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Wendi Friesen
CHT - Clinical Hypnotherapist

You up for this? I need your help
Radical Recovery in August
People who make ridiculous leaps of judgment
Going on a Date?

Joe Has a Secret

You up for this? I need to test your reaction.
(and some clever embedded commands to persuade you to do the right thing)

I have this project, it’s really important, and it will soon be running on a partnership with a major website.
I need to know what you think.

Yes, you!

My amazingly talented tech team (mostly Zack) has created this concept for this project with this company, and it involves enticing people to make a very low priced impulse purchase.
What is the ideal price for someone to take action?

When you go to this page and look at it, I need to find out how you feel when you look at the page, and after you view the 2 minute video.

You will see a super easy button and you will click it to tell me how much you would like to purchase this Quick Fix hypnosis session for the amount that is shown.  We are sending different pages with different amounts and we want to find out which number is the magic for you. (you will only see one page with one cost)

The good news for you, is that I will share the results with you. You can use this in your own marketing.

I am not sure if the links will be live if
you want to purchase it... yet. Zack is still finishing it up. *
But your opinion is what really matters. And it will only take you two minutes. And of course I will be eternally grateful.

* If the link is active, please enjoy the Quick Fix d/ownload if it’s something you are interested in.

By the way... If you want to learn about hypnotic marketing and embedded commands, I have highlighted them to make it easy for you. Remember how much you like to learn to make the most of your emails and offerings in every piece of ad copy you write.
(if you have the text only version of this, you will need to go here to see the bolded stuff)

Go here to see the page and put your opinion where it matters.

Would you like to learn Persuasion and Language patterns for yourself? A 290.00 value, yesiree, for just 99.00.
Find out how it works.

Radical Recovery is now Positive Recovery

Coming up in August. Are you ready to stop drinking and start living? See what Richard is up to at Positive Recovery. This one is in the San Francisco area. What are you waiting for? I will be there, will you?

People who make ridiculous leaps of judgment

So I got this email. Since my national radio ads are played on many stations during many shows, I often don’t know what shows they are being played on. But apparently some this person feels I am. Here’s the leap.

Wendi, how could you support Ann Coulter statements? You know that Sean Hannity supports her statements and you should not advertise on that show.

Really? If only I had the time to listen to every show, every day and digest the content and be responsible for what they support… Now that would be a big job. And I already have a big job. So, for the record, just because I advertise on a show does not mean I approve, endorse or agree with anything they say. And the chances that the woman who wrote the email is reading this?- Extremely slim.

Just thought I would fill you in if you were unsure in any possible way about my endorsement of all the opinions of all the shows that play my ads. For the record, even though I advertise on Dr. Laura, I cant stand that judgmental beeotch. ;)

Going on a Date?

Feel like you need a little friendly advice? You can be magnetic and interesting and spontaneous all at the same time. It’s true. Those people you see who are just naturally interesting and who seem to ooze charisma right through the pores in their skin, probably saw this video and learned first hand what to do on a date. Just because it is made in the 1950s doesn’t mean the advice is not still good today.

And then there are some who just learned the easy way, and got the Magnetism CD session. If you have ever wondered how you can be more spontaneous and popular, and that video leaves you craving more…
leap forward about 50 years and get the very unique, very fast acting and completely mind boggling Pocket Therapist to take with you wherever you go.
Get this set of 3 short but powerful and to the point, pocket therapist sessions. Use them before you go on your next date. Put them on your Ipod and get a quick fix for your brain.
In The Moment is a set of three short and very effective sessions that will instantly make you connected and engaged in charismatic. Get it now. You will also get the Magnetism CD download for nothing, it will be included when you get This one.

Joe Vitale has a secret

Did you miss yesterdays radio show?
Hear it again right here. Joe revealed a secret about an ancient Hawaiian healing  miracle and then I hypnotized the audience to get quite tingly all over.
Need a reminder on the day of the show? Get it here as well.

Hope you weekend is wonderful and filled with love.

Peace on Earth,


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