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Last minute seminar special!

Thank you to all of you who bought our Fountain of Youth for Lindsey's journey. Her Grandmother wrote back and they are all very grateful for your contributions. I also made Lindsey a special CD just for her, so she can begin to bring feeling and movement back to her legs.

Dear Wendi:
Thank you so much for sending Lindsey the CD that you made for her. I talked to her tonight and she said she listened to it right away. It is nice to know that there are good people in this world that will take the time to care for others. This was such a wonderful gift you gave our baby so unselfish of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to help someone you don't even know. Thank you doesn't does not express how I feel it seems shallow. When I think about what you did I get tears in my eyes because of your generosity and caring. There are angles in this world and I count you as one of them, you are in our thoughts and prayers. 
Guess there was a reason that I couldn't sleep that night you were on with George.
Sincerely, Denise Schleicher
Lindsey's Grandma

Let's raise more money for Lindsey. This week, you can donate any amount, by
going here. Let's show them how many angels are really out there.
If you missed last weeks newsletter-
you can read about her here.


You know... your brain could probably use a little spit shine... be a little sharper, faster, and probably do a better job of figuring out things...
If only there was a hypnotist who could help.
Let's find out just how smart you are.

You are going to take a quick test by going here. It only takes a minute. 
Look at your score.

Now, listen to this quick, 3 minute hypnosis session.
Take the test again.
What is your score now?
Better? I thought so. That's how smart you really are.


Being in the right mindset to learn, study or take tests is the most critical aspect of learning. It takes only a few seconds, and for those with test anxiety, those few seconds are the most valuable of all.

Many people know the material, have studied diligently, but they approach a test with an attitude that they are going to self destruct. If you have test anxiety, think about what you are telling yourself right before you take the test. Do you reinforce your problem by telling your friends,  "I have such bad test anxiety, I always freeze up" or "As soon as I start the test, I forget everything I know". (and then your friends give you all kinds of sympathy and attention for this, which only makes things worse)

Just stop it! You are smarter than that! After all, you did all that studying and preparing and now you are willing to hypnotize yourself to get the exact results you are looking for:
to freeze, forget, and fail.

I was just interviewing a man who told me that when he was a teenager, he used some hypnosis tapes that his mom had, and he started getting straight As in his classes. Hypnosis seems to work so well, I just wish I could get into the schools and mold those young, eager minds. Hee hee!

To end test anxiety, you first need to STOP setting yourself up for failure. If you are indeed telling yourself and others how bad you do on tests, just stop stop stop! 
Relax, Breathe, and do what I say. ;) (I like it that way)

Let's create an anchor for test triumph. (see, you can't even call it test anxiety)

Step 1- Close your eyes, find your most peaceful place. Feel comfort in your mind and body.
Step 2- Imagine yourself floating in a bubble of light where nothing can bother you, you feel blissful and wise.
Step 3- Float over to a room where you imagine you can see yourself taking a test. This is your amazing future self who loves taking tests, has the answers, is relaxed and feeling swell.
Step 4- Float down closer, and observe your future self smiling and happy and oh so wise. Be sure to savor the sense of relief and joy as you notice yourself instantly knowing every answer.
Step 5- Snap yourself into the body of your future self. Feel your mind sink right into this reality.
Step 6- Create an anchor. Touch your pencil eraser and tell yourself this, outloud. "I am relaxed and excited about this test. The answers come to me easily". Every time you touch the eraser, let your shoulders drop and relax deeper. You need to have an actual eraser handy so you can set this kinesthetic anchor while you are in your hypnotic state.
Step 7- Use the eraser and the phrase before you study, and when you take the test. Frequently say to yourself, "I am relaxed and wise, I enjoy taking tests" or something to that effect.

If you think you have ADD and you can't stay focused, well, guess what? You can. It is all a matter of creating a state of mind where you are in the groove.

Kari got in the groove with the Speed Read/Spell Well CD.

After listening I decided to read & put it to the I read the book you recommended by Joe Vitale "The Attractor Factor" (great book by the way).

I listened to the CD at about 11:20 pm here it is 4:00am and I just stopped reading could have kept going, but need to call it a night.  OH MY GOSH! WOW! 4 hours!
I never read for that long straight. Usually I'll get through about 4 pages...and get distracted, or figure I should be doing something else. I am floored at the difference just listening to those 2 tracks made. I could concentrate on what I was reading and my eyes didn't hurt. 4 hours of reading...that's truly amazing. ( And the time flew by, didn't even realize it, was absorbed in the book, it was actually fun... for me, that's a big change). So I wanted to let you know and again say Thank You.
Thanks Much,

You can end your test anxiety. If you need help you can get the Memory Magic AND the Speed Read CD together. 
Regular price is 149, but you can have it all for 119 this week. Order both and use the coupon STUDY.
OR just get our SPEED READ / SPELL WELL for 49.00 and you will be a whiz at school... which is right around the corner. Use the coupon WHIZ and I will throw in the Creative Genius CD for free, with anything you order. ANYTHING!
Now you will no longer be nervous, boring, uninspired or stupid. And that is all anyone can ask, really.


If you were at Tuesday's Internet Webinar, you remember (of course) that there is homework due for next week.
Go HERE to get the document to do your homework. Start writing this stuff down today. DO NOT, whatever you do, PROCRASTINATE on this. Cuz if you do, you will miss the opportunity to experience your massively powerful and awe inspiring future time line in next Tuesdays live internet seminar. 
You want to come, yes you do, with your homework in hand.
Come join us! Every tuesday you can get hypnotized for free. No excuses. This is a freakin handout, ya'll. I am teaching you how to fish here...

Peace on Earth,


PS- the How to Hypnotize Anyone seminar starts tomorrow. If you are not yet signed up, now is the time! 3 days of mind blowing fun. You even get a bunch of free stuff, DVDs, script books and CDs. Get it on! Sacramento is awaiting your arrival!
Bring a second person for only 100 bucks. Email me today and ask how. You can reply to this email to ask.

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