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QUICK QUESTION (and a freebie)
NYC and PORTLAND, Here we come!


There is a spiritual component to the condition of your house, office and car. It is not just about the mess, including all the scary things in your closets, it represents your spiritual wellbeing. The condition of your house and office has a direct correlation with the condition of your soul. The location of the mess, and severity of your mess represents the aspects of your life that is out of balance or in need of attention.

We all have it, we all struggle with it (well except for a few of you a*n*a*l types, (who probably aren't reading this anyway cuz you just don't get me) (whaaaat ever).
We all could use a moment of reflection on what our house – both physical and spiritual – needs now.

When you throw out things you have been hoarding, you make an internal shift.
When you clean out a closet, you release the past.
You clean out your garage, look out. You are in for a major sense of freedom.

If you clean out your closet, you will probably feel a shift in your attitude right away and let go of some issue you have been hanging onto. Many of you know how powerful this can be.

My DO IT NOW CDs have sessions for cleaning your house and throwing stuff away.
It can be an eye opener at the very least. If you have never looked at your mess in this way, a light will go off in your head.

The really fun part is that it works both ways.
When release an issue that you were hanging onto, you will most likely have an urge to clean a room of your house.
The strategy to start you on the path to neat and tidy, in your house and soul is simple. Instead of triggering bad feelings when you look at a mess, you will hypnotize your very smart brain to trigger good feelings what you look at the mess. Crazy, I know.

How to get things done, in 3 easy steps.

1 Close your eyes. Imagine looking at the mess.
Notice how you feel. (bad, huh? I thought so)

2 Now, with your eyes still closed, imagine that area cleaned up.
Find your feeling of pride and accomplishment, take a deep breath and double that feeling.

3 Now ask yourself this, (eyes closed still) “How much do I want that feeling right now? How fast can I have that feeling?”
Choose an amount of time and challenge yourself to do it in less time.

The hypnotic part of this, on the DO IT NOW program, is that your brain is taught to be massively triggered to want that good feeling instantly whenever you see a mess. You will not be able to walk by it without doing the job, because your subconscious mind knows that it will only take a couple of minutes and your brain says you MUST have the good feeling NOW.

So, the entire point here is this- you can remind yourself that you feel bad about a task you have been putting off, and spend hours and days feeling bad, or you can trade 5 or 10 minutes to FEEL GOOD NOW and for a long time afterward.
Find out about the Do It Now CD set. Why is this our number two BEST SELLER of all time?
Hear a session from the set now.

What is our number one best seller? See the bottom of the newsletter.

Through this weekend you can have a special deal on the DO IT NOW if you use the coupon code MAKEMEDOIT when you check out. Receive two great gifts- The MAGIC TOUCH (it will make you hot and juicy, I promise) and the CONNECTIONS CDs that will make you closer and more connected to the people you love.

And when you see our beautiful new package, you will want to get a package all for yourself.
The funniest thing about our Procrastination program is the orders that come in, with the shipping request of NEXT DAY AIR. All of these procrastinators decide that they cannot wait another minute to feel what it is like to love to get things done.
I love this program. It has changed a lot of people's lives and it will change yours.



We boarded the boats, launched into the whitewater of the American River and took the plunge. We all went rafting for our company picnic and celebration of our best month ever in business, our best year ever, and the best staff ever. Need a great job? Send us your resume. We are still growing like a weed.
See more pictures of our big adventure, here!

Face your fears. Live your life feeling more safe and comfortable. Stop your panic attacks and plunge into life to ride the waves.
Fearless Life is a great way to stop your fears and go places!
Regular- 58.00
This week- 49.00


Answer these questions - get a free MP3 Hypnosis Download.


NYC- here we come!
Our crew is gearing up for our NYC 3 day seminar. We want to see you there.
September 23, 24, 25.
The New Yorker Hotel. Register now and get a ticket to join us on Sunday to see the PRODUCERS!
The first 20 people registered get a ticket!

3 days of Hypnotic Fun. The Marriot is awaiting our arrival. Please sign up immediately. We want to get tickets for you to the LION KING Broadway show, but we have to know if you are coming. Registration for this one is limited and we will close the registration in less than a week. Get it going now! We will send hotel details when you sign up.
September 9, 10, 11


Yup, every Tuesday.
11 am, and 6 pm, Pacific time. Please come, they are a lot of fun and you will get to be hypnotized. This Tuesday- attracting the LOVE of YOUR LIFE.
Can't come? Try this- A wonderful way to use hypnosis to open your mind and heart to a loving relationship. Heal your issues and be ready for a healthy relationship. LOVE OF YOUR LIFE .
Having a hard time with your lover? Reflect on the reality and gain wisdom about your conflicts. HAPPY IN LOVE is a real eye opening experience. You will see your true selves in a whole new light.
Don't spend another minute fighting and feeling bad. Get HAPPY IN LOVE now.
Feeling the pain of a breakup, divorce or loss of a loved one? Heal your heart now. GETTING OVER THE LOSS OF LOVE.

Tech job opening. Yes, indeed we are looking for a very skilled internet marketing wizard. Full time, permanent position. Send resume to

Blessings and peace to all!


PS- the best selling program we have is the Alcohol Freedom . It has saved thousands from their battle with alcohol and restored their relationships and brought control into their lives. Get it this week, and we will include, at no charge, our entire POWER NAP CD set, a 49.00 value. Go here, order and use the coupon POWER and it is yours!



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