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The evil that lurks within
Hypnosis is dangerous
Results of the Marketing test
Are you a budding author? Make a buck with US!
Win Wenger on Radio July 6th

The Evil That Lurks Within

I received an interesting letter from a customer about Parts Therapy. You may already know how this works. 

You have a part of you that wants to sabotage your success at something. The email was about losing weight.

This part has a positive intention. It wants you to be fat, or eat lots of food because it is trying to satisfy a deeply held belief.
So, we call it a “part” and we try to talk to it to find out what it really wants.

Hypnosis is very valuable for finding this hidden agenda because you will almost never, ever, have a clue about the real needs that this part has.
Here is a letter from a customer who was looking for her part that was making her eat too much. Name has been changed, of course.

Watch the video here, and learn how a Barbie and a Rat can teach you Parts Therapy.

Hi Wendi,

When I did parts therapy CD and you asked what did the part look like I saw a horribly revolting creature which made me want to get away.
I could hardly bear to talk to it and tried to change it with my mind but I could not.

Now I feel inner repulsion every time I think about it and it’s quite disturbing. I wish I could get it out of my mind.
The thought that it is part of me is sickening. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

It was so repulsive my inner voice was screaming it was like a horrible parasite and I felt extremely uncomfortable speaking to it as I was so disgusted.
I can see it as soon as I close my eyes.
I feel like its agenda is to be fed!!!

Hi Amanda,

First of all, remember the part is a metaphor- it represents something. It could be an old emotion, a bad decision that was made long ago, or a hidden agenda. It could be the result of a recent event that had enough emotional struggle that it created a part for protection.

Remember, how I tell you to not judge the part, and first offer it understanding. You must make friends with this part and open communication with it. When you hear what it wants it will transform almost instantly.

The more you try to reject it, the bigger the conflict within you will become. Remember, this is a part of you. YOU.
It is angry, hungry, destructive, and repulsive. And it exists whether you like it or not.
Your mind created the repulsive image that represents that part for a reason! Our minds don’t just pick some random image to mess with us. It has meaning.  

There is good news and bad news in discovering this about yourself.
Good News- you now get to deal with it and release it.
Bad News- you now get to deal with it and release it.

That is a really good thing, trust me. You said it seems like its agenda is to be fed! What a revelation. Now find out why it needs to be fed, and find out what it is really hungry for.

I think that you will find a very important clue to your weight and food issues. Parts are funny things, that way. They need something and our mind seems happy to find a backdoor to get what it wants.

This part may have been created when you were very young. It is possibly the child in you that is having a fit and the emotions are only able to express themselves by taking on evil characteristics.

Next Step-

Go back to the part now and ask it these three things:
What do you really want?
Why do you want it?
Show me three other ways (suggested by the part) to get what you want.

What I find most fascinating about parts therapy is the total revelation that always makes insane amounts of sense and clears up the problem almost instantly.

Stop your self sabotage with any of these programs and get a bonus!
These all have a full length parts therapy hypnosis session.

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Hypnosis is dangerous

In the wrong hands, it can do damage. Hypnosis recordings I have listened to from people who think they can just whip up a script and record it, have some scary stuff going on.
Hypnosis has power, indeed. And there are some download companies that I purchased from that made negative suggestions that would make the problem worse.

There is one for snoring, and the fake hypnotist says, (WHILE YOU ARE IN TRANCE)
“You are tired of your husband, you don’t want your kids around anymore, you pack their bags and send them away” and so on. Their purpose I assume was that later in the recording he would say that you are happy to hear your husband snore since you would miss him if he is gone. But, the problem is that your brain is being told that you can’t stand to have him around and send them all packing.

It is possible (and very likely in fact) that a woman would enjoy having the house all to herself SO MUCH that while in trance her mind might say “OH YEA, how can we make this happen?”. Next  her mind gets busy finding more and more things she doesn’t like about him, because the hypnosis session built a memory that could be very positive and rewarding when she gets to put her feet up and relax with the pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Untrained hypnotists can harm.  This particular company did manage to use some of my scripts, word for word, which is how I discovered that they also had some very dangerous recordings that they made on their own. Sleezville baby.
Never assume that a hypnosis CD is actually from a trained or qualified person. In this case, their supposed expert doesn’t even exist. It is a fake name.

I do my best to keep your mind safe. ;)

Results of the Marketing test

Last week we used you. Abused you. All in the name of gathering stats.
Here is what we did.
We split our list of readers (that’s you) into three groups. 23,000 in each group.
Each group saw a different price for the instant download on the movie theater page.
You then told us if you were likely to make a purchase right away or not.
We could assume that the lowest priced offer would have the most positive responses, but there are some numbers that are magical in marketing.

This is where it gets good. Sometimes you can sell things too cheap. No perceived value and you lose credibility.

Sometimes a number feels wrong or is perceived as more expensive than it is.
I told you I would share this with you, it is worth remembering.
The question was, how likely would you be to purchase this right now?

$5    yes 40%   no 59%
$7    yes 63%   no 37%
$9    yes 49%   no 51%

I had a hunch that 7 was the magic number.  20% more people would purchase it at 7, than would at 5. Cool, huh?
For those of you who purchased it for 9, you need to contact the people who purchased it at 5 and ask them for your 2 bucks back. ;)

Are you a budding author? Make a buck with US!

Write a book. We will sell it for you. We will offer it in print, or as a download.
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Ready? Here is how it works-

7 simple steps to _______.
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Create interest in your topic with a great teaser.
Solve a problem that people need an instant answer for.
Teach your unique hypnosis technique.
Give them a valuable tool for their brain.
Whatever it is that you are an expert on and can write about in less than 20 pages, with a 7 step summary to do it fast.

Start writing! It should be a topic about Hypnosis, healing, improving your mind, meditation, creativity, or any topics that relate to self help and making change fast. Got it?
I will send an email next week to tell you how to submit it.
You write em, we’ll sell em, we’ll pay you.

If you are worried that you might procrastinate and not write the book right now, perhaps I could entice you with a DO IT NOW CD set. Get it done!

Win Wenger on Radio July 6th

A genius of epic proportions. Don’t miss Thurdays show, July 6th.
Win Wenger will be on. He is the author of Einstein Factor and is probably the SINGLE BIGGEST inspiration in my creative process.
More info here.
Need a reminder? Sign up and we will send you one on the day of the show.

See ya!
For our USA readers, have a liberating 4th of July!

Peace on Earth,



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