THREE DAY SEMINAR- July 29, 30, 31

Last Monday I did three hours with George Noory on Coast to Coast on Monday night! Extremely fun, even though I had to stay up until 2 am. If you want to hear the show, I have a great offer for you to download it. See below.We talked about some of the more controversial aspects of hypnosis and why my worked is well recieved and also frowned upon by some. I have always been willing to experiment and I think that great discoveries can be made by trying to achieve what some think is impossible. This adventurous spirit of mine is not met with approval from all camps. Some hypnosis organizations love it and some hate it. Those that love the "let's see if we can do that" attitude, ask me to come and speak at their meetings and hear my rationale for trying new things. I get to experiment on their impressionable minds. And that can never be a bad thing. One traditional hypnosis organization (one in particular) feels that it looks bad for hypnotherapists to try something that is out of the ordinary. At their convention, they offer a hypnosis workshop that can teach a method of cell command hypnosis, to make physical changes in your body. But this same organization is upset with me because I have a CD to help stimulate follicles to grow hair. (yes, they are really pissed off about this) This same organization has a course on Covert Hypnosis, yet they frown on me teaching Remote Influence techniques. They have a course on Se/x/ual Dysfunction, but they are steaming mad that I have a Men's Se/x/ual Health program to help men overcome their insecurities in bed. Takes a lot of balls to be so hypocritical. My ranting is done.

And I really can grow hair on a bald head. Not all of them, but some.

Today my website is at number 6281 on the entire internet! Good work George!  As some of you know, the host of the radio show said he would probably crash my site that night, and I said NAAAAW, can't happen. He bet me dinner and, well, maybe he has just a little pull. Bet is on.

He told his listeners to go for it. Less than five minutes later he crashed it. Looks like I am buying him dinner. I think a hypnotically enhanced dinner is in order. Just because he has 10 million listeners he thinks he is a big shot.  ;)
Love you, George. ;)Needless to say, we have been whomped this week, and to keep things going we brought in six new people and to add to our 11 and watched the frenzy as we attempted to not let one single order get left out of our same day shipping. We are not perfect and I bet we made a few mistakes, so be patient with us this week! If we missed anything, be kind to my staff when you tell them. They have been working awfully hard. I am taking them all whitewater rafting soon. I am sure that will cool us all down.

Here is the offer. Go to the
Coast to Coast website.
Pay them 6.95.
Come back to
this link and buy this INSTANT DOWNLOAD of our very popular LOVE THYSELF CD. This will change the way you talk to yourself and stop the negative repetitive patterns in your brain. Honest.

Here is how it works-
Normal price 29.00
You buy it for only 20.00
We deduct another 6.95 - which is the cost of the radio show download from Coast to Coast.
You enter a super secret code and pay only 13.05 and you can enjoy the entire 3 hour program without commercials. And you get the CD download!
You can listen to it over and over and over again.

How easy is that?
After you pay George, find the LAST WORD on your payment confirmation page. It starts
with "E".
ENTER that word into our cart when you check out and it will deduct 6.95. Cool, huh? Sneaky too.

This week we will begin a series of four abundance seminars live on the internet. You can experience hypnosis, learn how you are sabotaging your success, create a monstrous future time line, cement your belief that you deserve to be wealthy and learn a heck of a lot about yourself. How much does all this cost? Nothing. That's right.

Stop your whining and complaining about your miserable life and come do this. Since it costs nothing you have no excuse. I know you have a thousand excuses about why you are not succeeding, and I will attempt to squash every single one of them at the webinar!

DOWNLOAD the entire Financial Abundance CD set for 1/2 off. Get it while it is smokin hot.
Was 149, now only 75.
Go here and feel the power.
This will offer will go away without notice.

THREE DAY SEMINAR- July 29, 30, 31

Attend the first day at NO CHARGE. Read on!
Three days, just you, me and a a lot of other people.
Sacramento, California!

In this workshop HOW TO HYPNOTIZE ANYONE, you will learn how to induce trance in others, how to use it for sports, health, wealth, and much more. This will be a fascinating three days and you will not just learn about the techniques, you will experience them all. I plan to hypnotize you until you beg for mercy.
On the Coast to Coast show I was supposed to mention how you can attend the first day for free. SInce that didn't happen (hey we ran out of time) you will all get the code.
Sign up, use the code GEORGESENTME and the first day is no charge.
Attend any ONE day or all three. Go here- no time to waste.

I look forward to seeing you all there- all 37,000 of you! Just give me a little advanced notice-
sign up now! With immense gratitude to all of YOU,

And the entire staff at!

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