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And if you read on, I will do my best to show you how.


Some of you may be looking for my MAN SHOW appearance on Comedy central. Keep looking… hopefully my moment of glory hypnotizing Jimmy and Adam will be on one of the new episodes. I did have a great time hypnotizing the bad boys and giving their manly units something to ponder. (for those of you not familiar with the show, it is a very raunchy, sexy show.)

On a more interesting note, I just got back from taping a few episodes of the BEYOND show, which starts airing on September 16 in all US cities.
Finding a Soul mate was the topic of one of the shows, and of course a popular subject. Many people have given up on finding love or are blocking their ability to find love because they are convinced there is no hope. Lenore and Dave were at the taping of the show because they found each other as a result of the hypnosis sessions I did with Lenore. We created a future time line when she would meet Mr. Wonderful, and wouldncha know… he showed up in real life, just like he did in the hypnosis session.

We did the same thing on the show, but with my guest Susan, we also did a past life regression to find the soul mate in her past life. It was a dramatic regression and she found that this man died early in their married life and she has been searching for him ever since. You will see her story on the show. And you will find out where she found him in her future time line. Find the Love of Your Life

Deana was also on the show, and she wanted to find the cause of her lifelong weight problems. During our regression to cause she found herself at 6 years old trying to sneak some cake and her aunt tried to cut her finger off with a knife. So, her anger about this (and several other food incidences) resulted in her core decision that she would eat whatever she wants, when she wants... and one of the things that triggers it is anger. The session was very revealing in how the mind works, especially around weight issues. THE FUN PART was that she woke up the next morning excited to work out, got her workout clothes together and headed for the door... at which point she realized it was 2 a.m. Her mind woke her up, revved up and ready to workout… but the timing was a little off. She also turned down brownies in favor of carrot sticks. Hmmm... what is up with that? More workout news below... Hypno-Diet Now!

So, let's say that you want to find your soul mate, or lose some weight (and never “find” it again) or get excited about working out. What's a brain to do? It is easy. Start now by taking a deep breath... Imagine that you hear my voice saying soothing things in your ear... (keep it clean, jack)

GET RELAXED- your mind is cluttered. It needs a break. Chill out dude.
Close your eyes- after you read this.
FOCUS UP- decide what you want to make happen. Get very clear on the result you want, rather than what you don't want.
PUT IT IN MOTION- Create an activation button in your brain. Go into the dark recesses of your mind and find and install an imaginary button or lever. If you want to love to exercise, create the feelings and excitement of how good your body and mind will feel when you have been working out for a couple of weeks. Now, pretend to install all of these good feelings into your activation button. Each time you push the button to activate (if it is bedtime, ask your button to activate at the time you wake up) you increase the intensity of hte command. Go to a level 10 for MAX excitement and enthusiasm about working out and then go to sleep.
It just might work, and it's free.
If you need more help, consider the BODY BUILDER HYPNOSIS or WEIGHT RELEASE CD program. The LOVE TO EXERCISE hypnosis session is in there. Guaranteed to blow your body right out of bed and into your workout!

The soul mate session requires a little more finessing, but if you are lonely, frustrated, jaded, angry, disappointed, horny, or just ready to find love, try the LOVE OF YOUR LIFEhypnosis program. Trust me- Too much fun. And when you find your soul mate let me know. We could use you on an upcoming show.

FREE STUFF! If you haven't looked around for a while on my sites there is a lot of new stuff going on. Here is a little incentive.
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ABSOLUTELY FREE the Ultimate Confidence CD Program.
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REMEMBER NAMES – Here is a nifty little brain trick that will help you remember those pesky names for all those people you meet.
FIRST- create the machine. Take a moment right now to remember a few names and faces of people you know… and each time you see their face and name in your mind, squeeze your earlobe- (or some other body part) (no not that one!) Do it. Right now. Go ahead… it wont hurt a bit. Depending on what body part you pinch.
SECOND- Squeeeeze once more and say “ I remember names easily”
NEXT – when you are meeting someone new, say their name in your mind, and SQUEEEEZE it just a little. You will anchor their name into your brain, and next time you want to recall someone's name, just squeeze. The name will pop into your brain. It's just that easy. You don't have to “install” everyone's name, your brain will be able to recall names, even if you didn't originally enter it in. This method works by using an anchor that tells your brain where to find the information. Cool, huh? Yes it is, now bow down and worship me. And if you are not into bowing down, alternately you can go buy the SUPER DUPER MEMORY MAGIC HYPNOSIS CDs program. And get your free gift.

HYPNO MUSCLE A study at a university in Manchester England, proved muscle increase in size and strength from visualization alone. The group that did the real exercise every day gained 29% in size and strength in the muscle being tested. The group that did ONLY hypnosis/visualizing gained an impressive 16% in size and strength of the muscle. Remember, this group never lifted a finger. Extremely cool. I made a hypnosis program for this hypnotic muscle building. It is part of my BODY MASTERY CD program and also is on the BODY BUILDING CD program. Check it out. Buy it. Live happily ever after.

LAST WORD… Seminars are being scheduled in several cities in the US and also another one in LONDON, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, and BALI. I will send the dates along in the next newsletter. If you are interested in sponsoring a MONEY MAGNET seminar in your city, let me know. I will make it so.
Abundance is your birthright. Create abundance in your heart, your home, and your mind. Let life be magical.

Hugs, love and immense abundance to you all…



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