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Wendi Friesen
CHT - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Liar of the week
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Liar of the Week

I will attempt to bring you a brand new liar every week.
The problem I have with watching news interviews is that when people are lying I tend to jump out of my chair and yell at them, “you are so lying about that”. Then I sit back down and have to live with this curse.

It all started when I made the How to Spot A Liar DVD. In the video, I did  a process that makes you an expert at instinctively spotting a liar. Those little, almost imperceptible clues that reveal the inconsistencies and body language conflicts in liars become so obvious that you just cant let it slide.

Last week Patsy Ramsey died, and I will let her rest in peace. But… she died with a few secrets about the whereabouts of her daughter. She was a very obvious liar back in the day.

This week our reigning champion is Tom Cruise. Every time he is interviewed, besides the total nut job factor, he is lying. I have suspected he was lying about his child, certain aspects of the pregnancy, the actual birth event and so on. Something smacked of incongruence. OK, so Tom’s lies are not so hard to spot. If you have not been able to detect it in him, you really need to get
How to Spot a Liar, the DVD that will make you a body language expert.

Today I discovered that no one has seen this supposed baby. The earlier rumors were that the baby was born and Katie continued to wear a fake pregnancy suit to try to save the event for his movie opening.
Every time he was interviewed about this baby thing, I said, “he is lying, I just don’t know about what”.

Since this baby has not been seen or heard from, even by his closest friends, it is suspected that there is no baby. That is probably a good thing, if  true, because we don’t need his whacky seed handed down to future generations.

If there is a baby, he was lying about when it was born. I think it is deeper than that. I know, I know… who cares?
The only reason I care is because whack jobs like him make life interesting AND I want to sell you this DVD. If you are living your life in the dark (such as in a closet, like the one Tom spends his life in) and you are being lied to and you don’t know it, you need this.

I will sweeten the pot.
Get it this week, I will send you two copies.
One for you, one for a friend. You can both become experts.
Just use the coupon code, NOBABY and I will put two DVDs in there for the price of one.
How to Spot a Liar, the DVD that will make you a body language expert.

Got a Book in You?

The world has questions. I suspect you have answers.
Seven Super Simple Steps is ready for YOU!
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We will make you successful. How it works, here-
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Do you live in San Diego?
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Hypno Genius, that’s you!

My 3 part Hypno Genius course is now ready for your eager ears.
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Peace on Earth,


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Love to you all!


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