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Hypnotic Marketing Teleseminars this week
Video- What's your problem? Get an answer
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Listeners, readers and followers,

This week- June 20, 21, 22
3 teleseminars!

Free and easy.
If you were listening to Sunday's Radio show, you already know that this week you are invited to 3 smokin hot teleseminars to learn the super secrets of-
Check out the dates and times below. Only 40 minutes each. Be on time!

Get your space reserved now, and be sure to post your questions for ME

I wonder what you will do differently
when you learn hypnotic marketing?

How will YOU use the information to
make your sales copy more persuassive?

What will you CHANGE as
you create exciting ideas
that make people stick to you like magnets?

When you attend, how will the effect of the words
and ideas make you abundantly creative and unique?

What is the ONE most important thing about
hypnotic marketing?
How will this make you WANT MORE of this intriging skill?

Hey! What's the answer?
Guess the ONE word that is most important in your hypnotic marketing skills, you will receive a fabulous gift from me.
Put the word into the question field, on the registration page for the teleseminar. Link below.
Question for day 1-
An excellent hypnotic marketer is always __________!
Upcoming Events
Hypnotic Marketing Teleseminar June 20
Hypnotic Marketing Teleseminar June 21
Hypnotic Marketing Teleseminar June 22
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Hypnotic Marketing- day 1
How to Stand Out!
Write great copy!
June 20, wednesday
11 am pacific time
2 pm eastern time

Hypnotic skills in writing copy. Your website, newspaper articles, print ads, flyers and newsletters need to ROCK!
You can be boring or fascinating. Sometimes I just can't choose.
Silly ideas are highly encouraged. Find out why.

Listen On the Internet OR on the Phone!
40 minutes- be on time
Find your local time here as well.
floweryellow Hypnotic Marketing- Day 3
Are you unique?
Will people remember you?

R U Forgettable?
June 22 friday,
11 am pacific time
2  pm eastern

I don't care what they say about me, as long as they spell my name right.
Well that might not be entirely true, but you can make people take notice, spread your name around and get excited about your next big thing.
What makes you different? Boring people need not attend.

Hypnotic Marketing- Day 2
Make 'em talk!

hypno with dog
Weave Your Words!
June 21, thursday
11 am pacific time
2  pm eastern

How do you put someone in trance with hypnotic language patterns?
Learn to open their minds with your words.
Help people feel your passion.
Fill their senses will an irresistable desire for more.
Become a master of the words that make them remember you and sing your praises.

Listen on the internet OR on the phone!
40 minutes- be on time
Find your local time here
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Thank you for your phone messages about the Marketing Videos- part 1 and part 2-
I can't call you all back... too many responses. But please join me on the Teleseminars and ask your questions when you register. I will asnwer them during the call, live!

Radio Listeners and prizes
For those who listen to the live radio show on Sundays-
If you won a CD, it is on it's way. Patience is a virtue.
If you are participating in the BE ON TIME experiment, be sure to call in next Sunday.
Can't stream the show? Search for an IP anonymizer that will allow you to stream from any country.
This is just one example.

Thank you for being here! Be sure to get signed up for the teleseminars. This new system lets you do it on the phone or the internet. I know you will love it!
Get in on Day 1. Cmon, it is a good thing. Tell a friend right now.
Remember, the Wendi's Box special ends fast. Grab it while you can.
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