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How Hypnotizable Are You?
Road rage
Out of Body research
Placebo- take two sugar pills and call me
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Help us, to help you, to do as I say.
We need you to help us test out our new hypnosis quiz. The questions were designed to determine how hypnotizable you are and to find out how your brain and body respond to basic suggestions.
If you are one of the chosen ones and are highly suggestible, of course this will mean a trip to the bank later. J When you hear my voice you will withdraw…. Just kidding of course.

Being highly suggestible means that you can make big changes in your life, be a better you fast. Being good at self hypnosis means you will be making things happen.
For the stubborn ones that are not so open minded and a little limited in their thinking, well, you just have to muddle through and try really hard to change. ;) I will help. You won't be a closed minded skeptic forever.

Take the test and see how you stack up. Are you a HypnoGenius or Hard Headed Skeptic?

Two tests for you to evaluate-

HypnoBrain 4 minutes
The first one is about 4 minutes long and requires very little on your part.
Fascinating, none the less. You might just learn something about yourself that you have been longing to know.
Are you….. Yes No

HypnoBrain 16 minutes
The advanced quiz (for those who feel they are really special) uses audio sessions.
You listen – to me, of course – and then answer questions after each short hypnosis session.
You will be either a) amazed b) fascinated c) a little more rested d) a little less bored

Comments- at the end of each quiz, please give us your comments about how accurate this is for you. We will then know if we need to adjust the rating system. THANKS for your help!
If you don't stack up as well as you would have liked, consider using our SELF HYPNOSIS MASTERY DVD set. 2 videos, with four hours of nifty techniques that will help you mold your life.
98.00 value, only 49.00 Use this secret link to get this special package.


Thinking about chasing down that idiot driver who just cut you off?
Been swearing at the jerks in the next lane because they didn't use their blinker?
Got a friend who won't stop screaming at other drivers? Read this article.
It doesn't offer any solutions, but I have a few ideas that will help to stop your road rage.

Seriously, is it time for YOU to stop being so mean on the road? How much better would you feel when you arrive at work feeling happy?
Perhaps when you get home and your blood pressure is not at the boiling point you can smile at your kids and feel the love. How much better would your passengers feel without that vein in your neck about to burst? You know what I'm saying.

How to do it?
Hypnotic happiness on the road will be yours. Be the center of your universe with a bubble of bliss surrounding you. I promise you it works. I have helped many insane drivers find their happy place. A little quick conditioning and you too will have a smile on your face and that one finger salute will turn into a hearty “how do you do”.

By the way, this only works if you do it while in a light trance.

Read the line.
Close your eyes.
Imagine it.
Repeat with each line.

Do this now. Close your eyes (after you read this, duh).
Breathe and relax.

Imagine the feel of your hands on the wheel.
Breathe and realize that there are good drivers and bad drivers.

Smile and grip the wheel.
Feel a sense of control, that you are a great driver and you are looking out for the stupid ones.
Breathe again and smile. (I am not kidding. Smile while you do this)
Now, imagine seeing someone do something dumb on the road.
Breathe, smile, feel the smooth texture of the steering wheel.
You smile, breathe and then laugh at their dumb mistake. (Nothing more. Don't even snarl)
You instantly breathe, feel pride in yourself in your very astute and alert driving.
You are proud of your ability to avoid those ridicu lou s drivers.
Imagine again, another difficult and obviously challenged driver.
Breathe, smile, and be grateful that you are alert and able to drive calm and happy.
Laugh, giggle, smile and feel the love. Well, ok, maybe not love, but for sure a lot less stress!

Of course, the above will only work if you do it while in trance. If you are not going to do it to yourself, I guess I will have to do it for you.
One hypnotic session to use just before sleep each night.
One hypnotic session to use while you drive.
Read the article and realize that this is a very serious issue. Stopping road rage starts with not flipping people off for one thing. Getting yourself detached is the next step.

Order the inspired combo pack.
CHILL OUT CD (stop anger)
ROAD WARRIOR (stop screaming on the road)
KARMA OF KINDNESS (will soothe the savage beast)
use the coupon CHILL and we will take off 50 bucks.

Or order ROAD WARRIOR by itself for only 39 dollars. Use the coupon LOVETODRIVE and it will include the BULLETPROOF (stop feeling intimidated and manipulated by others)

Out of Body research
Have you had an out of body experience? Here is a research that is being done to find out what really goes on when you are looking in from the outside.
No, I don't have a CD for that. (first time I have ever said that)
But I did have an out of body experience a few years ago. It was the most amazing thing, and the feeling was indescribable. There are no words that exist to explain how it felt. Participate in the research if you like. Just something that I thought you all might find interesting.

(why do I NOT have a cd for that? Weird)

PLACEBO- I'll have a side of endorphins with that.
The brain reacts to a placebo by sending endorphins screaming into your body. That is why it feels so darn good. Next best thing to a sugar pill is the hypnotic placebo reaciton, which by the way is not even a placebo at all. The brain initiates a reaction that changes your body chemistry and the changes are not all in your mind. There is a reason you feel better when you believe that you will.
Stop pain two ways-
Pain Release
Back Pain, Gone!
Clear Head
Have a heaping serving of endorphins. When you are ready to initiate your own magical endorphin release, this is the ticket.
I will add the Fountain of Youth to any of these if you use the coupon PLACEBO.

Seminar sign up
Remember to come and play with me and a bunch of other geniuses for 3 days.
Portland , Oregon
How to Hypnotize Anyone. This seminar is a 3 day hypno fest for your brain.

See you in Portland and NYC. I am ready to have an amazing time with you. Get enrolled today.

Peace on earth,




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