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A stark contrast in the human spirit is boldly expressed in the path of hurricane Katrina. As millions watch the horror unfold they step forward to help by donating and volunteering. Some people immediately feel the sense of connection that we have and reach out to help. At the same time, throngs of looters make a choice to destroy and hurt others, the businesses and the members of their community as they decide to take action. As looters threaten the safety of others and take what is not theirs, they somehow feel that it is their right to create further destruction

Mind boggling.
It doesn't make sense.
Never will.
How could so many feel so much compassion and want to help, while at the same time the groups of looters feel so compelled to steal. Watching the videos is horrifying. Hard to believe that there is destruction of this magnitude by a hurricane that is seen as an opportunity for people to unleash their greed.
Sad on so many levels, I can barely comprehend it.

Help Us Raise Money-
Once again we will make our donation to the RED CROSS with your help. You all came through for the Tsunami, for Leeza's place, for Lindsey, for Make a Wish and much more.
Please take a moment to choose to donate. If you have never donated to a cause, this might be a great time to start.

DONATE $20 and we will send you our CONNECTION CD for free.
We donate the ENTIRE AMOUNT to the Red Cross.
You PLACE ANY ORDER and add on our HAPPINESS 101 at half off.
The entire amount you pay for the Happiness 101 CD set goes to the Red Cross.
Use the coupon code REDCROSS .
Order anything, add the HAPPINESS 101 CD set item, and use the coupon.
Go directly to the Red Cross site and make your donation.

We will send a check on Tuesday.
Our thoughts and prayers for recovery are with everyone who is affected. The depth and complexity of this tragedy leaves me speechless.

It certainly makes me remember not to sweat the small stuff. When you crawl into your warm bed, or take a hot shower, take a moment to be grateful for what you DO have. Seeing the images on TV brings up such sadness mixed with immense gratitude for the security and safety that I have in my life, my office and home. More than ever, take time today to be grateful for the small things.


We are getting in the groove for our New York City seminar. YOU will learn how to hypnotize anyone. For three days I will take you deep into these hypnotic states to experience everything you learn by doing it in trance.
You will practice on each other and become an expert at inducing trance, using my specialized techniques, and becoming a power hypnotist.
If you are new, you will learn fast. If you are an experienced Hypnotherapist you will find out how you can accelerate your success with clients, and learn more in 3 days than you learned in your entire certification training. (At least that is what most of the experienced hypnotists tell me.)

What else will you learn? If you are ready to give seminars or workshops you will learn some excellent techniques for doing group presentations, hypnotizing an entire group, doing convincing experiments and even learn some of the insider secrets. You will have to take the super secret hypnotists oath, of course.
On Sunday we do experiments! Pain, endurance, phobias (bring your worst fear) (I'll bring the snake) and we will test your hypnotic skills. This is the best part of the seminar. Find out how cool you really are!

Sign up today- you get bonus DVDs and script books for free. If you hurry, you can still get comp tickets for the PRODUCERS, which we will all go to see on Sunday afternoon.
Sound fun? It wouldn't be the same without you.


How does your brain stack up?

Thank you for your very excellent comments about our quiz! Many of you were quite surprised that you couldn't move your arm, or that your eyes could stick shut, or that you could have such vivid hallucinations. Right on!
We have created NEW video clips for the first quiz because you told us that is what we needed. There are 5 different videos based on how you score on the first test. We re-shot them all.

The Advanced Test is rather unusual and if you haven't taken it yet, you really should. Do it because I said so. J Now that you understand how this works, you will be interested in the next step which is a 4 part training to teach your brain how to get down. Waaaay down.
At the end of the advanced test you can sign up for the personal deep trance lessons.

If you are a Hypnotherapist, how many times do you hear this?
“I don't think I can be hypnotized.” Instead of trying to convince them, make them take the test.
Send them the quiz and they will become a believer and have more faith in your hypnotic skills when they come in for a session.

Take the starter quiz.
Take the advanced quiz.


Last Tuesday our webinar subject was finding the love of your life. Next Tuesday we will check in with everyone and see what they found. Hopefully the stories will be steaming, juicy and full of quivering loin references.
This Tuesday, 11 am and 6 pm pacific time, we will tackle the ever popular PROCRASTINATION issue. And boy oh boy, do you people have issues.
Fix it fast. See you Tuesday.


About 2 months ago we asked for your ideas for our slogan contest. We had 1000s of responses and many very good ideas. The problem was this- we now need to put all these 1000s of slogans up on a web site so you can vote on them. BUT… that would be a lot of reading and voting and I am not sure you all are up for reading 1000s of slogan ideas. My tech guys aren't up for it either.
Since the contest was created to make everyone's slogan available to be voted on it would only be fair if all are included.
Not sure what to do. Any ideas?


Order any of these new CDs this week and we will include our Creative Genius CD so you can stimulate your brain a bit. 29.00 value, just tossed in at no cost to you! Groovy!
Speed Read, Spell Well. Great CD set that will make you a great speller and help you focus on what you read and remember what you learn. For kids and adults.
Back Pain, Gone! If you are suffering and sick and tired of back pain, get this now. Some people get instant relief from this.
Skin Deep. Our skin is so responsive to hypnosis, it seems a shame to let this one slide. Read the amazing testimonial.
Wide Awake. Use these hypnosis sessions while driving, working out, even when you are doing the housework in that cute little outfit.

Order any of these, use the coupon GENIUS and we will include your gift!

Peace on Earth… More now than ever,



PS- please join us in NYC at our 3 day seminar. It really is a great way to learn hypnosis, but also to work on your own issues. Many people had some great breakthroughs as a result of doing so many hypnosis sessions. I will leave no mind untranced. Come, learn, relax, change.


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