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New seminar cities and dates


I cried, right there in the chiropractors office, when he told me that I had degenerating disks and that my neck and back would only get worse and worse. I had only been doing hypnosis for a couple of years at that time, but I realized what a powerful suggestion he was making. He showed me xrays to try to help prove to me that I needed to come in 3 times a week for-like-ever.

I couldn't bear to think that my back and neck pain was something I had to live with. That was 8 years ago. During my hypnosis training I learned to help others stop pain, find the emotional fuel that fed their pain, and watched them miraculously end chronic pain. What I learned, changed my mind.

I learned something from an amputee that changed my mind about pain, forever.

A man in Texas called me, and since his leg was amputated he had severe pain in his foot, so bad that the morphine had no effect.

Well, he had no foot. The morphine could not treat his phantom foot, nor take away the pain from a body part that no longer existed. He also drank a fifth of rum every night so he could pass out, since sleep was out of the question.

Over the phone we did three hypnosis sessions. I asked him to travel through his body to his foot, from the inside. He reported to me that it was still oozing, red, raw, infected, puss filled (need I go on?). I instructed him to take his foot through a healing process, where the tissues are repaired and the bones, skin and nerves all heal. Then I asked him to see his foot from the outside with smooth, healthy skin. We did this three times over a couple of weeks.

A year later he called to tell me that his pain never came back after our sessions. His brain had finally received the message that his foot was healed and the brain no longer had to send and receive messages to try to heal the foot. I've worked with many amputees who had torturous phantom pain and had similar success. The pain is in the brain. The results are stunning.

As I learned about phantom pain, I thought about my back pain.

About 3-4 times a year I would manage to get my back to go “out” and I would spend the next 2-4 weeks lying on the floor, barely able to get up. If the brain could make phantom pain so real after an amputation, I figured that some or all of my back pain might be caused by some bad juju from my brain.

I started doing hypnosis on my angry self, and went inside my back and imagined that I was healing the tissues, soothing the nerves, even imagining the disks going to their proper places.

At that time, since I had nothing better to do, I did this every 15 minutes. I also told my back that it would be all better the next day. (not that I believed it. I still had that chiropractors bad juju in my brain as well)
Miraculous. The next day my back was mostly better. A little itty bitty ache, but mostly better.

One more day and the rest of the ache was gone. Too weird.

Since I have done hypnosis to stop my back pain, I have had NONE in the last 8 years.


Not one twinge. (knocking on wood now, just in case) (although I cant say that the backbend in the picture was all the pleasant)

You can start healing your back pain by doing 3 things right now.
1- Get in trance, breathe, relax, repeat.
2- Go inside of your body, as if you are seeing the journey down through your spine.
3- Repair any damage that your mind imagines to be there, imagine bringing blood flow to the cells and soothe the nerves and tissues.
4- Ask your mind and body to do this- “Tonight as I sleep, my bones, tissues and nerves will heal rapidly and my back will feel good when I awaken in the morning”.
5- Create an image of yourself moving around, feeling good, smiling and doing backbends. (ok, maybe leave out the backbend part, it really wasn't all that fun)

The next, and most important step is to find out what the emotional component might be. What issues are making your back hurt? (GASP- I have issues?)

Yes, dear, you do.

Is there a benefit to having your pain? I betcha a million bucks there is. Get that dealt with using the parts therapy techniques and prepare to be amazed.

Do it to yourself, or let me give you a hand. GET THIS CD set now, and find out how much better your back can feel.


SEE MORE pictures of the 3 days of hypnotic happenings.

Two things that go well together- your begging us to have more 3 day seminars in new cities, and Adams desire to go to New York City.

3 days you will never forget!
Adam has set the dates in stone.
PORTLAND Sept 9, 10, 11
NEW YORK CITY Sept 23, 34, 25
Bonus! If you sign up for New York City as one of the first 30 people we will actually give you tickets to THE PRODUCERS in New York City and we will all go together. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen, you have to join us!

Go here to see the Seminar info.

COME AGAIN? (one of my favorite questions)
Yes, if you attended our Sacramento HOW TO seminar, you can come again for only $100. Email or call Adam and he will hook you up with the trance junkie discount.


Eat This! Then expel it. Fast.
Finally, it is here. Many of you have asked for this.
This hypnosis session was created to make you absorb only the calories that your body requires for energy. Will this work? The plan is to ask the intestines to only allow as many food calories to be absorbed as your body can use, allowing no calories to be stored as fat.
To do this, the body and brain is asked to only want food with high nutritional value. The empty calories you USED to eat leave you hungry because you are not getting the nutrients that your body needs. The foods that have high nutrients for their calorie content will trigger the brain to feel full.

You will also be asked to change the way you see the food in the grocery store, and see those foods that are compatible with your body's needs, and that support great health, as brighter and more interesting and appealing.
And if that is not enough, I have asked your brain to stop all evening hunger for 3-4 hours before bed.

Does it work? Since I made this CD I simply don't think about food in the evening. Even though I know that the butterfinger ice cream is calling my name from the freezer, I am not hungry. Not even a little bit.

Weird, huh?

Hooked on Sugar? I have a sweet deal for you.-

Get the EAT THIS! CD and you will get the Wide Awake session for blasting your sugar craving right out of your brain. This CD will also include the new COMMITMENT-A-HOLIC CD so you can make some serious new commitments to being healthy.
Wise choice. Get it now, the two CDs with Eat This, Sugar Blaster, Commitment, and Resolution Activator. If this doesn't whip your butt into shape, nothing will. Save 10 bucks. Go here to get it.


I love these CDs, they are among my favorite and most creative sessions. This week, get one, and get another free. The catch? You have to do a backbend and send me a picture of it.
We will see which of you are really as flexible as you say. ;)
Order as many as you like and the coupon FLEXIBLE will take half off of your order.

Release the Past
How Do I Love Thee
Bring Back the Passion
Wake Up Sleepyhead
The Truth Will Set You Free
Love Thyself
Karma of Kindness
Peace Within - Forgiveness
S/e/x/u/a/l Healing
Six Elements of Change
Bullet Proof- never be intimidated or manipulated again.
Power Posture

I am reading the book BLINK. Great book. It is about how we unconsciously make decisions, and do things automatically. I found this in the book. You might enjoy exploring how you really think.
Here is a link to a test that will challenge just how well you know yourself. Just knowing that you visited the Harvard website will make you feel smarter, ya know?

That is all for now. Heal your back , it is a very different world without back issues. Remember to order the BACK PAIN- GONE! CDs. I know you will love them.

Peace on Earth!


PS- we still have the WIDE AWAKE cd set on special.
PPSS- the webinars are on Tuesdays. Please be there. Easy, fun and free.
PPPSSS- the Power of Persuasion rocks. If you have not yet discovered how it will change every aspect of your life, take a look.



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