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Wendi Friesen
CHT - Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jolly good
Sleep is good
Our Authors are Jolly!

Are Fat people jolly?

Honest to goodness, they did a study on this.
Read the article here.

 They had a group of 9000 people. They poked they prodded and pondered. After all that they decided that indeed they are not, they are actually depressed.
Big fat surprise.
I could have told you that.
After 10 years with clients, I can tell you that the ones who are struggling with major weight issues are miserable. Many times their weight is a reflection of horrible issues growing up. Sexual abuse, controlling parents, deprivation of foods, food as punishment, food as rewards… the damage is so deep and the disappointment is constant.
I am not saying that all people with weight issues are miserable. There are many who are happy, it just didn’t take some huge study to find out that jolly is not an accurate description.

My heart goes out to all of you who are struggling.
Those people who did the study could have saved themselves a lot of money when they did that study, if they just  woulda asked me first.
Sure hope they didn’t spend any of my tax dollars. I suspect they did, since these studies are usually funded by government grants.
Makes me MAD. 

Sleep is good

Go back to bed!

It’s true, a good nights sleep makes you slimmer.
When you sleep your brain makes important changes in the hormones that control weight and the utilization of fat.
But only if you are getting enough sleep.

Good sleep is a key factor in hunger and appetite control.

A Harvard study showed increased development of diabetes in those who slept less than 5 hours a night. Why? Your insulin is regulated based on your sleep… or lack of it.
Leptin, ghrelin and cortisol – These hormones are altered by lack of sleep and known to regulate appetite.

Just missing a couple of hours of sleep per night can severely upset the balance with your leptin and cortisol levels, which makes you hungry and changes the way your body metabolizes fat. In a recent study of healthy men, people who were sleeping less than 5 hours, or had interrupted sleep responded as if they were missing about 1,000 calories a day.

Skipping sleep also pushed these otherwise-healthy young men into impaired glucose tolerance.

The good news- Hunger, hormones and blood sugar returned to normal with adequate sleep.
The most amusing part about this story is the quote from one of the researchers that said something like, “and when you are sleeping, it means you have less time to eat”.
Hahahaha. Yea right.
Don’t worry, I will find a way to work it into my waking hours. I am quite sure I can eat just as much in my day, even if I have less waking hours.

Here is the important part.
The study says napping helps.
Strap on a CD, go into trance and take a real nap. Hypnosis affects hormone levels like crazy… a good kind of crazy.
I think this is why people who were otherwise unable to lose weight, start losing it when they use hypnosis.

It is partly due to releasing self sabotage issues, no longer feeling out of control and increased excitement about exercise.

BUT,  it is also about how the fat is handled when it hits your body. Hormones affect the storage of fat and the burning of fat.
Read these stats about hypnosis and weight here.

So, sleep is good for your fat.
Hypnosis makes you sleep better and deeper.
Hypnosis regulates the hormones that metabolize fat.
If you have not yet experienced the Weight Release or Zen of Thin, let me entice you properly.

Get Weight Release this week, and I will include Sweet surrender, and you will sleep with a smile.
Get Zen of Thin this week and I will include Power Nap Mega.
You can nap and nap and nap.

Our Authors are Jolly!

7 Super Simple Steps
How cool is this? The e-book project, is already reaching well beyond our expectations.
This will be the largest resource for self help books, written by YOU, in the world.
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Here is easy. Super Simple.
1 You write a book (or several) for our 7 Super Simple Steps website.
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7 You claim your 10,000 clams as a prize for being an awesome author.

I need to do two things.
See the newly redesigned site here and sign up to be an author.
Read the ebook I created on how to make a 7 Super Simple Steps book.
This one is free. Enjoy it. The pages turn and everything.

When people come to buy your books they will get the flash version and a PDF.

Get it on. We are going to rock it big with this project.
You make some great earnings, since you are an expert at something fascinating, and we all have a lot of wisdom to share with the world.

Get registered now. Share what you know..

Today as always… In our uncertain world…

Peace on Earth


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