stage and people find you really funny, I felt you needed an audience. So I appointed myself as an audience of ONE and I laugh long and hard on your behalf.

I hope you like it.
Get Life of the Party now.
I will toss in Party in Your Head at no cost, if you get it now. That is a 29.00 value yours just for the asking.

During my moment of zen with the Swami, I was interrupted by Jose who wanted to transfer a call from a radio listener who hears my ads on Sean Hannityís show. She was a little upset with me.
She wonders how on earth I can help everyone fix all of their problems, and that I should stop playing God.
I assured her that I am not playing God- my job is already much too demanding and takes up all my timeÖ and I have a hunch that the God job would be a 90 hour work week.
She wasnít happy with my ads about using hypnosis to feel better, stop drinking, lose weight and so on. She insists that it is NOT all in your mind.
I assured her that I canít help everyone, and probably not her.
Since I was in a mood of amusement and enjoyment, I took some time to get to know her, talked about her job (sheís a trucker) and had a few laughs.

As it turns out, she wants help to stop smoking and I knew Mona and I were soon to be a match made in heaven. She needed what I have. I like that in a person.
Normally, I donít take the time to have long discussions about my God-like role in the universe, but this was an especially interesting case. I almost always enjoy the challenge of talking to a person who has a vastly different opinion than mine, to see where it can go. I like to decide how it will end before I even pick up the call. Try it, you will like it.

Perhaps you have found yourself in need of persuasion skills. Are you someone who butts heads, or gets lots of resistance to your phone calls or presentations? Perhaps you deal with difficult customers and need to smooth them over and make them happy and shiny again.
Or you may have the dreaded job of cold calling to get prospects.

Never fear! The help you need is on itís way.
Power of Persuasion Ė this CD set is a combination of things that will help you read body language, create great rapport (even with a difficult or irate customer) and help others come over to your way of thinking. See the list of topics here, it will boggle your mind.
Go here and be boggled.
We will include a special surprise gift, worth 49.00, if you use the coupon MONA when ordering. Donít ask what it is, it is a surprise. You do like surprises now, donít you?

Hey, if it worked with Mona, it can work for you.
And Mona, if you are reading this, thank you for the inspiration you gave me to remember that there is always a good connection to be had for everyone. (well, almost everyone)

Good news-
Your smoking days are almost over.
I am indeed not God, nor do I play him on TV.
But I am a dandy hypnotist who is working to take over the world.

Tune in on Mondays and Thursdays. Live, Call in and talk to ME!
Enjoy hypnotic radio.

See you next time!

Peace On Earth,



Remember the SECRET Gift, use the coupon MONA, and you can actually use this for any order over 49.00. Cool, huh?
Get Life of the party here, and I include Party in your Head.
Cold Calling- if you just need that CD,
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Always remember, there are 17 wonderful people here, ready to answer your calls and make your day a little more interesting.
Got a compliment, gripe, or a crazy rant? Call them and give it to them.

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