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Immersed in technical difficulties and struggling with my own incompetence in newsletter creation software, it seems that only a few hundred of you got to enjoy reading your 1-4 copies of the same newsletter. And lucky me- well I received 4,000 new emails in my box, along with another 4,000 messages that it was undeliverable. ONE AT A TIME!! How fun was that? Let's move on.

(Wendi is on her knees praying this will never happen again)

Someone once asked me if it was possible to make someone do something, to hypnotize them into feeling or thinking something. (actually i have been asked this exactly 9,875 times)

Is it possible? The standard answer is no- in hypnosis you cannot make someone do something against their will, or against their morals or values. But there is an entire other area of influence that is very powerful. It happens when are beliefs and intentions are very clear and are transmitted without doubt. When you learn how to manage this mental technique you will find that the world brings to you most anything you desire.

Recently I was at a TV talk show filming a few spots and I decided to test my remote influence skills. The day before the shoot, I focused my thought on one of the people I was likely to meet the next day. During my self-hypnosis session, I surrounded him and me with a light of familiarity- and then as I shook his hand I projected that he would feel an instant sensation- one that told him he had known me for a long time. This feeling would be very profound, I imagined. The next day when I met him, he shook my hand and said “I know you… where do I know you from?” He continued for a minute or so, insisting he knows me from somewhere. He felt he had known me for a long time.

Another time, a few years ago, I wanted to get on the radio and have a chance to do my own show. I knew the name of the producer at the radio station, but I had never met her. I did the manifesting session, and envisioned her and I together, with mutual excitement about the upcoming show I would do, and both of us smiled and shook hands… and we were happy. Two days later she called me. We had never spoken before that phone call. She asked me to come down and do a Saturday night radio show for 3 hours.

I was watching the Man Show on TV a few months ago, and thought to myself, “Self, I would like to be on that show doing a hypnosis bit”. I had no contacts or connections with anyone at that show. I sent my intention… and just guess what happened less than one week later. Just guess…
Yes, you are right! I got an email from the producer, they flew me down and I did the hypnosis bit.

A book I am reading, THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, shows how plants react to our emotions and how they can detect the intent of our thoughts and feelings, even at an incredible distance. Originally, the experiments were done with lie detectors hooked up to the plants, then more sensitive equipment was created to detect changes in the plant’s cells and detect changes in the cells. One of the experiments involved a subject (a human) being hypnotized and then monitoring the effect that her emotions had on the plant during hypnosis and during normal consciousness. During hypnosis, her emotions were transmitted and received by the plant to a much greater degree than during her waking state. What this tells us – in addition to the fascinating research on cellular response to thought- is that our thoughts are things that have influence on other cells, even without a “mind” to interpret the thought.

This just brings so much to mind about why our beliefs about our reality really do shape our world, and create the opportunities that come to us, create our good or bad luck, our ability to manifest our dreams, and just about everything that happens to us.

While it may be difficult to measure how the thought form travels, there is solid evidence that our thoughts do manipulate the world around us. The book certainly will open even the most skeptical minds. Some of my most interesting emails have been from those who have used the Financial Abundance CDs to manifest change in their financial life. The Remote Seduction CD has a similar effect, using the manifesting exercise to send thought and create a massive and irresistible connection with the object of your affection. Interesting stuff in the plant book. This explains why the manifesting I teach has such immediate and often profound effects. I have so many stories from my clients, seminar attendees, and my own life about the effects of manifesting… maybe I will take it all and put it in a book. (like I need one more thing to do)

You got an attitude? Ya need an adjustment? Are you down on your luck? If our thoughts shape the reality around us and repel or attract people, opportunities, luck and wealth… well it might be time for an attitude shakeup, bucko.
Let’s make this as easy as possible.
Focus on what you WANT.
Stop focusing on what you DON’T WANT.
Simple. Class is dismissed. Oh, yea, I forgot- there is homework. Before class next week go to this page- and do your homework.

Print out this page and write down in your very special handwriting, what you want. When you complete your homework (and I know you will) I will tell you what to do with it in the next newsletter. Don’t worry, I will be gentle and I won’t ask you to share. And it won’t hurt, and it is free, and it just might help.
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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain

Enough for now. Enjoy life, laugh a little today.

My dream for you- to find your dream, make it true, see it through.

In Abundance,

Wendi Friesen CHT