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 ...1,2,3 you don't like sugar.
...put it off, I dare you

As pain goes, it is was a doozy of a day. My seminar attendees this last weekend got poked, frozen, burned and all in the name of science. Well, it was sort of science. Wendi's special brand of science.

At the 3 day seminar last weekend we asked our captive prisoners to be subjected to pain experiments. The hypnosis would stop the pain, they were assured, but not yet being believers they were hesitant.
Adam was brave. He felt nothing.
I felt disturbed (seriously) that I had to poke a needle into his hand. All good clean fun and he didn't even know I stuck it to him. I can't believe I put that needle through his hand.

Next... the Ice bucket cometh.
Three buckets of ice water, three aprehensive minds. Three people plunged their left hand into the icey water and pulled it out promptly. You could see the pain on their face as they struggled to make it to 15-30 seconds. Now, I apply a little hypnosis, and send them back to the buckets to plunge the right hand. The difference is remarkable. No fear, no pain, and such deliriously pleasant looks on thier faces!Several minutes passed and they lasted and lasted without even wincing. One man had to be told to take his hand out after 5 minutes had elapsed. Seems he felt no pain and while he was at it, decided his hand would melt all the ice. I guess he didn't want to fall short of his goal of boiling that water.
The results were stunning. The power that these people had summoned in just a 3 minute hypnosis session was beyond even my expectations.

Read the NEW SCIENTIST article about hypnosis and surgery. No anesthesia. Yikes!

Next we attempted to induce a hypnotic burn by applying ice and telling the mind that it was very hot. We got mild red marks after about 30 minutes.
We also created a photographic memory and stored long sequences of numbers that were recalled several hours later. Again, amazing results.

The rest of the 3 days was not nearly so painful. We learned and practiced hypnotizing each other constantly. I think there are some excellent hypnotists in the making. Join us for our next How to Hypnotize Anyone seminar. You will never be the same.

SEE MORE pictures of the 3 days of hypnotic happenings.

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What the heck happened? Our new servers didn't like our forums. Sorry about that. All of your posts and your friends are still there. Join us! Make a new hypno buddy!
New servers with Rackspace = good thing. :)

Can you be hypnotized with your eyes wide open? I've been asked enough times, so to please the masses I made the wide awake series of hypnotic happiness. I tested it out on our inner circle and it looks like it worked.
YES, you can use it while driving. (quit asking, already)
Yes, you can use it while running.
Yes, you can use it while doing the dishes. You can even play it at work just to bug your cubicle mate. If you have a stressed co-worker you might just want to turn up the volume and see how far you can bend their will!

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All the sessions are used while wide awake, eyes open, as your mind hypnotically absorbs the suggestions. Cool huh? It was your guysz idea afterall.  
The sugar blaster seemed to work really well. Several of my testers lost their ability to taste sugar. And if you can't taste it, why eat it? Do you think this is a good or bad thing? I have mixed feelings about it. BUT the good news is that you can stop eating sugar because it is the right thing to do. 
My only problem is the butterfinger ice cream in the freezer. I KNOW how good it tastes. Not sure how I feel about that.  

When I was getting coffee yesterday the woman on the sidewalk told her child to "watch out, you're going to get hurt", as her child walked on the sidewalk. I don't know about you, but in my brain someone telling me that I am going to get hurt only makes it more likely that it will happen. The way we phrase our statements has profound effect on how we act and behave. Telling your child that they are going to get hurt, might increase their chances. Telling them to walk carefully, stay safe, keep your grip... will make their mind focus on the thing you do want. In the POSITIVE PARENTING CDs, I talk about the impact of your words. Notice what you saying to your kids. When the teacher says,"you never pay attention, you are always fidgeting" the brain can only respond by figuring out how to do that very thing, even more.
If you are talking to yourself in a negative way, well just stop it. If you need help, you will love being hypnotized to TALK TO YOURSELF in a whole new way. (I do have a CD for just about everything)  

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As always...
Peace on Earth,


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