Let me experiment with your brain, your body and your future. On July 29th, you can come learn hypnosis for the day, at no charge. If you would like to find out how we can mold, shape and manipulate your very tender brain, you can do it all for the entire weekend. See the schedule of events here.
Stay all day friday. No charge. And if you feel you cannot resist spending three intriguing days with me, get signed up here.

Save $150 if you sign up by Sunday, AND get the gift pack. (worth a lot) Use the code GEORGESENTME to get the discount.

Where? Sacramento Sheraton Grand. Near the Capitol building and the River. We have a special room rate if you are flying in. Southwest airlines is having a big nationwide sale right now, so you have NO excuse not to come and learn something new. Go here.

The one most important thing you can do to prolong the life and health of your brain is to learn new things. Challenge yourself to do something unique. Learn a musical instrument, take dance classes, go to Tai Chi, drive a race car, take a photography class, scuba dive, learn hypnosis...get creative. The more you use your creative abilities, the less likely you are to get dementia and alzheimer's.

Make a list of what you will do this year and commit to learning one new, creative and complex thing each month. Your brain will thank you by being more alert, and research is showing that you might avoid alzheimer's. And that is a good thing.


I have received many wonderful emails since doing the Coast to Coast show last week, 1000s actually. We will reply to each and every one of you but if you need immediate help, be sure to call the office. One very special email is from a 17 year old boy who has arthritis and is in constant pain. He heard the show and wrote to me-
My name is Max and I'm 17 years old. I've had arthritis for 7 years and have been to many doctors over the years. Until about 9 months ago they had no clue why my legs were hurting so much. They put me on some pain killers and those work. When I listened to you on Coast to Coast a few nights ago I heard you try to fix a man's love for bread. I thought if using images can help cure that, why not pain. So every night since then I've spent around 5 minutes just imagining that I'm turning little pain switches from on to off in my hip, and by golly it works. I ran out of pills and it felt like I had been taking them all along. Hardly any pain at all. I just would like to say thank you.

Max, you are making me smile!
In just five minutes a night Max has learned how to alleviate his pain without drugs. At 17 years old, this discovery could alter his future by reducing the amount of pain medication he takes, and possibly preventing the torture of arthritis pain. Not to mention damage from drugs and addiction problems.

Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. The immune system becomes over active and attacks the body, the joints in particular. Hypnosis and meditation are proven to affect the immune system in a positive way, just as stress suppresses the immune system, resulting in illness.

We are sending Max the Pain Release CDs so he can learn some new techniques to bring his pain down. The BODY MASTERY and the PAIN RELEASE will both create a more balanced state in his body, and the BODY MASTERY in particular will approach the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of healing. Did I mention it is 50.00 off?

I will ask Max to keep in touch and let us all know how he progresses.

How can you stop pain? If you have chronic pain, your motivation is already at an all time high. Pain often has a positive intention. It serves a purpose and helps us in some way.

The first thing to look at is the positive intention of the pain. If you were at our Webinar on Tuesday
you learned how to talk to your "part" and find it's hidden agenda about being wealthy. The very same principle applies to pain.

First thing to do is ask that pain what the heck it wants. Do this in trance and stop trying so hard to figure it out. It is all about ease, isn't it? Ask that pain in the @ss how it is helping you and what it is trying to accomplish. (if the pain in your @ss is a spouse, this technique might not work in this way)

Then go, "ooooOOOOOooooo, I never thought about that".
Next, take a journey inside your body and imagine that you can see the pain from the inside. Imagine releasing the pain and healing the tissues. Use an imaginary paintbrush, your fingers, a light saber, whatever feels right.
Visually reduce the swelling, repair the tissues, and bring healthy blood flow and oxygen to the tissues. Do it 2 or 3 times a day, and prepare to be amazed. I can tell you a zillion stories about how fast and miraculous this is, but you can find out for yourself. Max did!

Get your very own
PAIN RELEASE CD and get the job done.

We recently had a backwards speech experiment online and the results were nothing less than stunning.
Here's how it works.
I took 5 hypnosis sessions that were simple direct suggestions.
We tweaked them (a highly technical term) so that they were in reverse speech.
You all listened attentively and then took a quick quiz to determine what secrets lurked in the dark crevices of your mind and to indicate how you were feeling immediately after. You can still take the test,  just don't scroll down to see the very interesting results until you have done the hypnosis sessions here. It looks like our brains can pick up the meaning behind speech that is backward, at least when in a hypnotized state.

How on earth can we do that? Makes no sense to me.
Scroll to bottom to read the results.

Fridays at our office include our favorite massage therapist, Jeremy. Watch the video to see what rubs us the right way on fridays. Google's got nothin on us.
Massage fridays- every office should require it.
For you long time readers, you may remember pictures of pajama fridays.
Here are the video clips of our office nowadays on a friday. If you have extraordinary amounts of time to waste, you can watch them all and you might even spot Elvis. Who, by the way, is BACK!
Glad to have you back, Adam!

Lindsey's mom called from Shriner's hospital in Chicago. Lindsey is 14 and fell out of a tree. The doctors say she won't walk again, but her mother is determined to do everything she can to create a miracle for Lindsey. There are numerous stories of people regaining use of their legs and arms with hypnosis and meditation. I have met many of them personally, and those who were determined to overcome the diagnosis of paralysis have made amazing strides.
Lindsey's mom wants me to come to Chicago to work with her daughter. I am honored to help.  You can all make a huge difference for Lindsey and raise
the money her Mom needs to do everything she can to help Lindsey walk. Here is how to raise money for her Mom.
Order anything, add the 
Fountain of Youth CD for 15.00 (regular 29.00) to any order you place and we will donate the entire  15.00 to Lindsey's fund.
Use this code LINDSEY when you checkout to get the discount.
THANK YOU for your help.

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful emails from the George Noory Show this week and last, and your requests for CDs to send to our troops. Awesome job!

Yes, I will be taking George to dinner... very soon.

Peace on Earth,



BACKWARDS hypnosis results-
Five Sessions
On session 1 and 2, there were choices for feeling sleepy. Since it is natural to feel sleepy after a trance session, this clouded our results. The sessions did NOT include any suggestions for sleep.  I am going to ask you to disregard the percentage for those answers on number 1 and 2, to see the accuracy of the experiment. So scientific of me. :)

Session 1 - correct answer is Thirsty, disregard sleepy.
22%  Thirsty
12%  Energized
51%  Sleepy
10%  Happy
03%  Angry

Session 2 - correct answer is Smile, disregard the sleep answer.
12%  Go for a walk
47%  Need to sleep
05%  Want to sing
23%  Want to smile
10%  Need to eat

Now it starts getting even more interesting.
Session 3 - correct answer is Make a decision. Notice how high the correct answer is without sleepy as a choice.
12%  Want to watch TV
13%  Change my clothes
08%  Eat Ice Cream
58%  Make a decision
06%  Make a phone call

And this one is equally as stunning.
Session 4 - correct answer is Scratch my nose
15%  Walk in a circle
17%  Talk to a friend
14%  Squeeze my big toe
43%  Scratch my nose
08%  Read a book

And this one had the sleepy/lie down theme going, as well. Call a friend was the correct answer. And as you can see, this one failed miserably.
57%  Go lie down
17%  Take a bath
13%  Find a book
11%  Call a Friend
00%  Make dinner

I have no idea what the purpose of this might be or what this can be used for. Any ideas? Maybe those old beetle albums with the messages in reverse really were making us convert to beetleism. 

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