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I still think back about our New York city seminar last summer. Our 3 days together taught us more than we bargained for. In addition to learning how to hypnotize anyone, everyone was put through their paces with tears and laughs.

You don’t just learn about hypnosis, you experience it. We did parts therapy to find self-sabotage, timeline work to release the dark spots from our past and created fabulous false memories in the future of our successful and very attractive selves.

Many of us went to see Blue Man Group, which was indeed very blue.

Experiments went well-

On Sunday I poked em with needles, they plunged their hands into icy waters, discovered that we have amazing memories, and we made some interesting psychic discoveries. We were going to do the hypnotic Big O, but ran out of time. It is always fun to have a room full of people moaning together, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere. What we did for our remote psychic influence experiment was nothing less than spectacular.

Pay Attention.

This experiment had our 30 jaws hitting the floor as we realized that our minds are being read by our friends and enemies.

Enlightening and Frightening.
Here’s how it worked-

2 people (receivers) in the middle of the room, eyes closed.
The other 30ish people (senders) sitting around facing varying directions.
I wrote a scenario on the board.
The senders looked on the board and were asked to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the action or scene, not just think about it.
They were then asked to send it to the receivers.

After about 1 minute of sending and receiving the feelings, the receivers were asked to describe what they felt.

The results-
Here are the scenarios we imagined, and the feelings the receiver had. It is helpful to remember, there were no categories, no clues, absolutely no discussion of what we might be thinking. Out of the bazillions of possible things that could be sent and received we got several direct hits. Unfortunately, I don’t recall some of the answers. Those of you who were there will need to email me and fill in the blanks for those answers I couldn’t remember.

On the Beach, warm sun, calm.
Receivers said:
1 Ocean, warm sun shining, very relaxed.


Spiders crawling all over you
Receivers said:
1 Anxious, nervous
2 Headache

Receivers said:
1 Falling, like on a rollercoaster going down
2 In a tube of some sort, long and narrow. (the plane perhaps)

Receivers said:
1 Explosions and sheets (she seemed rather dazed about how these two things went together. As she described it, we all got THE CONNECTION for sure)
2 Definitely a Big O. No question in her mind. (she was rather squirmy while answering)

In a dark alley by yourself

Receivers said:
1 Heart pounding and racing, dark, someone chasing her.
2 Felt anxiety and fear

Las Vegas on a busy street
Receivers said:
1 In a hallway of a school or somewhere with square things, maybe lockers and lots of people

The correct scenarios and feelings that were received were 8 correct out of 12. Considering the infinite number of possible combinations of scenarios and feelings, with no clues as to what we would send, the results are nothing short of stunning.

If others can really feel what we feel and react based on our thoughts and messages, we better take very good care of our thoughts.

For some of you, this is nothing new. For the skeptics in the crowd, well, you just shoulda been there.

Let’s say you are going to an interview for a job and you are thinking that you won’t get the job, that you are nervous, that they wouldn’t possibly want you. Those feelings are being received by the interviewer. Their decision might be swayed based on the senses you are igniting in them.

Most of us feel that we have some kind of psychic power, or realize that our thoughts influence others and that non-verbal language communicates more than our words, but this takes it a bit further. Getting exact hits, for instance on the org@sm, when they could have been sending thoughts of being on a trip to the moon, is so far beyond chance and so important in our realization of how we create our reality, that we all realized that we just have to PAY ATTENTION.

If a roomful of people can do this, realize that you are doing it every day.
Every relationship. Every business interaction. Every encounter.

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On the first day of our How to Hypnotize Anyone seminar, I hypnotized everyone (how appropriate) to remember names. As our group of about 30 people introduced themselves I told the members to take a picture in their brain, put the name next to it, and store it.

On day three of the seminar, with no name tags, we tested everyone on names. Three people got all 27 names right. Those three all claimed they were terrible with names. Many others got 25 or more names correct. Pretty darn amazing for a bunch of people who are bad with names.

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Hugs and love to all!

Peace on Earth,


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